1. UConn's Daniel Hamilton is becoming the "swiss army knife" of college basketball: 16 points, 9 rebounds, & 9 assists against Michigan.

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  4. Moore's Well-Rounded Game Helps Vols Beat Army

  5. The Vols are on a 7-0 run and lead the Black Knights, 84-68, with 3:58 left to play. UT has an 18-7 edge in points-off-turnovers.

  6. Tennessee entered tonight's game ranked 20th nationally in rebounding, but the Black Knights currently have a 20-14 edge on the glass.

  7. Otto's Army chanting "What's A Bonnie?" at the guests.

  8. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  9. Otto's Army starts a Who's House? Cuse House chant, now begin chanting "Can You Hear Us?" at the St. Bonaventure fans.

  10. Otto's Army now imitating the Bonnies fans, doing the Seven Nation Army chant. Suddenly the Orange are right back in this thing.

  11. Marcus Posley drops an open 3-pointer. St. Bonaventure leads 19-8 with 11:51 left. Their sections are doing the 7 Nation Army thing.

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  15. Otto's Army got through all of Happy Birthday serenading Jim Boeheim for his 71st.

  16. Too late to schedule Army? https://t.co/Dq2QrmPR4F

  17. The Colonial Army is out in FULL FORCE! George Washington leads No. 6 Virginia 35-32 at halftime. https://t.co/bEEHzKPf1S

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  19. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  20. Plomb, Wilson lead Army past Binghamton 75-60 https://t.co/fOqf5NI43e

  21. Photo of the day: Army players carry the flag of France as they take the field.

  22. That had to be the best defensive drive Rice has had since Army.

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  25. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  26. Well done Army. https://t.co/y6SRhpceAK

  27. VIDEO: Army takes the field bearing French flag https://t.co/qlgPDJ9oP4

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  30. VIDEO: Army carries French flag onto the the field. https://t.co/ExNdMpFCsq https://t.co/8tEAe45qMb

  31. Army hoisted the French and American flags as it took the field vs. Tulane today: https://t.co/PWSpRDKBPq https://t.co/NFVpp2O7mC

  32. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  34. Mike White basically wearing an Army West Point-colored tie in his first game as Florida #Gators coach ... at Navy.

  35. Army rolls to 93-54 win over Ferrum https://t.co/ahh5qJJCmD

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  38. Navy band playing “As the Army Goes Rolling Along” as a salute to their Army brothers in the house. #Gators #VeteransClassic

  39. Cool running into Marvin McBurrows after covering him at @UNMLOBOS in 1990-91. Now in Army JAG. @GeoffGrammer https://t.co/2Z8vqiz5Ws

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  42. Today, Army Capt. and former Maryland runner Florent Groberg receives the Medal of Honor: https://t.co/bGcGLo41cv https://t.co/vDAjcoFRPq

  43. Grant Schadeberg using lessons from Army as Oregon State Beavers quality control coach https://t.co/iJ0ReuDQsq

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  46. A simple thank you from a grateful citizen to all who have worn the uniform, especially my brother Marty (SSGT, US Army ret.)

  47. Under Armour signs paralympian Retired Army First Lt. Melissa Stockwell, who was awarded Bronze Star & Purple Heart https://t.co/QWE7A6SfEy

  48. Wisconsin #Badgers Four-Star DE Commit Garrett Rand to Army Bowl https://t.co/92zIpeYx99

  49. Four-star #Wisconsin commit received his Army Bowl jersey. https://t.co/fHqdshILyG https://t.co/FNh0JIJiAS

  50. “In the Army, you have to be direct....He’s not asking you to do something—he’s commanding you to do it"—Amile Jefferson on overlap to court

  51. Plumlee—part of Duke's Army ROTC program—participated in an ROTC contracting ceremony in January: https://t.co/I5EnzWK6PX

  52. Le'Veon Bell put a Twitter troll on blast to his army of followers: https://t.co/spDBHIA0mV https://t.co/WBC9NnCD7p

  53. Kupol will demonstrate Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM @DubaiAirshow #DAS15 #Kupol #Tor-M2K #TATA #Tor-M2E #Tor-M2K https://t.co/LxSmdC8ymR

  54. Le'Veon Bell put a Twitter troll on blast to his army of followers: https://t.co/spDBHIipvn https://t.co/IofTEo6Afs

  55. HHOF: Chris Pronger was a ''Swiss Army Knife.'' VIDEO: https://t.co/V1AIS2fIcX https://t.co/ONStSiy0Po

  56. Cam can't win. Messed with the 910, upset a retired Army command sergeant major during NFL's Salute to Service month https://t.co/4jUhtGFyVq

  57. During Salute to Service month in the NFL, Cam ticked off a retired Army command sergeant major

  58. Otto's Army starts chanting "We Want Tacos." Cheerleader says, "Already?" It's a new season, that's for sure.

  59. Florida Southern fooled by the countdown by Otto's Army and commits a shot-clock violation.

  60. Michigan honoring 1944 team member George Babe; he's also a decorated Army veteran.

  61. Army and Air Force meet on the gridiron today. What do their players get out of sports? https://t.co/6H2rrk2kPY https://t.co/pUWbnFzmaE