1. Video: Notre Dame Releases Awesome Hype Video About Navy Rivalry http://t.co/xVBbmArQ8O

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  6. Call him Kwa-li or Kwe-li, I put him on shows with Ramsey. I'm the Gap like Banana Republic and Old Navy .... from 3-6 on @939TheVille

  7. Keenan Reynolds: the Navy star who might not get to play in the NFL. By @Lescarpenter http://t.co/B7hkfhqrZL

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  11. Dash notes of interest for fans of NW, Fla, Mizzou, OK State, WVU, Cal, Navy, ND, Iowa, Mem, Ole Miss, Mich State... http://t.co/M3fPrpJcFf

  12. Notre Dame and Navy will wear matching baselayers to honor the history of their rivalry http://t.co/jYzMwHLloj http://t.co/5DRrwbS7ex

  13. Photos: Navy, Notre Dame To Wear Same "Respect, Honor, Tradition" Under Armour Baselayer http://t.co/qeLEOG3FkY http://t.co/fYHUQbgpwU

  14. Local gym owner @ZEvenEsh is helping a former Navy SEAL raise $1 million ahead of a record-breaking skydiving attempt http://t.co/7vD82Itt3r

  15. Hard not to remember Simmons not being able to wrangle a 4th-down stop at Navy two years ago. Grown up since. #iufb

  16. (1/2) Updated Mountain West FB lines: AFA +4 at Navy Wyo +25.5 at AppSt SJSU +21.5 at Aub Haw +25.5 at BoiSt #mwfb

  17. Army and Navy are developing another traditional rivalry game: http://t.co/MKNrP2EwrK http://t.co/qLPFKCOuyg

  18. (1/2) Mountain West FB lines Week 5: AFA +5 at Navy Wyo +25 at AppSt SJSU +20 at Aub Haw +24.5 at BoiSt #mwfb

  19. MBB: Sources say Nikola Djogo's visit to ND has been locked in for the Navy game.

  20. State scored more points on the road vs. Navy (65-19) in 2002 but 50 > 46

  21. LIVE MEDIA DAY UPDATES: LeBron breaks out his new kicks in yellow and navy for #CavsMediaDay--http://t.co/Y6GzjidRDA http://t.co/JwUXAiZCd9

  22. Duke with 18 pts in AP Top 25, 8th among ORV, more than: Temple 17, Miami 14, Kan St 12, Memphis 11, NC St 10, Navy 9, BYU 5, Minn 5, Tenn 4

  23. Most points allowed in Maryland history? That'd be 76 by Navy in 1913.

  24. Daniel Lent, US Navy, WWII veteran, being honored by Michigan right now. I like how UM does this.

  25. MBB: 247$port$ says Solomon was at Nikola Djogo's HS Fri. to get academic records. Thon Maker's teammate "90% sure" to visit ND for Navy.

  26. MBB: @nironside247 just updated my last tweet on Nikola Djogo's ND visit. Now targeting Navy weekend. Thx Nick. Sorry for any confusion.

  27. 2017 Harrisburg Academy (PA) guard Jalen Gabbidon has received an offer from Navy, per his coach.

  28. ECU Drops American Conference Opener At Navy, 45-2. Release: http://t.co/c52dqdTtOl #ECUFootball

  29. Check out ECU's uniform combination for tomorrow's game against Navy! http://t.co/2lJtRt3oJo

  30. .ECUPiratesFB opens American Athletic Conference play at Navy this weekend: http://t.co/nVhWAZiNtF #ECUFootball #ECUndaunted