1. Just down the street ... https://t.co/8bmM3Czdzi

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  6. Warning update: Rain, wind, flood, rip current, locust.

  7. 300 strikeouts for @ClaytonKersh22 #horse

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  9. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  10. Be smart and safe, friends. https://t.co/Yt2Y7WvmVr

  11. This rain is epic. Absolutely pouring again in midtown. #ILM #ArkPlease

  12. http://t.co/7ZiIq0Ef18 Honored to serve on the Muni Advisory Board and enjoying the renovated layout. Here's an update on the course. #ILM

  13. Alabama will be in the top five when it plays LSU on Nov. 7

  14. Cheers. https://t.co/4HgNFCYoNF

  15. The Sea was angry that day. https://t.co/Es1RXZb3su

  16. Grier is a baller.

  17. McIlwain has what Muschamp never had at Florida: a quarterback

  18. Misery! https://t.co/4ShFUm6Hau

  19. Summerstime, and the scoring is easy ...

  20. Blake Kemp, clipboard. Clipboard, Blake Kemp.

  21. Trying to tackle this Brice Williams cat seems like a losing deal for a DB.

  22. SEC should let top two teams from the West play for the title.

  23. This is hardly a vintage Alabama team. But it appears to be the same ol Georgia.

  24. Wolfies struggling? Stunner.

  25. As well as Alex Wood has pitched in Dodger Stadium, hope the Mets get home field advantage

  26. It's been a long seven months. First day of practice is here and the Seahawks are ready to fly. http://t.co/DESGOQadjt

  27. The calm before the storm. Day one of preseason practice begins today. http://t.co/8Ebilm4nuc

  28. I have as much respect for Jim Furyk as anyone. But I'm fine with Brooks Koepka replacing him on the President's Cup team.

  29. Lots of interest at MBB Media Day today in Trask Coliseum. #RunDefendWin http://t.co/StdcKJZtqV