1. Hearing that Dominique Hawkins broke his hand in practice today...no word on how long he is out

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  3. 2016 Antelope (CA) guard Kai Tease has committed to Howard, according to @BallersBridge.

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  6. #UofSC students out there. How many of you on campus are without water and power? #Gamecocks

  7. Graham Glasgow leads a player-only film study every Thurs, he holds the clicker and quizzes OL teammates on how to react to opposing looks

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  11. Tell your opponents any losses you suffer don't count, Bryson. That's how this works, apparently. https://t.co/c4O5ySGfFU

  12. Harbaugh asked how he coaches up a player on something like that: "Your lifestyle's at stake here (to be serious about rehab)."

  13. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  14. Big fan of @fboutsiders here. Use your stuff all the time. Curious how this makes sense after a 63-35 Baylor win? https://t.co/QE1xi75c5Z

  15. I am a Big fan of FootballOutsiders, but how does Texas Tech go up 17 spots, and past Baylor who fell 21 to 39th! http://t.co/5bKWhMY5VE

  16. Interesting column by @dfeschuk on how Joffrey Lupul trained to kill the injury bug this past summer: http://t.co/fMi7phoxZd

  17. How might #USMNT and Mexico approach Saturday? @liviubird looks for clues in recent games http://t.co/w7H9dpJgap http://t.co/UFvfoAggv2

  18. Guess how many times Urban Meyer mentioned the #Terps in his weekly pre-game media session: http://t.co/EImtji7jni http://t.co/1Om32OJM9B

  19. COLUMN: Senior Jay Sullivan on how he has come to terms with liberalism and his Christian faith: http://t.co/e0IwqHDJZ0

  20. You seem a bit confused on how preseason polls work. Plus, they played in the CIT. https://t.co/NnXdNqCD11

  21. Let's check in and see how things are going in Austi---oh, well this is awkward: http://t.co/AoLfK5Tym8 http://t.co/umROIdhgIM

  22. Next up on @OTLonESPN: Karl Rove will be on to discuss how Democrats are feeling.

  23. Hopefully ESPN will have me on the next time there's a huge UK story so I can give my stance on how "a large portion of BBN is feeling."

  24. Really love this. Jason has such an ear for truth. As a journalist, I'm jealous of how he captures it for his songs. https://t.co/ftoH0JRnq1

  25. Charlie Strong trying to figure out how to get nine women to make a baby in one month.

  26. PC on Joe Schobert: "The thing that amazes me not just about his stat line, but how he does it in big moments."

  27. How did Adam Muema go from draft prospect to follower of self-proclaimed Messiah? http://t.co/J0dvqJha0w He told us http://t.co/y2Gi2U5FRm

  28. Bolden: "We always joke with (Durkin) about how his blood pressure's too high ... he might lose all his hair by the age of 40."

  29. How good is Louisville's Lamar Jackson on the ground? He's outpacing 1999 Michael Vick. http://t.co/HeXjdfSCCw http://t.co/j2UaUeY85f

  30. Just how many spots did it cost the #Badgers in the Power Rankings after losing to Iowa? http://t.co/Jnj4O494sV http://t.co/Zluf5lFtQF

  31. Harbaugh on his team's success, and how it's impacted their attitude: "Work and don't worry. I hope that's their mindset."