1. #LSU freshman DE Isaiah Washington out for #McNeese @lsufball, @tigerdroppings, @mcneesesports http://t.co/O0rBQHlIoa via @nolanews

  2. Special thanks to @TheJaxShow for stopping by today, giving interview tips during our media training session http://t.co/eOwIX6FlIk

  3. Wilson: "The team kind of bought into playing for themselves a little bit," from Diamont's energy. #iufb

  4. Mason Zandi ready to take his turn at tackle for #UofSC http://t.co/uN4NDaiBUF via @greenvillenews #Gamecocks

  5. Petersen said it was "a big deal" for Boise State when it announced home-and-home with UW in 2011.

  6. Kudos to @Jessetemple for the new gig. Very well deserved.

  7. Rhoads told his players after practice today that Mitchell Meyers will be back for Saturday's opener. "He's an inspiration," --Luke Knott

  8. Q&A || Everything (it was a lot) Kentucky OC Shannon Dawson said after today's practice for Louisiana-Lafayette: http://t.co/snJDlVolJl

  9. Watch: Storm Barrs-Woods says Beavers 'ready to go' for season opener vs. Weber State http://t.co/IzWgnH9YAa

  10. #LSU coach Les Miles: I’m so glad for him (#Saints Delvin Breaux) So disappointed we didn’t have him for those years.

  11. Miles happy for Delvin Breaux success with #Saints. Former #LSU commitment.

  12. #LSU coach Les Miles: Dr.s said significant risk for him to continue to play. It was sad for us. We SO wanted him to play for us.

  13. First time in a Zag uni for @nigelpah and @Iam_J3  http://t.co/EMP5QgLE7z

  14. #LSU coach Les Miles: The works done, a lot of enthusiasm getting ready for first game. A lively practice.

  15. Dave Aranda said there is a package for Tanner McEvoy at safety Saturday. Doesn't know how much he will post on defense however #Badgers

  16. Dinner for 2. Karen G's first time eating @ChipotleTweets! http://t.co/kpzqsbWemg

  17. Got to hand it to @UConnMBB for playing the toughest non-league schedule I can ever remember Huskies lining up: Maryland, GTown, OhioSt, ect

  18. Gearing up for 1st pitch at @CitiField. #MetroMullin http://t.co/ZbFJBLIqQR

  19. Serena is not messing around. Been out here on practice court serving for 35 minutes after her win http://t.co/7jyl2Kc20Z

  20. Nik Stauskas and Andy Wiggins went for 15 apiece as Canada crushed Cuba 101-59 in Olympic qualifying

  21. #VFL will play professionally for the @rocketsreading! https://t.co/2HhRq2F5F0

  22. Tailgate, Parking and Stadium information for Saturday's game at the Georgia Dome http://t.co/oI0kGolpcd http://t.co/o7eTJRjXDJ

  23. Season preview story from @andygreder on #Gophers' opener offers big challenge, chance for big reward http://t.co/YiCEFvBejx