1. Good job, Hatcher. Friedman gets credit for that one. That's one.

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  6. Friedman and his merry band of nerds have been in charge for one year yet #Dodgers are fielding same team w/ same weaknesses in playoffs.

  7. Afraid he's done. https://t.co/RxUrVAP36E

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  11. #ITFDB

  12. Where's South Alabama when ya need 'em?

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  14. Please play this @greenfieldamp #ilm #dylan gained some recognition but I lost my appetite https://t.co/FTSLRYx5Bb

  15. Apparently Tom Wolfe & Junior Johnson got together again - both are 84 - & there's a documentary about it. Cool. http://t.co/gNB4CMLtJ2

  16. No offense to the winner. But I wanted the Streamsong caddie to win the Mid-Am and drive down Magnolia Lane. https://t.co/13Sw9upbOE

  17. This ain't breaking news but the key to writing is editing. Painfully editing.

  18. Terrific work from @tommytomlinson http://t.co/t2bjScGiPy

  19. Brooks Field, just a short bicycle ride from home. https://t.co/1FkoMtKlK8

  20. Maybe US should change name of Ryder Cup. To Presidents Cup.

  21. Incredible. https://t.co/TrFlJJ0eWz

  22. Happy for the Cubs. But NC high school championship is best of 3. Little league tournaments are double elimination. 1 game wildcard is silly

  23. Schwarber does not get cheated. What a swing.

  24. Afternoon RT. I'd take these 10 guys and play Duke, Kentucky or Carolina. http://t.co/d2AmBUGGGw

  25. Junior transfer Jarvis Haywood has been dismissed from the team, effectively immediately.

  26. Averaged 16 points per game at Jacksonville in 2013-14. #caahoops https://t.co/kchGV7dOWh

  27. If you get a chance, watch these 10 under-the-radar seniors this college hoops season. http://t.co/d2AmBUGGGw

  28. But CMU better win the conference tournament. Does not have an at-large worthy nonconference schedule.

  29. Central Michigan is another squad that could be dangerous in March. The Chippewas shared the MAC regular season last yr, return 5 starters

  30. For the most part I've been in Puig's corner, but agree here. He has no business playing in the NLDS. #Dodgers https://t.co/QKlgJxB8Av

  31. Stony Brook is loaded this season. Is this the year they finally win America East tournament? Jameel Warney is a monster inside.