1. On a side note ... UT-Arlington, which has road wins at Ohio State and Memphis, plays at Texas tonight. Sun Belt making some early noise.

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Cardinals just passed Duke, Miami, Kentucky, Texas A&M and Michigan State. https://t.co/chCdRLnubA

  6. Another mid-major to watch tonight: UT-Arlington. Mavericks are in Austin to take on Texas. Have already knocked off Memphis and Ohio State.

  7. It's Rivalry week down in San Marcos! Take a break from finals to watch the IH35 rivalry game between TxSt basketball and UTSA! Wed. 7:00 pm

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  10. Texas State decides to leave no doubt: even with 5-7 teams receiving Bowl invites this year, they lose to Idaho to go 3-8 with one game left

  11. Texas State's season in a nutshell. https://t.co/D2BaGyfPyD

  12. Offsides gives Idaho a first down. 

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  16. What a throw by Jones and what a catch by Best. TxSt offense moving into Idaho territory.

  17. Sixth stop for the defense tonight..... https://t.co/Gd6bfcqO9l

  18. Suidzinski inside the five, first and goal for TxSt.

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  22. Suidzinski up the middle for a first down. Bobcats in business inside the Idaho red zone.

  23. All three facets of the team have been making plays, just not strung out together to capitalize.

  24. Defense holds for the fifth time this game. Stops have been there, but the offense has been Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide.

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  28. Right about now would be a nice time to get another INT in a situation that matters......

  29. This QB states down his WRs and STILL gets a first down.

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  32. Jones to Best for 14 yards, Best breaking tackles and making people miss.

  33. Turns out, Texas State still has a slim hope for a bowl game since two 5-7 teams will get bowl invites. https://t.co/jtZQXsJyAg.Sense.

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  36. TxSt tries a sweep and it is swallowed up in the backfield. Say it with me: Quarterback. Sneak.

  37. We are finally seeing the team that we should have had all season long. Suidzinski came on strong in Fall Camp. https://t.co/AYvfRFzYKb

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  40. We are seeing the future of the Bobcat backfield: Suidzinski with a monster run down to the 8!!!!

  41. Texas State holds off McNeese State 70-67 https://t.co/x6WSOpOThR

  42. Defense with the fourth stop of the game!!! https://t.co/6JsKzZsLKM

  43. Jones with his second rushing TD of the game and TENTH of the season. Great decision. TxSt 24 Idaho 24 11:09 left in the 3rd Qtr.

  44. No doubt. https://t.co/WiSjwbBIJr

  45. Now that Jones is being allowed to actually throw, he is showcasing that arm that Mel Kiper thinks will make an NFL caliber player one day.

  46. Jones to Best for the TD! TxSt 17 Idaho 24 0:24 left in the first half. Texas State will receive the second half.

  47. Now that Jones is being allowed to actually throw, he is showcasing that arm that Mel Kiper thinks will be an NFL caliber player one day.

  48. Jones to Best for a first down on third and long. Both Best and Jones were lit up on the play. Jones in the backfield, Best after the catch.

  49. Jones to Best for 15 yards, TxSt with a hurry up offense.

  50. The floodgates are opening..... https://t.co/yCOjknhySD

  51. Texas State defense with three stops on the day. The offense? Still anemic. https://t.co/a2wdZpETKC

  52. That is now the NINTH rushing TD by Tyler Jones this season.

  53. Being reviewed, Jones stepped out at the 1 yard line looks like.

  54. Bobcats convert on a 4th and 4 with a Jones rollout to Smith for 10 yards. Tyler Jones on the keeper for a TD after that!!

  55. Carden was out this game, now White is injured on the play. Down to our third string TE. Injuries. Injuries. Injuries. Smh. Smh.

  56. That's what I've been saying all season...... https://t.co/bGoSGWnlx0

  57. Idaho driving at the end of the 1st quarter.

  58. Texas State defense holds for the second time today, and Idaho misses a FG (after the ESPN announcer jinxed him).

  59. Marcus Dallas with a tackle for a loss.