1. #LSU DE Sione Teuhema responds to increased play with 7 tackles vs. EMU @lsufball, @geauxtigers http://t.co/4jzgHExoLq via @nolanews

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  6. It's pretty incredible how many wrong/no calls are made in the @NFL or is it literally just vs the @Lions #TheProcess #NFCWildCard #TheBat

  7. It's pretty incredible how many wrong/no calls are made in the @NFL or is it literally just vs the @Lions #TheProcess #NFCWildCard #TheBatt

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  11. What Les Miles said after #LSU's victory against Eastern Michigan @lsufball, @emufb, @geauxtigers http://t.co/OVctZjvFDb via @nolanews

  12. ICYMI, LSU RB Leonard Fournette's 75-yard TD vs. Eastern Michigan is worth watching: http://t.co/8tnaRSYBgG http://t.co/1tRGIJZ9zS

  13. Leonard Fournette, LSU steamroll Eastern Michigan 44-22. http://t.co/JsL3kk4WOm http://t.co/qzuPkkcFji

  14. Leonard Fournette, #LSU hold off feisty Eastern Michigan, 44-22 @lsufball, @emufb http://t.co/GpBWVOw8Vt via @nolanews

  15. Leonard Fournette is doing his thing, but Eastern Michigan will always have this: http://t.co/7VZMUvAqID https://t.co/KU3GpRl2YX

  16. #LSU vs. #EMU: Fournette is done for the night with 26 carries, 233 yards, 3 TDs. He has 864 for the season.

  17. #LSU vs. #EMU: LSU has outgain EMU 402-255 and that’s a good number for the defense, but so much hidden yardage tonight.

  18. #LSU vs. #EMU: Emmitt Smith of Fla. and Herschel Walker of Georgia only SEC backs with 2 straight 200 yd games. Fournette has 3

  19. Isn't it cute that Eastern Michigan is only down 15 in the second half at LSU?

  20. EMU was primed to stop him, but Fournette rumbles almost untouched 11 yds for the TD off left tackle. 37-22 #LSU, 14:09 left.

  21. #LSU vs. #EMU: Teuhema is walking off under his own power.

  22. EMU is putting up a fight in Death Valley. This two-point conversion put the Eagles within one score of No. 9 LSU: http://t.co/65jiBH7dfj

  23. #LSU vs. #EMU: Another LSU helmet is off, and Maea Teuhema is down, Josh Boutte jogs onto the field.

  24. OK: LSU hanging on against ... Eastern Michigan, and UCLA down 12 at home to ASU. We know nothing.

  25. #LSU vs. #EMU: Fournette is first back in SEC history with 3 straight 200 yards games

  26. #LSU vs. #EMU: Going into 4th quarter, Fournette has 23 carries, 216 yrs, 2 TDs. That’s 847 yards for the season, and he’s not done.

  27. Eastern Michigan tearing down that metaphorical cinderblock wall in Baton Rouge! https://t.co/QQZSJ2Rh3L

  28. #LSU vs. #EMU: Fuurnette has passed Billy Cannon on LSU’s all-time rushing yardage list. he has 1,878 to 1867 for Cannon.

  29. #LSU vs. #EMU: FOurnette with his third straight 200 yard game, 208 on 22 carries.

  30. EMU's onside kickoff try sails well OB, not that I think #LSU was prepared for it. LSU ball at EMU 43.