1. No good. Boise State will win.

  2. Top Defensive Stoppers in CBB

  3. BSU calls timeout.

  4. Catch interference by Boise State is best offensive play for Huskies all night.

  5. Washington and Boise State appear to have agreed to stop offensing one another.

  6. Yet another 3-and-out for Boise State. Huskies' defense has adjusted in a big way since being gashed earlier.

  7. Washington fighting back v. BSU in The Petersen "I Built This Team With My Bare Hands" Bowl. Nadal and Fognini playing poetry with rackets.

  8. BSU is outgaining UW by 200 yards, yet the Huskies trail only 16-13 with 7:29 to play.

  9. BSU called for pass interference and that will extend the drive.

  10. Gardenhire a nice play to drop Anderson short of the sticks, and BSU is 3-and-out again.

  11. Boise State leads 16-10 entering the fourth quarter.

  12. Another 3-and-out for BSU, and the Broncos will punt again. Huskies' defense has shored up some.

  13. Cory Littleton has UW's first sack of the season, and BSU goes 3-and-out.

  14. 36,836 announced attendance. Second-largest crowd in BSU history.

  15. BSU was offsides, and UW will have a 3rd-and-3.

  16. Boise State leads 16-0 at halftime, and it could have been worse.

  17. BSU outgaining the Huskies 254-58, and averaging 5.1 yards per play to UW's 2.9.

  18. Field goal is good, and Boise State leads 16-0 with 2 seconds left in the first half.

  19. Seems like Boise State could have handled the clock a little better there. Instead they'll try a short field goal.

  20. Trick play works for Boise State. Sperbeck throws to Huff for a 23-yard gain.

  21. BSU will go on 4th-and-1 at UW's 15. Big play for Huskies.

  22. BSU has run 32 plays, UW 11. Huskies badly need to sustain something here.

  23. BSU averaging 5.2 yards per rush so far -- 25 carries for 129 yards.

  24. BSU called for false start, so now they'll kick and basically lose the penalty yardage.