1. Utes only committing 16.2 fouls per game so far, which is No. 20 in the country, according to BB State. Adjusting better than many teams.

  2. Utah State Denies Collette Release Because of Timing

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  4. Collette: 'I Feel Like I Broke Up with Utah State'

  5. If Utah gets in foul trouble like it did against Miami, there's huge problems. But Utes seem to have adapted well to officiating this year.

  6. That Utah win over SDSU, while at home, looks pretty good right now as the Aztecs knock off Cal.

  7. Somehow there's an ad for TMZ Sports tonight that DOESN'T lead with the video of Jahlil Okafor punching a guy.

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  11. Also I didn't realize the Orleans Arena was a home game for San Diego State.

  12. Winston Shepard doing some of the magic he pulled against the Utes ... only this time the Aztecs have the lead.

  13. I think they'll eventually gel, but there's work to do in Tucson.

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  17. And a clock error gives Santa Clara a chance to win. Sure.

  18. You don't give it to the guy who has 44 points. Yup.

  19. Underrated part of the Brownridge performance: He's 15 for 15 from the line.

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  22. Just kidding, I'm just watching this Arizona game right now.

  23. San Diego State taking a 2-point lead against Cal in the final 10 minutes on FS1. Tune in if you love basketball, folks.

  24. Column: BYUs Mendenhall impressed with Aggies https://t.co/2AchqNiiSC #USUFans

  25. Sophomore F Collette Leaves Team, Likely to Seek Transfer

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  28. In case you're looking ahead. Utes play WSU next month and play the Trojans once in LA. https://t.co/gig26wXucP

  29. There is no Delon 2.0. But Utah is looking for its three point guards to be consistent: https://t.co/nM5lnhIBeX https://t.co/sAdiCNZ0co

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  32. Well ... Maybe you can't win that matchup EVERY time.

  33. Whew, Eric Rowe. Winning one on one with Megatron.

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  36. #THANKSGIVING https://t.co/MnRTgpqS8K

  37. ICYMI — HS teammates, godbrothers Kenneth Scott and Jered Bell finally face off Saturday: https://t.co/wzOyegNhvk https://t.co/i5ANxDgKNd

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  40. Troubling story on Thanksgiving about Utah State refusing to release one of its players. https://t.co/OCqn7bPOfp https://t.co/8Hwi260smF

  41. I love my job. It wouldn't be possible without readers. I'm thankful for all of YOU*. (*please don't make me regret saying that)

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  44. Good turnout for this Creighton-UMass game in Vegas. Takes me back to last week.

  45. Kenneth Scott and Jered Bell waited a lot longer than expected to face off in college: https://t.co/wzOyegNhvk https://t.co/LzEI4mJ8oD

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  47. I've decided to commit to Utah state university, thank you coaches for recruiting me. Thank you God for this opportunity! #GoAggies

  48. Conversation about Utah State restricting David Collette starts at the 24:50 mark. https://t.co/BgJGTNbcKx

  49. David Collette-USU issue getting national play on ESPN right now. That ... and Sean Miller playing passive aggressive with UCLA.

  50. By refusing to release talented player, Utah State only hurting itself. https://t.co/OCqn7bPOfp via @MattNorlander https://t.co/dbHxpD1Qdm

  51. Yeah the rules emphasis is going to make this a new reality. https://t.co/qymrcMUOJ6

  52. Aggies seek second straight 'Old Wagon Wheel' win https://t.co/WjwN9dxEni #USUFans

  53. Gotta make the open ones, Washington.

  54. And going against one of the tougher post match-ups in America. https://t.co/Wqmw4owj5X

  55. David Collette's decision screwed Utah State. But he broke no rules I'm aware of and I'm not in favor of restrictions on player transfers.

  56. Dynamic Wide Receiver Nearly Gave Up Football For Skateboarding https://t.co/6LJoiaTDAB #USUFans

  57. We've gotten to the point where, after I supported USU's side for an hour, USU fans are starting to rip me in my mentions, so peace...

  58. Assuming this is as reported, this was highly petty by USU. https://t.co/hPbvCtCnBs

  59. You guys are mistaking "Defending USU" with "a person thinking there are no ramifications for a decision." There are rules, like them or not

  60. David Collette on being denied the right to contact other schools: 'I compare Utah State to a bitter ex-girlfriend.' https://t.co/g49txvpQL2

  61. Re: USU, 99.9% of the time, I'm on the player's side. But if you bail two days before the season, and your coach thinks it was tampering...

  62. Utah State denies transfer David Collette a release https://t.co/eT4Ctt9EBQ

  63. This is ugly. Duke plays Utah State Sunday https://t.co/lwJ8cLmTxB