1. The Vandals fall to 1-4 overall and 0-2 in Sun Belt play. They have a bye next week and then will travel to Troy Oct. 17.

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  6. Victory formation and that will do it.

  7. Austin Rehkow's onside kick goes out of bounds. The Vandals were also offsides. The Red Wolves will take over on offense.

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  10. 49-35 Arkansas State with 1:37 left in the game.

  11. Luton and Cowan hook up for a big gain. Then Luton rushes the ball into the end zone. Another good read on the option by Luton.

  12. Arkansas State's Money Hunter is called for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. That's the bad news. The good news is his name is Money.

  13. Manley gets a little too amped up and is called for the penalty.

  14. Facemask called on Arkansas State. The Red Wolves will probably win the game but they might get yelled at for all the penalties committed.

  15. Epps calls for the fair catch on the punt and the Vandals will start on their own 22.

  16. Quinton Bradley nails Tabary for the sack. That was a nice form tackle right there.

  17. A holding call backs the Vandals up. A lot of penalties in this one.

  18. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Red Wolves. Idaho's ball the Arkansas State 47.

  19. Marc Millan strips the ball carrier and Quinton Bradley recovers it at the Idaho 35.

  20. Luton sacked on 3rd and 10. The Vandals will punt with 8:45 left in the game and counting.

  21. Hightower gets a first down on the receiver screen. Hightower always seems to pick up solid yardage when Idaho runs those receiver screens.

  22. Penny continues to be a reliable target out of the backfield.

  23. The Idaho defense steps up and forces the Red Wolves to punt. Idaho will take over down three touchdowns.

  24. Luton has made some good reads running the option. If you make the right read, you usually will pick up positive yards.

  25. Luton runs into the end zone for six. 49-28 Arkansas State in the fourth quarter.

  26. Vandals score Luton on his second keeper. 28-49 with 12:11 left. Idaho needs a stop and a few more scores.

  27. Arkansas State is helping the Vandals on this drive. Red Wolves' penalties keep moving the ball down the field.

  28. Epps gets drilled on the slant route but hangs onto the ball as he is tackled at the 1.

  29. Luton looks for Epps down the field. The ball was incomplete but a pass interference was called on the Red Wolves.