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  11. Team USA took 4-1 lead on Day 1 of Presidents Cup, but U-High's Patrick Reed/Matt Kuchar lost 3&2. Reed to sit out Fri. 4-ball matches.

  12. USA Today has updated its 2015 NCAA coaches salary list: Jim Harbaugh's No. 2, behind Nick Saban (barely) http://t.co/H6R3MxNGhp

  13. Interesting that date on this is October 22, 2015. USA Today should TOTALLY print this as its cover that day. http://t.co/JgQB16BzSU

  14. The USA have had the better of day one of the @PresidentsCup #SSNHQ http://t.co/nPKBaKv5vA

  15. Jordan Spieth stars as USA take 4-1 lead on opening day of Presidents Cup http://t.co/AB86ymcZq7 (Pic: Getty) http://t.co/un8kN9yeSY

  16. DEVELOPING: I like the idea of the President's Cup being where Team USA practices its handshake/highfive celebrations.

  17. Changing USA landscape makes for a more complex #USMNT-Mexico rivalry (by @GrantWahl) http://t.co/QhstvkKOCd http://t.co/6mJksrezFs

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  28. USA Basketball only reiterated this about the 2016 class: There are prospects ranked in the 20's that are top 10 in most normal classes.

  29. ICYMI here's the full recap from USA Basketball: who led the way; who made statements & who were the surprises http://t.co/tB4Awl5mFi

  30. One guy that showed up at USA B with a chip on his shoulder? Josh Langford. That dude wasn't messing around & everyone noticed.