1. ICYMI - Oct. 24 #UCHomecoming game against UConn will kickoff at 4:30 p.m. and air on @CBSSports #Bearcats http://t.co/1IE4TYrzUD

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  6. If you missed scholarship impact week, check out all of our student-athlete stories here // http://t.co/s9pSz9sUL3

  7. We want you to Experience UC this season with free admission to olympic sporting events // https://t.co/k2mazHeESq

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  11. Who will start under center for @GoBearcatsFB on Friday? @bkoch has the latest from @TTuberville: http://t.co/N6dI8sxRUk

  12. Full reveal coming this Friday // https://t.co/33SVpmlXkM

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  14. UC Aims to Keep Men's Hoops at Fifth Third Arena

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  16. We will be announcing our open to the public Red Black scrimmage VERY soon !!! Think homecoming !! #gobearcats

  17. #gobearcats QB Gunner Kiel was cleared to practice Sunday and will compete this week with Hayden Moore. Tuberville: 'May the best man win.'

  18. Oct. 24 #UCHomecoming game against UConn will kickoff at 4:30 p.m. and air on @CBSSports #Bearcats http://t.co/XE3OCdNyZw

  19. As soon as we hear about the #UCHomecoming game time we will spread the word

  20. Pumpkins are great. #BearcatsPumpkins are better. Share yours for a chance to win prizes. http://t.co/05nfe8Lu1f http://t.co/y5qEh6Lgvh

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  22. Is it October 16 yet? #UC2UA https://t.co/33SVpmlXkM

  23. Reminder we should have an announcement for #UChomecoming game time Monday

  24. ICYMI - @Dan_Hoard sat down with Troy Caupain to talk on the upcoming season // https://t.co/atBEqwOTnx

  25. Students, free ticket distribution for the homecoming game will be on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 8 a.m.

  26. Watch @GoBearcatsWSOC battle UConn on the road // http://t.co/vp1NxoPrlZ

  27. You can still tag yourself in our gigapixel image from the game against Miami // http://t.co/d2S7r032ND

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  32. Great to have so many coaches visit us today. Special thx to Scott Davenport my close friend for teaching team play on offense in every way

  33. Very proud of coach Tim Haworth. Big time HS coach and former player for me at Murray state. Hopkinsville HS. http://t.co/QrvOemuFqc