1. More bad news for Memphis. https://t.co/A9pigg2nS3

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  3. Memphis Lands JUCO SF Rivers

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  6. He landed some big blows, though.  https://t.co/VbDFCM2MDL

  7. DP!

  8. Knee Injury Temporarily Sidelines Memphis Assistant

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  10. Video: Two Memphis Players Escape Apartment Fire

  11. It's done. Fisher to UNLV.

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  16. When they come out I'll get it going and there'll be a link. They're still in the back. https://t.co/aEOim4MgKZ

  17. My Cubs are gonna have to do it without me tonight if this keeps up. This was supposed to start at 5:30. Josh still working it????

  18. Memphis President Gives Fans What They Want: Won't Honor Calipari

  19. CSI guard Ar'Mond Davis has decommitted from Memphis just days after committing, head coach @JaredPhayCSI tells @SNYtv

  20. Memphis Fans Not Pleased Tigers Will Honor Calipari

  21. Here's the scene at Bolton. http://t.co/ET2OH38Hnm

  22. Folks got a DJ here for Jaylen Fisher's announcement. #jumpman #jumpman #jumpman

  23. Memphis Set to Honor Calipari in Late December

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  26. Here at Bolton for Jaylen Fisher's announcement. Table's empty now. Gonna #Periscope this thing when it starts.

  27. SW Tennessee small forward Jimario Rivers (6-8, 195) becomes first commitment for University of Memphis for 2016: http://t.co/MEd9kOUoka

  28. AAC Announces Full 2015-16 Hoops Slate

  29. Video: 4-Star 2016 PG Fisher Releases Mixtape

  30. Southwest Tennessee CC small forward Jimario Rivers has committed to the University of Memphis.

  31. LIVE on #Periscope: Test https://t.co/fM0cdVHluE

  32. Dash notes of interest for fans of NW, Fla, Mizzou, OK State, WVU, Cal, Navy, ND, Iowa, Mem, Ole Miss, Mich State... http://t.co/M3fPrpJcFf

  33. See? I wasn't kidding. Nick Marshall's hair is blue. https://t.co/51DS4eyIkO

  34. All about his jumper. If he can stick it regularly, they won't be able to take Markel off the floor. https://t.co/XfCLqYs8jo

  35. Guess I could see, too, Pastner bringing TB off bench as an instant offense guy. But I like TB as a starter because of his rebounding.

  36. For now, sticking with my summer guess on starters: PG "All-SEC-caliber" KEDREN JOHNSON, SG Tarrant, SF Burrell, PF Dedric Lawson, C Shaq.

  37. Shaq always looks great, but this is it for him. He's gotta be checked in all year and he knows it. No excuses. https://t.co/rgVUNLEFy8

  38. Nick Marshall is way behind offensively, yes, but he's huge (and his hair is blue). He'll play this season because they're thin inside.

  39. Liked what I saw, too, from the late signee, Craig Randall. His ticket to early PT will be his shooting and whether he can do it in games.

  40. Besides the Lawsons, freshman I've heard most buzz from staff about is Jeremiah Martin, the Mitchell High product. Kid's a worker. Long too.

  41. So we got our first real practice look at this year's Tigers today at the Finch. Here's some of what we saw: http://t.co/yiu2ePwbXj