1. UNM Lobos vs. Arizona Wildcats in the @GildanNMBowl? Hmmmm.... https://t.co/GdFRXlOZ7h

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

  3. Crowning the Ultimate Champ of Early-Season Tourneys

  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Pregame read: UNM’s Logwood looking for his comfort zone https://t.co/d7sJwowoNB #mwbb via @abqjournal https://t.co/q0f6EfMn1W

  6. You mean people will have to either watch on TV or actually go to the game. What is this, 2012? https://t.co/TYVjS7U0MN

  7. Wants his belt back. Has a belt. Fights for a belt this month. And all three live, not just train, in New Mexico. https://t.co/Ar19UM8Qky

  8. Stock Watch for New CBB Coaches

  9. Is Luke Walton the first person ever to win NBA Coach of the Month before technically winning his first game as a head coach?

  10. It's all about having a ton of experience in the league when it comes to NBA head coaching. https://t.co/il8DNlKOKT

  11. Mountain West Sagarin through end of November: SDSU 40 UNM 63 BSU 65 UNLV 75 UtSt 94 FS 97 CSU 108 Nev 147 Wyo 207 AFA 208 SJSU 322 #mwbb

  12. Nation's Top 20 PFs for the 2015 CBB Season

  13. Way-Too-Early Predictions for 2016 Tourney Cinderellas

  14. Biggest Surprises from the Opening Week of CBB Season

  15. Mountain West KenPom through end of November: SDSU 43 BSU 60 UNM 73 FS 81 UNLV 95 CSU 111 UtSt 131 Nev 162 Wyo 210 AFA 221 SJSU 336 #mwbb

  16. Teams aren't penalized for playing non-DIs, but it doesn't help ratings, either. UNM only MWC member that doesn't schedule non-DIs. #mwbb

  17. Mountain West records vs. DI opponent only: CSU 5-1 FS 5-1 UNM 4-1 UNLV 4-1 AFA 4-2 Nev 4-2 UtSt 2-1 SDSU 3-3 Wyo 2-2 SJSU 2-3 BSU 2-4 #mwbb

  18. New Mexico's Williams (Neck) Career Is 'Over'

  19. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Start of the 2015-16 Season

  20. Mountain West hoops teams have 20 non-Division I opponents in non-conference. 9-0 so far w/ 11 to go in December. #mwbb

  21. New Mexico Military Institute OL Shane Richards (https://t.co/I3v0xj120d) lines up an #OKState official visit --> https://t.co/O0rIuVaBfZ

  22. It's December, another big month for #Abq fighters in the @UFC. Next up: @MeansTim of #FITNHB at #UFCFightNight80 Dec. 10 vs. John Howard.

  23. Norm Ellenberger, Former Head Coach, Dies at 83

  24. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  25. FresnoState moved up to 81 in KenPom after tonight's loss at Oregon. Solid, not great, showing in a true road game against a good team #mwbb

  26. MWC FINAL: Oregon 78, Fresno State 73 Fresno St (5-1) scored 0.658 points per possession in 1st half then 1.143 in the second half. #mwbb

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  28. Ultimate Guide to the 2015-16 CBB Season

  29. MWC HALFTIME: Oregon 37, Fresno State 25 Fresno State scored just 0.676 points per possession in the first half. #mwbb

  30. Obi Emegano has been on a tear. One of the best scorers coming to the Pit this season (Tuesday night) https://t.co/legaEOhAyf

  31. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  32. New Mexico has landed 6-9 Connor MacDougall. Former Top 100 kid who played at Arizona State, currently at South Mountain JC.

  33. City of Albuquerque announces the @HollyHolm-Coming parade is set for Sunday 2-4 p.m. (parade route not yet set). https://t.co/dfKuZZRZ6j

  34. Tonight's big non-conference opportunity for Mountain West hoops is 5-0 Fresno St at Oregon. ... Ducks are favored by 11.5 #mwbb

  35. Neal Expects Better Perimeter Shooting from Lobos

  36. Lobos' N'Ganga Out for Season

  37. In today's @APTop_25 poll, SanDiegoSt got one vote (from @CormacGordon at 21) and ColoSt got one vote (from @Graham_Couch at 25). #mwbb

  38. Third WAC Player of the Week award in three weeks of the season for NMSU's Pascal Siakam. https://t.co/kuenTJEBHj

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  40. Each Preseason Top 25 Team's Most Intriguing Player

  41. UNLV guard Pat McCaw is the Mountain West men's basketball Player of the Week. #mwbb

  42. Two Mountain West teams in "others receiving votes" category of today's @AP_Top25: San Diego State (5 points), Colorado State (1). #mwbb

  43. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  44. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  45. My @AP_Top25 college hoops ballot for Monday morning (Nov. 30). I'm sure you'll agree it's flawless. https://t.co/zE7ODMdKF2 via @abqjournal

  46. Good week for Providence, and Dunn in an AA. I'm putting them in my Top 25. But let's not go overboard and move them up too high just yet.

  47. New Mexico Lands Three-Star Wing

  48. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  49. Patiently awaiting the @kenpomeroy tweet announcing the Patriots are no longer undefeated.

  50. That's that, Pats.

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  52. Ranking Most Overlooked Recruits in Last Decade

  53. Nevermind the travel or the over the back, by the way. https://t.co/Sg5B64Gtq3

  54. Wow. Not that was a hell of a possession. A typical Izzo/Michigan State type of possession.

  55. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  56. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  57. OK, back to hoops where Kris Dunn is doing Kris Dunn things.

  58. Brock Osweiler to Bubba Caldwell. The combination we all knew was coming in the Pats/Broncos late November game when this one was scheduled.

  59. Anyone cheering any injury deserves to have Gronk spike them. https://t.co/S6VADWXw70

  60. Nationwide should totally provide Peyton's clipboard, right?

  61. Steve Alford coached team vs. Regie Theus coached team. A battle of the UNM/NMSU rivalry that never was. https://t.co/wNhd4ifycM

  62. This being said, even as only MWC sub-.500, I like what I've seen from BoiSt. Solid in losses to Az (2x) and MichSt. https://t.co/MJGZ4kwkS6

  63. Here is good college basketball analysis. "KenPom is meaningless." https://t.co/veNeguerun

  64. Mountain West records through Sunday: FS 5-0 UNLV 6-1 CSU 5-1 UNM 4-1 UtSt 4-1 AFA 4-2 Nev 4-2 Wyo 4-2 SDSU 4-3 SJSU 3-3 BoiSt 3-4 #mwbb

  65. San Diego State and Boise State, last year's Mountain West co-champs and preseason's 1/2 now have a combined 7 losses before December. #mwbb

  66. Just like that, Boise State has cut the Arizona lead to 6... Arizona 62, Boise State 56 (1:58 2H). #mwbb