1. Two (very) short and sweet writeups for #Abq-trained fighters at #UFC191 • Arlovski: http://t.co/Snh0y3vN0o • Felder: http://t.co/YOKlFuQpx2

  2. Best team ever! (no bias in that statement whatsoever) https://t.co/S1vc9OzHhG

  3. Giving @CharlesWiniecki and Alamo football a listen tonight. Good work, Charles. https://t.co/CJAdNa0BUz

  4. So Baylor wins 56-21 at SMU ... in a game they were favored by 36.5. Chalk one up for the home dogs.

  5. For those scoring at home, Alamogordo has outscored opponents 86-0 in under 4 total quarters played so far this season.

  6. I see the Tigers are still giving me every reason to sing the AHS fight song to @JamesDYodice tonight. https://t.co/vzMuD1bNWx

  7. Laptops with stories, notes and quotes on them that crash and don't turn back on aren't my favorite things on Friday nights.

  8. #UFC191 main event (flyweight title fight): Abq's @JohnDodsonMMA (125) vs. @MightyMouseUFC (124.5)

  9. #UFC191 co-main event weigh-in (heavyweights): @AndreiArlovski, who trains at @JacksonWinkMMA, weighs in at 237.5 and @TheFrankMir at 266

  10. Abq-trained @felderpaul and @RossTheRealDeal each weigh in at 155.5 for tomorrow's fight at #UFC191

  11. Abq's @_HOLLYHOLM and @RondaRousey finally face to face today in Las Vegas. #UFC193 https://t.co/9X206Rh8iy

  12. If @ufc really wants records, film @Cowboycerrone and @TheNotoriousMMA on a road trip -- 1st leg in Cowboy's RV, 2nd in Conor's Bentley.

  13. OK, @darrenPwhite. You know McGregor v Cowboy is going to happen at some point. If/when, who you got?

  14. UFC prez @danawhite announces #UFC200 will be July 9, 2016, at the new arena being built in Las Vegas.

  15. Hearing @Cowboycerrone talk trash to @TheNotoriousMMA is great. Would love that fight. https://t.co/CWTlCIJKVz

  16. Energized @JohnDodsonMMA focused on beating champion @MightyMouseUFC #UFC191 http://t.co/bf2edfbcrB via @ABQJournal http://t.co/2t597DgDPV

  17. ICYMI, Abq's @CarlosCondit fights Robbie Lawler Jan. 2 at #UFC195 in Las Vegas http://t.co/LILnbV4Tbl via @ABQJournal http://t.co/de69PD7uWY

  18. Former New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood signs with AFL franchise http://t.co/ZxoYC7bwhh

  19. Colleague @GatorsScott gets #Gators set for 2015 vs New Mexico St with his "Opening Kickoff." http://t.co/PUNpAobvzL

  20. "Clichés are clichés because they're true. Especially in football." -- Aaron Taylor, who is clearly giving 110% tonight.

  21. Former Lobo @HGreenwood3 is now officially a Crow (that would be the mascot of his new Aussie rules football team) https://t.co/tk2we0dDFK

  22. After all, the Mountain West created its league MW logo specifically in his honor. https://t.co/EhIFC9Mf6L

  23. This tweet looks very familiar. (https://t.co/kf9JLYljZj) https://t.co/0zAVhWzO0t