1. Banner above the doors leading to the TUC bridge. #Nippert2015  http://t.co/ypTyBeADD8

  2. AAC Announces Full 2015-16 Hoops Slate

  3. UC Aims to Keep Men's Hoops at Fifth Third Arena

  4. Cronin Says He Wasn't in Confrontation with Cal

  5. View of the south club lounge ⚫️ http://t.co/vtKrDAZgCl

  6. Club level is ready to go #Nippert2015 http://t.co/GKuBUclb9r

  7. Tonight's menu in the club  http://t.co/8tU17LNYt1

  8. Don't forget to smile for our gigapixel image today between the first and second quarters http://t.co/iz9oDTv184

  9. Who has their #BearcatsNation flag on display today?? #Nippert2015 http://t.co/qoTRBMtbRG

  10. Last game in #Nippert2015 was exactly 1 year and 9 months ago. That's 15,336 hrs, 920,160 min or 55,209,600 sec. But hey who's counting?

  11. Students, don't forget to show of your new @UnderArmour t-shirts tonight at #Nippert2015 http://t.co/jWNJBMBRtd

  12. It's finally here. We are HOME  #Nippert2015 // https://t.co/U0mCEMdjar

  13. WAKE UP IT'S GAMEDAY! #Nippert2015  http://t.co/gmaJAnOiqt

  14. We're excited to welcome the Alabama A&M band to #Nippert2015. They will perform during halftime tomorrow.

  15. We'll have lots of behind-the-scenes stuff on snapchat tomorrow. Make sure you follow us! http://t.co/NSyEOr7Cbe

  16. Fans, commemorative ticket posters will be distributed as you leave the stadium tomorrow night #Nippert2015 http://t.co/20FORzInho

  17. It's almost here #Nippert2015  http://t.co/NMHCo9rl15

  18. In case you've been living under a rock ... UC faces off with Alabama A&M tomorrow night in the return to #Nippert2015 

  19. Take a look at how the #Bearcats matchup with Alabama A&M #Nippert2015 http://t.co/XQo8PkIcwg

  20. This is a great event for a great cause !!! https://t.co/h2HlqL4abJ

  21. Another ticket record for #Nippert2015. Mini plans are SOLD OUT http://t.co/AOTF0YwYp3

  22. Be sure to smile between the first and second quarter tomorrow for our gigapixel image from @panoramascom http://t.co/XFFAHxcYpA

  23. We've got a strong feeling the #Bearcats are gonna win this one #BearcatsvsBearcats https://t.co/meCEUOapkv

  24. In case you haven't heard @YahooSports ... WE'RE COMING HOME #Nippert2015 https://t.co/ilM9gKQdVV

  25. "You can do a lot of things with emotion and energy and we have it here" -@TTuberville during introductory press conference #FlashbackFriday

  26. The #Bearcats student section now has an official name. Let #theruckus begin! https://t.co/UqX2I7St94 http://t.co/OdIgLuS3ai