1. It's an @IdahoVolleyball GAME DAY! See you at Memorial Gym at 7pm. #GoVandals http://t.co/qHq2xyznUM

  2. VIDEO: After an hour+ to upload, I give you the Paul Petrino presser after the Ohio game. http://t.co/5df8rqBWkP http://t.co/J8cdeG3zos

  3. VIDEO: Linehan talks with media after Ohio game. #IdahoVandals http://t.co/30Mm9PIbnV http://t.co/EI4dExLsXb

  4. Recap of Idaho’s 45-28 loss to Ohio. #IdahoVandals http://t.co/PduXzu8UuR http://t.co/Aeq44cYTTp

  5. Recap of Idaho’s 45-28 loss to Ohio. #IdahoVandals http://t.co/PduXzu8UuR

  6. LIVE on #Periscope: Live postgame https://t.co/ojytDxSdgV

  7. Final stats http://t.co/e7UphhOJAE

  8. Maleek Irons getting his turn running the ball for Ohio, as he trots into the end zone untouched and gives Ohio a 45-28 lead with :42 left.

  9. Illegal blocking and illegal touching was the call. Ohio accepts the illegal touching call and will takeover at Idaho’s 44-yard line.

  10. Vandals get the onside kick, but the ball appears to not have traveled the required 10 yards.

  11. And in similar fashion, Linehan finds Watson in the back of the end zone for the two-point conversion. With 2:34 left, Ohio 38 - Idaho 28.

  12. Ohio run attack having its way with the Vandal run defense this drive. Patterson just ripped off a 15-yard gain followed by a 7-yard gain.

  13. It’s amazing how loud the Dome gets when there is free pizza on the line.

  14. Linehan with his second keeper of the drive. Gets the Vandals on Ohio’s 14-yard line.

  15. Quinton Bradley is back on the field after leaving the game earlier with an apparent head injury. Must have passed the concussion test.

  16. Vandals just needed two yards, but go for a 30-yard pass attempt instead. Epps can’t haul it in and Ohio takes over near midfield.

  17. Yup, after the timeout, Idaho’s offense takes the field for its fourth 4th down conversion attempt — 3/3 so far.

  18. Penny comes up short on a third down wish attempt .. Will Petrino go for it? Probably.

  19. Idaho is 3 for 3 on 4th down attempts.

  20. 4th and 2 on their own 27-yard line, Petrino goes for it, and converts.

  21. Ohio converts a 37-yard field goal attempt and now lead 31-13 over Idaho.

  22. He’s walking off under his own power. Trainers examining him on the sidelines now.

  23. Penny with a one-yard rush to end the first half. Ohio leads 28-12 over the Vandals.