1. My @AP_Top25 college hoops ballot for Monday morning (Nov. 30). I'm sure you'll agree it's flawless. https://t.co/zE7ODMdKF2 via @abqjournal

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Good week for Providence, and Dunn in an AA. I'm putting them in my Top 25. But let's not go overboard and move them up too high just yet.

  6. Patiently awaiting the @kenpomeroy tweet announcing the Patriots are no longer undefeated.

  7. That's that, Pats.

  8. Stock Watch for New CBB Coaches

  9. Nevermind the travel or the over the back, by the way. https://t.co/Sg5B64Gtq3

  10. Wow. Not that was a hell of a possession. A typical Izzo/Michigan State type of possession.

  11. OK, back to hoops where Kris Dunn is doing Kris Dunn things.

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  15. Brock Osweiler to Bubba Caldwell. The combination we all knew was coming in the Pats/Broncos late November game when this one was scheduled.

  16. Anyone cheering any injury deserves to have Gronk spike them. https://t.co/S6VADWXw70

  17. Nationwide should totally provide Peyton's clipboard, right?

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  20. Steve Alford coached team vs. Regie Theus coached team. A battle of the UNM/NMSU rivalry that never was. https://t.co/wNhd4ifycM

  21. This being said, even as only MWC sub-.500, I like what I've seen from BoiSt. Solid in losses to Az (2x) and MichSt. https://t.co/MJGZ4kwkS6

  22. Here is good college basketball analysis. "KenPom is meaningless." https://t.co/veNeguerun

  23. Norm Ellenberger, Former Head Coach, Dies at 83

  24. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  25. Mountain West records through Sunday: FS 5-0 UNLV 6-1 CSU 5-1 UNM 4-1 UtSt 4-1 AFA 4-2 Nev 4-2 Wyo 4-2 SDSU 4-3 SJSU 3-3 BoiSt 3-4 #mwbb

  26. San Diego State and Boise State, last year's Mountain West co-champs and preseason's 1/2 now have a combined 7 losses before December. #mwbb

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  29. Just like that, Boise State has cut the Arizona lead to 6... Arizona 62, Boise State 56 (1:58 2H). #mwbb

  30. Wow. Boise State's Anthony Drmic is no 1-of-12 from the field in this game vs. Arizona. #mwbb

  31. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  32. New Mexico has landed 6-9 Connor MacDougall. Former Top 100 kid who played at Arizona State, currently at South Mountain JC.

  33. At 5-0 @FresnoStateMBB is the last remaining unbeaten in Mountain West hoops. Play at Oregon on Monday. #mwbb

  34. Monmouth basketball is 1-0 vs. UCLA, 1-1 vs. USC and hasn't yet played the Lakers.

  35. Neal Expects Better Perimeter Shooting from Lobos

  36. Lobos' N'Ganga Out for Season

  37. Monmouth beats USC, 83-73. USC has gone 2-2 since beating UNM in Los Angeles last Saturday and is 5-2 on season.

  38. Letting Duke go on 17-0 run (15-0 to start second half) usually doesn't end well for teams visiting Cameron. Duke 54, UtahSt 27 (15:00 2H)

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  41. Always fun getting home from work and seeing @AdamSchefter already tweeting Sunday NFL injury updates.

  42. Always fun getting home from work and already seeing @AdamSchefter already tweeting Sunday NFL injury updates.

  43. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  45. Good sign for San Diego St fb playing Air Force next week: None of previous 6 teams UNM beat this season won their next game, either. #mwfb

  46. Just looked at the Nevada/CS-Fullerton stats. It was former Air Force guard Tre' Coggins who did the Pack in, scoring 25 points. #mwbb

  47. New Mexico Lands Three-Star Wing

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  49. Yeah, so Wyoming's @JoshTAdams14 can get up. This is from Wyoming's win earlier over Montana State. #mwbb https://t.co/w0NHPJxqSB

  50. UNLV and 0-5 Prairie View A&M were tied 42-42 at halftime. ... Rebs start 2nd half on 14-2 run, though. Now 56-44 (13:42 2H). #mwbb

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  53. A ton of factors play into carries, but here are NMSU RB Larry Rose III's average number of carries: • In 3 wins: 27.7 • In 8 losses: 16.1

  54. By the way, @TheLoboLair, I'm offended by this. https://t.co/sXP2vj5cLa

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  57. MWC FINAL: San Jose State 91, Alaska-Anchorage 87 Spartans are 3-3 and have surpassed last season's win total of 2. #mwbb

  58. First head coaching victory for former @UNMHoops Assoc. Head Coach Lamont Smith. (@USDCoachSmith) https://t.co/vOxO7gIFJa

  59. ... and taking the over in a CSU hoops game remains the easiest bet in basketball so far this season (though two OTs certainly helped today)

  60. MWC FINAL: UTEP 99, Colorado State 90 CSU falls to 5-1 on season. UTEP is 6-0. #mwbb

  61. So CSU is now in its second OT with UTEP... and fourth OT period in past four days.

  62. Starting to think the Aggies may not get to that fourth win in a row. https://t.co/dcRsy3N7dd

  63. yeah, San Jose State and AK-Anchorage is only in first half. I need to slow down on that other OT game talk.

  64. Oh, and another Mountain West hoops game is tied in final four minutes. https://t.co/rYXnX1rvZ3

  65. CSU now playing its third OT period this week (won in 2OT on Tuesday at home against Abilene Christian).

  66. Another Mountain West OT game today? OK. END REGULATION: UTEP 73, Colorado State 73 #mwbb