1. Belmont Tops KSU in Legends Classic Sub-Regional Championship https://t.co/nviL3uzTst

  2. Ranking Nation's Top 100 Players for 2015-16

  3. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  4. Belmont beats Kennesaw State 80-55 https://t.co/I3Oamq0mb1

  5. 3:36 left in this one and and Belmont leads 73-51.

  6. Belmont came out of the half and is on a run. We trail 55-35.

  7. Way-Too-Early Predictions for 2016 Tourney Cinderellas

  8. We're trailing 38-29 with 2:46 in the first half

  9. We're almost underway here in the Convo!

  10. We're in the Sub Regional Legends Classic Championship today at 5:30! Come out and support! https://t.co/TM3GZCkXBD

  11. Nation's Top 20 PFs for the 2015 CBB Season

  12. 1 Thing Every Top 25 CBB Team Is Thankful For

  13. Biggest Surprises from the Opening Week of CBB Season

  14. Check out the highlights from last night's big win! We're back at it tonight at 5:30 against Belmont. https://t.co/VjhMonXf64

  15. In case you missed @no_name_nigel's sweet dunk last night >> https://t.co/WSNplbHjZC

  16. Skinner gets first Kennesaw State win, 71-63 over IUPUI https://t.co/QEvx1ckBrp

  17. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Start of the 2015-16 Season

  18. Simmons Leads LSU with 22 Pts in Win Over Kennesaw St

  19. Brown Leads Owls over IUPUI 71-63 https://t.co/nOglxlERZs

  20. YB hits a three and we have our biggest lead of the game up 13! 5:30 left in this one

  21. 6:52 left in this one and we're up 56-46!

  22. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  23. Ranking the Nation's Top 20 Point Guards

  24. Masterson hits a three and the Owls go up 40-33!

  25. It's halftime and the Owls lead 33-28!

  26. Ultimate Guide to the 2015-16 CBB Season

  27. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  28. We're having some computer problems so live stats are currently down. Sorry for any confusion!

  29. 29-25 after a YB three!

  30. Sleepers for CBB Player of the Year

  31. Each Preseason Top 25 Team's Most Intriguing Player

  32. We trail 23-20 with 6:40 remaining in the first half.

  33. Stop by the Metro Atlanta table and pick up a kids kit with this cute little paper ambulance! https://t.co/oMDzme1rK4

  34. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  35. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  36. First media timeout of the game and we're up 7-6!

  37. Three for Pruitt on the fast break and the Owls take a 7-4 lead!

  38. Parkrose's Isaac Mbuyamba Gives a Basketball Verbal to Kennesaw State

  39. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  40. Masterson with a bucket to tie the score at 2!

  41. And we're underway sporting our new white unis!

  42. Predicting CBB's Best 3-Pt Shooting Teams

  43. Ranking Most Overlooked Recruits in Last Decade

  44. And @ThrasherCoffee is on hand sampling their Hero's Blend! https://t.co/aXPKnghLkF

  45. Hey its First Responders Night! https://t.co/QEUZXdNl7U

  46. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  47. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  48. Only 12:06 left in the Belmont/South Alabama game. Almost time to bring the fight! https://t.co/9Uu0Xno8dM

  49. Use #KSUBasketball on Twitter or Instagram at the game tonight for a chance to see yourself on the videoboard!

  50. Monday Madness- because these are MAD deals! #DollarDogs https://t.co/Z5cHX0waqz

  51. MetroAtlanta is also offering a FREE pre-game hands only CPR class from 5:30-6:30pm. Drop in and learn the basics! https://t.co/QJnitnGyfA

  52. We're excited to welcome first responders to tonight's game! https://t.co/lWhoegU85b

  53. Hey students- getting into our games is easy! No lottery, no pick up- just show your ID at the door and cheer on the Owls!

  54. Owls Head Home for Legends Classic https://t.co/B6fcL5NITI

  55. We finally have our home opener tomorrow! It's the sub regional round of the Legends Classic. https://t.co/knGNKFzkT5

  56. Florida rolls past Kennesaw State for second straight win: Following a statement win over then-No. 6 Florida S... https://t.co/NS2IH6L0uX

  57. Samford tops Kennesaw State 77-65 https://t.co/hCTsbr8l6z

  58. Owls End Four Game Road Trip with Loss to Samford https://t.co/l5pp3rfYjx

  59. It goes final at Samford and we lost 77-65. We'll finally be returning home to play in the KSU Convocation Center Monday against IUPUI!

  60. 11:47 to go in this one and we're down 56-40.

  61. It's halftime and we trail 43-29.