1. How Jamie Vardy became English soccer’s out-of-nowhere goal machine. @LCFC https://t.co/lghROOV8V5 https://t.co/fnY2KCiJYB

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. I can't even imagine how much mac and cheese the Atlantis buffet had to budget for once they heard UConn was coming.

  6. How about @Money23Green surprising Tom Izzo tonight -- showing up for what may be victory No. 500 tomorrow. https://t.co/n3VGvwVs4G

  7. Has O'Neill written 2,000 words opining about Syracuse and UConn and how things used to be yet. Or is that tomorrow?

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  11. HOW DARE YOU ERNIE DIED FOR YOUR SINS. https://t.co/hf6zp5lXI8

  12. AXS TV has moved to the Dirk Nowitzki documentary, for anyone who would like to watch how a jump shot really works.

  13. Just finished talking some ACC recruiting & how some of the Carolina teams are performing. #Duke #UNC… https://t.co/Dd9JxUrOEh

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  15. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  16. Jumping on TIme Warner cable in the Carolina's to talk ACC recruiting and how the current teams are performing!With @MikeSolarte

  17. Lobo freshman Dane Kuiper just missed corner 3, but can't tell you how much the coaching staff has been pleading with him to take that shot.

  18. Texas A&M went into the crowd after the Texas win. Said one Aggie staffer, "You have no idea how much this means... https://t.co/jQomFJagbN

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  21. Ready for Family Argument No. 392: How would your #TurkeyDay2015 Fantasy Food Mock Draft go? https://t.co/fI8Z4EBzYf https://t.co/eishzraSwf

  22. CEKO DUNKO!  That's how you run a fast break ya'll. No. 2 Maryland 31, Rhode Island 13 at the under-8. #FearTheTurtle #WeWill

  23. Also interested to see how Gonzaga's guards deal with Caruso and House.

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  27. I think we can give this one to Texas A&M. Interested to see how their bigs do against Gonzaga tomorrow afternoon.

  28. The difference between how much better Duke has played in the second half vs. the first is impressive

  29. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  31. How about more great photos from #UNC's two games at the CBE HOF Classic: https://t.co/L5qT71L4ix https://t.co/rUA7D9HI0J

  32. For those who have no idea what AXS TV is or how to find it: Go here https://t.co/Jvu7Eg0ZmD

  33. 2016 Antelope (CA) guard Kai Tease has committed to Howard, according to @BallersBridge.

  34. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  35. The Duke 1-3-1 has already produced 4 steals. Wonder if Yale is smart enough to figure out how to beat it!

  36. Yale's legit. Good for them. Let's see how long they can hang in there. Ivy should be very interesting this season.

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  39. I bet you guys believe my earlier statement on how good Yal is now. 9-0 Bulldogs but Ingram 3, makes it 9-3

  40. Live, it looked like Thomas Bryant got bumped in the back on that layup attempt. Not sure how it looked on replay.

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  43. PACK IN THE PROS: A look at how several Wolfpackers performed this week in the NFL... https://t.co/SFaf2IGG2p https://t.co/n9vm8opkEs

  44. Bill Walton: "How many fouls have been called in this game besides too many?"

  45. A look at how Cheick Diallo changes Kansas: https://t.co/eaDqN1NaQd

  46. Civil War recruiting: How Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers have recruited in state over past decade https://t.co/FRjsAPjxy3

  47. Josh McCown crashed Matt Schaub's call with reporters to ask how his game prep was going https://t.co/BhFRxrWuPd https://t.co/p5aHnh3wLv

  48. Nobody on KU's side of the issue is thrilled about how this went down but are happy Diallo finally gets to take the court in games on Dec. 1

  49. How Towson University handled its locker room recording scandal: https://t.co/c0BFADVfPZ https://t.co/xzOkL9XOmF

  50. Warriors make NBA history as 1st team to start season 16-0. How far can they go? https://t.co/5mErojEJlw @janiemccap https://t.co/PhzUiboqAt

  51. Howland commenting how it’s hard to have competitive practices with State’s large number of injuries.

  52. How to make every Thanksgiving table conversation about sports https://t.co/TI6AbSCt2l https://t.co/Enf0pkhgEh

  53. Syracuse XC: How the Orange Became National Champions https://t.co/8C7ytkw4vp https://t.co/tfqhK0yEyc

  54. Awesome story on the crazed Kevin Garnett and how he can destroy young teammates but is clicking with Karl Towns. https://t.co/vgKWKEAaWh

  55. The Maui Invitational is still college basketball's November king, but for how long? https://t.co/AAFhjyVa3C https://t.co/5VbxhA0r6n

  56. "I know for a fact those (Ga Tech) offensive linemen keep track, keep count of how many times they cut somebody." https://t.co/5KT9PYIIuC

  57. How much is a win vs. No. 1 worth? Likely not enough for North Carolina https://t.co/RpWYXg0XXZ

  58. How far does Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim fall on all-time coaching wins list? https://t.co/AtMQjtGXVB

  59. Measuring how much food I'm about to eat tomorrow https://t.co/yKISKpaazv

  60. PACK IN THE PROS: A look at how several Wolfpackers performed this week in the NFL... https://t.co/SFaf2Ip5aR https://t.co/kMz6J355hy