1. OWH: Mavericks not overlooking Northern Colorado between Power Five tests https://t.co/I5HCpgq5Vj https://t.co/7ufdH7B4eI

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  5. https://t.co/CRqTme0yOL: Colorado Holds Off Mavericks, 87-82 https://t.co/C0xjFs50Jz https://t.co/05DsTTG7NY

  6. A look at today's final stats from Boulder, where Omaha falls just short at Colorado, 87-82. https://t.co/FkEoqIOgyu

  7. Collier draws the foul from Jackson and hits both FTs. CU leads 85-80.

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  10. PATTERSON FOR THREE AGAIN! Mavericks within three at 83-80 with 29.2 seconds left. Timeout Colorado.

  11. Patterson for three! With 36 seconds to go, Omaha is within six.

  12. 52 seconds remaining, and it's 81-74 CU.

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  15. Smallwood makes two FTs with 53 seconds to go. CU up 79-74.

  16. Hollins with a layup! Mavericks trail 79-72.

  17. King with a pair of foul shots, and it's 79-70 Colorado.

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  21. Thurman with a bucket, and Omaha's still within seven at 77-70. Timeout Omaha.

  22. Thurman with a driving bucket, and Omaha's still within seven at 77-70. Timeout Omaha.

  23. Collier with two FTs, and it's 77-68 CU with 1:17 to go.

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  27. 1:45 left in the game, and it's 75-68 CU.

  28. Jackson lays one in on the feed from Hollins! Omaha pulls back within seven.

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  31. Collier with a triple for the Buffs, but White comes back with a bucket on the feed from Jackson. Mavericks trail by seven.

  32. Thurman completes the 3-point play and Omaha is within six!

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  35. Thurman with a tip-in and draws the foul! He'll head to the line after the last media timeout. Mavericks trailing CU 70-63 with 3:35 left.

  36. Under four minutes to play, and Omaha trails Colorado by nine.

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  39. Three Mavericks scoring in double figures so far today: White (14), Patterson (13) and Hollins (10).

  40. Thurman lays one in off the glass, and Omaha pulls within six with 5:33 to go. CU leads 67-61.

  41. Colorado puts together a 7-0 run in under a minute of play, but it's cut off with a Zach Jackson layup. CU 67, UNO 59 with 6:16 left.

  42. Fletcher with a 3-pointer for the Buffs, who take their largest lead of the day at 65-57.

  43. Fletcher with a 3-pointer for the Buffs, who take their largest lead of the day 65-57.

  44. With 7:34 to go, Omaha trails Colorado 60-57.

  45. Tre'Shaun Fletcher with another CU jumper, and the Buffs take a 57-55 lead over Omaha with 9:51 left.

  46. Josh Scott with a jumper for the Buffs, who knot the game at 55-all with 10:20 to go.

  47. Hollins with a layup to put Omaha back on top! 11:07 left, and the Mavericks lead 55-53.

  48. Just under 12 minutes left in the game, and Omaha and Colorado are tied at 53-53.

  49. Omaha still up 49-45 on Colorado with 14:32 left. Mavericks shooting 44% to CU's 34%. https://t.co/Hi3Wro1m85

  50. Tre'Shawn Thurman with the flush! Mavericks up 49-43 with 15:00 to go.

  51. Four minutes into the 2nd half, and Colorado has trimmed Omaha's lead to 47-42.

  52. Omaha leads Colorado 45-32 with 18:28 left in the game. GO MAVS!

  53. At the half, Omaha leads Colorado 38-32. GO MAVS! https://t.co/SDUsypCR7u

  54. Jake White with a layup, extending the Mavericks' lead to 37-29 with 45 seconds till the break.

  55. Just under a minute till halftime, and Omaha leads Colorado 35-29.

  56. Final media timeout of the 1st half, and Omaha has a 31-25 advantage over Colorado with 3:44 till the break. https://t.co/5vKxVTUUSH

  57. Out of the break, Hollins hits a pair of FTs and Patterson adds a long jumper. UNO with a four-point lead at 25-21 with 7:25 to go.

  58. At the under-8 media timeout, Omaha's hanging on to its 21-19 lead over Colorado. https://t.co/P8aJa9IRnJ