1. "He'll run a country mile!" This wild Western Michigan TD brought flair to an in-state MAC showdown: http://t.co/1Kn1p3Nl9u

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  6. Cancer survivor Jacarius Scott caps special night in Muskegon's football win: http://t.co/Zqq3iRtS0d @OnMuskegon @MuskegonBigReds

  7. Thank you @WKZONews for the phone call this morning to talk about the Kelsey Block in @Downtown3Rivers... http://t.co/B2j4pJjxsz

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  11. Soccer's version of 'The Blind Side'? Honduran orphan 'lifted up' by West Michigan family: http://t.co/hufYAaapO4 http://t.co/eyaiqVrt4k

  12. WMU sports chat (it's @WMU_Football/@CMU_Football week!) winding down, but you can see what @Drew_on_WMU had to say: http://t.co/zy60bp8jLT

  13. It's Western/Central week! #BeatCMU #Broncos #RTB http://t.co/hgCM2z6VL7

  14. Two former players holding up the $60M EA/NCAA settlement, asking for more $: Nate Harris (Utah State) & Darrin Duncan (Western Michigan)

  15. Thank you @ajokichwwmt and her team for visiting @Downtown3Rivers today! Looking forward to the segment. #luckywinners #shoplocal

  16. Coming Thanksgiving Weekend to @Downtown3Rivers: #ChristmasAroundTown #ShopLocal http://t.co/CrlaqlDxED

  17. #NationalCoffeeDay! Celebrate by getting a hot cup of joe at your favorite local coffee shop! #caffeinated

  18. SAVE THE DATE: "Christmas Around Town" in @Downtown3Rivers set for Friday, November 27 - Sunday, November 29 #Santa #Reindeer #ShopLocal

  19. WMU showed most improvement in nation last year -- read this, Tom: http://t.co/86Pay1qYbY https://t.co/vWgtI51ySg

  20. Me too, I have a higher level of respect for CMU and WMU -- I think both headed back to bowls https://t.co/BnCH47uKOZ

  21. A lot of people don't realize Western Michigan and Central Michigan are decent teams & Air Force a headache https://t.co/VCYVd8qBrZ

  22. Ohio State's Darron Lee Jokes WMU OL Wanted To Date OSU Players “Because They Were Holding Us Closely” http://t.co/eHubJLHZOa

  23. Ohio State's Darron Lee Jokes WMU OL Wanted To Date OSU Players “Because They Were Holding Us Closely” http://t.co/F1O8VcWpER

  24. Intentional grounding costs OSU a FG shot. 24-6 at the half Buckeyes over Western Michigan.

  25. VIDEO: Western Michigan coach PJ Fleck was in a big hurry, sprints down the sidelines. http://t.co/CmrKzpeLUT http://t.co/k9QlvEfwno

  26. Video: Ohio State Defensive Lineman Adolphus Washington Scores Pick-6 vs. Western Michigan http://t.co/yttF6XcEI4

  27. Ohio State's Darron Lee returns to game vs. Western Michigan. http://t.co/4h1z8aBxOg http://t.co/Kvo5TZcgY1

  28. WMU kicking performance frees up P.J. Fleck to go on 4th down every time, go for 2 every time.

  29. Marshall 1 on 1, burns WMU DB with little outside move, gets wide open for Jones 37-yard TD.

  30. WR Corey Smith whiffed block on WMU defender who pushed Elliott OB or could have been even bigger.