1. Wonder how the north end zone at Rice Stadium is coming along? Check it out. http://t.co/iMUmh6AzKC

  2. Some teams look really good, but against the caliber of competition, it's hard to know how good.

  3. It's Game Day! Show us how you #HonorThySaturday in our photo contest for a chance to win big! http://t.co/bqS6uOaRO6 http://t.co/9cJVCeJheC

  4. It's Game Day! Show us how you #HonorThySaturday in our photo contest for a chance to win big! http://t.co/W7gDyf3XRT http://t.co/zBuqlkULf7

  5. Getting set up at Memorial Stadium on opening day of the 2015 #KUfball season. Crazy how fast time flies… Last time we were here was KU-TCU…

  6. How many Ohio State juniors will leave for the NFL? It's Hey, You There http://t.co/O5UC8SjnLK

  7. Clear GameDay issue of not knowing a star player's absence makes me wonder how often they get stuff flat wrong

  8. How many fumbles did WVU lose in camp? When was Skyler Howard's last practice INT? And why is JaJuan Seider so mad? http://t.co/UWcAWuL3SZ

  9. Getting you ready for #Terps-Spiders: How Perry Hills is a different kind of underdog now: : http://t.co/QP30lB8SA0 http://t.co/cTVQhvIkvf

  10. Boise deserves to lose, but Washington has no idea how to win.

  11. A look at how Auburn coaches have fared in Year 3: http://t.co/MlTslLYd9F http://t.co/UoP6nRqPYo

  12. The Prime Directive: How will season opener pan out for Auburn? (podcast) http://t.co/KmZudVp0g0 http://t.co/B5hjKBfrEb

  13. Coleman's TD catch pushes Baylor lead to 49-21. People will look at the final score and not realize how plucky the Mustangs were.

  14. Fairly impressed with how well the NCWC defense is playing. Keeping Bishops in the game despite a stagnant offense. #rmtsports

  15. #LSU HOF Kim Carson (T&F): I'm forever grateful for LSU and how much they pushed us to be student-athletes.

  16. Just checked, this is exactly how Tim Lester drew up the entire first half. Impressive.

  17. #MichiganState is dominating, it's 27-7 with 8:00 left in second quarter. How many points does Dantonio want to score tonight?

  18. Now this will be interesting: how will Seth Russell do in red-zone sets?

  19. Delay of Game, how I missed you.

  20. Corey Parson discusses how former Wisconsin Badgers will perform in the 2015 season. http://t.co/tSbLbP0mjj http://t.co/Z9dUzUUAvG

  21. How do Maryland and Richmond match up? @Josh_Stirn's unit-by-unit #Terps-Spiders preview: http://t.co/iqfKlSm6kn http://t.co/GQ92IHSSwf

  22. The final thought is about how Duke is out-recruiting everybody -- including Kentucky. https://t.co/PoYiaL2A7I

  23. Anne Martin highlights how Duke can serve as a model for healthy environmental practices in this opinion piece: http://t.co/rAtLywHaHB