1. My preseason Mountain West hoops ballot 2015-16 (some more info here online than in print) http://t.co/25IWvixljD #mwbb via @abqjournal

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  6. Time to talk some college hoops and my Mountain West predictions, which you can read here: http://t.co/JGnw2nz8qB https://t.co/V1N7gtzYyo

  7. And to recap why @notthefakeSVP was talking, at length, about NMSU/UNM football, that safety late in game changed a lot of fortunes.

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  11. So, this was apparently said after tonight's game. https://t.co/iUiOTOqze5

  12. Not a good sign for NMSU football when a Pac12 school comes in and offers a QB who committed to you 3 weeks ago. https://t.co/YhRba8H7oD

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  14. Quick, come up with a quick ____gate hashtag we can all go crazy over.

  15. I actually thought for just a minute that the 49ers wouldn't be alone in last place in the NC West. But the Lions gonna Lion.

  16. Of last five Mountain West Newcomer of the Year awards, four have been DI transfers, one was JC. ... Of the 10 NOY overall, 6 JC/4 DI.

  17. My always accurate preseason Mountain West basketball ballot (I know. They're all wrong) http://t.co/25IWvifJV3 #mwbb via @abqjournal

  18. Here comes the twitter love... just sent my preseason Mountain West hoops ballot. Will write something up for blog within hour. #mwbb

  19. UFC unveils biopic hype video featuring @_HOLLYHOLM, @RondaRousey #UFC193 http://t.co/si89ufBurs via @abqjournal http://t.co/86SOKKIQ0r

  20. Sometimes, it seems we're all so different. Then you read replies to Rovell tweets and realize we're all the same. https://t.co/ou8sk8u5vi

  21. So, ummm, this can't really be from the Texas Gov., can it? http://t.co/fNvNPxhTR5

  22. With UNM's win over winless NMSU, I believe the Mountain West is now 6-26 this season against FBS non-conference teams.

  23. Aggies finally catch a break, though. Tough rivalry losses to UTEP & UNM are over. Now they get a breather at the SEC's Ole Miss next week.

  24. That's four wins in a row for the UNM football team over NMSU. ... But the Aggies cover. #wobble

  25. That safety probably secured the cover.

  26. 3rd and 14 and NMSU remembers Larry Rose III... runs a draw. Then throws an INT on 4th. Makes sense.

  27. I wonder if NMSU forgot about that Larry Rose III guy. You know, the one who rushed for 234 yards and 3 TDs in the first half.

  28. Points. They're still coming. https://t.co/wgGP3oN3To

  29. Yeah, so there may be some offense -- and pretty much no defense -- in this one... UNM ties it. NMSU 29, UNM 29 (2:41 3Q)

  30. Down to a 1-score game in Albuquerque. https://t.co/dXJw9Dj0mi

  31. Here's some rain for Aggies parade...Two weeks ago in LC NMSU was up 14 with under 4 to play and lost to UTEP. 12pt lead at half is nothing.