1. How good were they at end of year? Um https://t.co/9A9zq4KCma

  2. AND they ran a stretch off it one play later. How about that? https://t.co/QXKXann8Co

  3. Boykin incomplete pass to Doctson on third-and-6. Minnesota's defense holding its own but for how long without help?

  4. We'll see how Harbaugh adjusts, and I'm sure he will. This is why he gets paid a large sum of money.

  5. I’m going to be VERY interested to see how Sims is blocked next time he comes in the game.

  6. How could I forget mentioning Tyus Jones' brother, Tre, in that picture of visiting local prospects. He might end up one of best of bunch.

  7. Trying to figure out how #MgoBlue can make a big play. Or a medium play. Seems like Michigan is, too.

  8. How about that heavy formation? #Utah

  9. How many touchdowns do you think Riley Dixon will score tomorrow? A) 1 B) 7 C) 13 D) Google

  10. How Did Jim Harbaugh Sleep The Night Before His First Game As Michigan's Head Coach? http://t.co/Bbo9xfno5V

  11. Really impressed with how the new Commonwealth Stadium looks...it is better than I had imagined

  12. Thoughts and prayers out to the friends & family of former LHS stud Reece Wright-Conklin. Sad stuff. Loved how hard that dude competed! #RIP

  13. Klay Thompson to KNBR joking how Mychal favored Trayce: "He'd throw heaters at me and Mikey, but you're serving it up to Trayce."

  14. I will be there on Sept 19th... Get ready for your basketball season. Learn how to get the maximum from yourself https://t.co/RqIjLBI5NN

  15. And a look at how the Tar Heels and Gamecocks match up: http://t.co/PTV6okj7Bo

  16. From my earlier story, how the K-State defense fares, on average, in season openers https://t.co/NzeVleIyX9 http://t.co/zJlJkdZOWC

  17. With Jimbo column, thought it was really telling when he said how much he DIDN'T know when he took over as head coach.

  18. Trouble? It's all how you look at it... https://t.co/5aBwWi8cyr

  19. I can only imagine how quickly search firm reps are trying to find Robert Barchi's cell number right now

  20. See how John Calipari has fared against other HOF coaches and as a strategist: http://t.co/DCUnOaCV9y http://t.co/1V47mrbv0n

  21. Bill Snyder doesn't know how good his defense will be in 2015. That's motivation for Saturday https://t.co/NzeVleIyX9 http://t.co/0oRJmQfAoA

  22. I don't know how Schiano is pulling all the strings of this long con in order to get his job back, but...bravo.

  23. How Roger Goodell screwed himself with Tom Brady's suspension http://t.co/CR0vi425L4 via @sbnation's @rodger_sherman