1. #KEY3 vs. Utah State: • Start strong • Play good man-to-man D • Stay out of foul trouble https://t.co/EG9ddxnBeE https://t.co/XareU6159j

  2. Utah State Denies Collette Release Because of Timing

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  4. Collette: 'I Feel Like I Broke Up with Utah State'

  5. #KEY3 vs. Utah State: • Start strong • Play good man-to-man D • Stay out of foul trouble https://t.co/hq7D1E5vi9 https://t.co/EXNLCE0Fux

  6. Hoping that Brandon Ingram continues his play from the last game today in Cameron where 4-0 Utah State takes on Duke https://t.co/yPCv3AWGH2

  7. The Blue Devils will tip off against Utah State at 12:30 p.m. in Cameron Indoor Stadium: https://t.co/TSOd5bSaPu https://t.co/T8ug9jEqGu

  8. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  11. Duke is back in action against Utah State this afternoon. Everything you need to know: https://t.co/TSOd5bSaPu https://t.co/irB1qPZns5

  12. Duke is back in action against Utah State this afternoon. Everything you need to know: https://t.co/DOQFJGCEhb https://t.co/Menr74lIIr

  13. A loss today would leave Wichita State 2-4 with only a few chances left for quality wins before Valley play. (UNLV, Utah, at Seton Hall)

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  17. Sunday's games to watch: Utah State at Duke, Wisconsin at Oklahoma, Xavier/Dayton, Michigan State/Providence, Arizona/Boise State.

  18. Fans enjoy Aggies' start, frustrated with collapse https://t.co/dcS4cQnYFp #USUFans

  19. And perhaps a chance for Utah to hop up in the bowl pecking order. https://t.co/FUcupJm0io

  20. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

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  22. Ex-Pleasant Grove QB Dallas Lloyd on this hold, FWIW.

  23. Holy cow, Stanford did it. What an awesome game between two strong-willed teams.

  24. Does Kelly ice this?

  25. Sophomore F Collette Leaves Team, Likely to Seek Transfer

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  28. Scouting ahead for the Runnin' Utes ... https://t.co/OqsyZOzsPs

  29. Gotta go to Cajuste or McCaffrey there. Nice play Stanford.

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  32. BYU surges past USU https://t.co/4wA5qcSWfE #USUFans

  33. BYU average grades enough to win at Utah State https://t.co/UVDZNGuZcA #USUFans

  34. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  36. USU notebook: Keeton breaks record https://t.co/UcQ4IOiO5i #USUFans

  37. Lil #Pac12AfterDark

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  40. I disagree against ND's offense, but now it's irrelevant. https://t.co/RexTNRPDQo

  41. It's actually WORSE for Stanford right now that Kizer might've been down. You're going to get less than 30 seconds to score.

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  44. Stanford will start having to calling timeouts to give the offense a chance. Because Notre Dame is going to score.

  45. This Stanford-Notre Dame game is awesome.

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  47. I've decided to commit to Utah state university, thank you coaches for recruiting me. Thank you God for this opportunity! #GoAggies

  48. #QuarterbackBlocks are the new #FatGuyTouchdowns

  49. Joe Mixon, Samaje Perine: first OU players to each have a 65-yd rush TD in same gm since DeMarco Murray, Allen Patrick, 2007, vs Utah State

  50. Woo, nice block Baker Mayfield.

  51. Baker Mayfield looks like he wants to show you his Allman Brothers record collection.

  52. Whew, this Notre Dame-Stanford game shaping up to be a doozy.

  53. So much for not trying to get beat deep.

  54. Checking out from Rice-Eccles Stadium for the last time this year. It's been a ball, y'all.

  55. Utah State vs. BYU football: Chuckie Keeton sets USU record for TD passes https://t.co/2hZ1Me4JJO #USUFans

  56. Really some great photos by Chris on our stories. Tribune is blessed to have a tremendous photo staff. https://t.co/lql86wHYIy

  57. Meanwhile, 4-0 Utah State visits Cameron tomorrow at 12:30 to take on Duke - https://t.co/tfsKPTL00E

  58. Captured by Chris Detrick — y'all crazy. https://t.co/RTym60ZVKP

  59. Aggies are getting shots up https://t.co/jJ4pO0hSEi

  60. Think the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum needs some raised lettering too? #goaggies https://t.co/Lz7qJAXCx4

  61. Utah State will watch this game film and really feel like they should've been in front ... but should've doesn't matter. Got to make plays.

  62. KW on Travis Wilson: He's been through a lot emotionally. He keeps coming back. You can tell from his play that he's a tough guy.

  63. KW: It's another battle. They play well, they're well-coached. ... I've got a lot of respect for Coach MacIntyre and what he's building.