1. I'm sure today was crazier than usual, but I don't know how he does it. https://t.co/GGN282soSi

  2. Ranking Nation's Top 100 Players for 2015-16

  3. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  4. And here's how the media predicted it in the preseason: https://t.co/LCc5VUzcsJ

  5. Remarkable how Governor's Cup mirrored both team's seasons. UK starts fast, hopes high, struggles, disappoints. Louisville 0-3, perseveres

  6. It's only 15 games, but Utah should be concerned with how Hayward is playing.

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  9. Biggest Surprises from the Opening Week of CBB Season

  10. Wow. Not even sure how to describe that one. Other than Maguire made a great play to recover that fumble.

  11. That GSW roster is atrocious. How did they go 37-45? https://t.co/Rx4Jo5xjDG

  12. Asked how the Stanford--ND game might get turned back on in Coliseum press box. Like asking to split an atom....

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  15. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  16. Apparently Brian Kelly thought the scoring was going to stop? How does a man that smart have NO CLUE when to go for 2

  17. What was that, Brian Kelly? How many F bombs?

  18. Not sure how Smag thought that was going to get there. But it didn't. Risky throw.

  19. Ranking the Nation's Top 20 Point Guards

  20. How long were you waiting to use that? That's pretty funny. https://t.co/fNFST5WcV8

  21. Just insane D by Raps down the stretch. Down 1 w 43 sec left. Raps ball. Lost track of how many straight stops ...

  22. How 'bout this bowl game: Orange Bowl un-spectacular pitting '08 champ Kansas and '14 champ Central Florida -- both winless this year

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  26. Just how Jimbo drew it up.

  27. Aggies piece together long drive to slip in front of #LSU 7-6: How they scored: https://t.co/C941bjFmNn

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  29. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  30. It is unbelievable how many players don't know the basic rules of the game they play.

  31. #LSU 6, Texas A&M 0: How they scored: https://t.co/C941bjFmNn

  32. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  33. 2016 Antelope (CA) guard Kai Tease has committed to Howard, according to @BallersBridge.

  34. Florida #Gators vs. FSU about to kick. Here's how to watch, what to watch and what you need to know -- https://t.co/iapdj47NJL

  35. How are the players preparing for the Grey Cup? The @CFLonTSN panel has the answer. MORE: https://t.co/zUU57CN37I https://t.co/RMI0JlYM98

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  38. Thing I'm most interested in: How the FSU WRs deal with these UF corners. Hargreaves and Tabor are really good and really aggressive.

  39. Louisville and Saint Louis tip-off from Brooklyn in 45 minutes. Here's how you can watch: https://t.co/XA8m4z30Gm

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  42. https://t.co/wqQFpKMm0A instant analysis: How Alabama survived Auburn scare in Iron Bowl. https://t.co/AuqIYSFpj2

  43. 30 mins to Florida #Gators v. FSU. How to watch, preview, notes, injuries, ATS & O/U picks - https://t.co/iapdj47NJL https://t.co/4L800Jer7Q

  44. Every few years I remember how happy I am that #Mizzoi coaching searches only happen every few years

  45. I wish Muschamp was on the Alabama staff just to see how Saban would have reacted to that.

  46. James Robinson says that how well they pass the ball as a team this year could be really big for them.

  47. Getting a lot of replies to that Twitter poll: Remember, there's a poll in the actual tweet, that's how you register your vote.

  48. Guess how old my daughter is turning... https://t.co/eaKhhnBGtS

  49. Lewis and Chrabascz both miss front end of one-and-ones, costing #Butler four points. That's how you get upsets.

  50. Good start Bruins. EXACTLY how you want to begin the second half down to your rival.

  51. How sore are the arms of the guys who held up Klitschko's belts throughout the entire national anthem? Bet they get good pay for it though.

  52. I write about how well Bulldogs handle the ball, and they start acting as if it's a greased pig.

  53. Jim Harbaugh unsure how serious Jake Rudock's shoulder injury is, believes it's an AC joint issue https://t.co/GnwzUOIR1H

  54. Incredible stat. As Cutcliffe said earlier this season, don't ever forget how to count to six in this business https://t.co/iTyqig6Ix2

  55. Interesting moment to see how Alabama's adjusted on defense.

  56. Watch: @Lindsay_Schnell on how Notre Dame could grab a #CFP spot https://t.co/AVKUqlemX5 https://t.co/Ghdf2rXcNl

  57. Couple questions to ponder: How out of hand does it get here today? And do you consider resting guys for next week if you're Fedora?

  58. Considering how Clemson is backpedaling into the ACC championship game and UNC is coming in engines blazing...should be fun

  59. Well how about that? Ellis hits both. Smooth.