1. Maxwell Smith, Calvin Munson and Eric Judge met with the media to recap Hawai'i and look ahead to SJSU. Watch: https://t.co/Ac0lfIE4Je

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  6. My guess on what the MW poll will look like: Harris, Moore, Shepard, Drmic, Webb SDSU Boise USU UNLV Fresno New Mexico CSU Wyo UNR AFA SJSU

  7. Teams here in LV for Tuesday's portion of Mountain West media day: Fresno State, UNM, SJSU, UNLV, Utah State. #mwbb http://t.co/xMkhvKW4IN

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  11. Final from Honolulu: #AztecFB 28, Hawai'i 14. SDSU (3-3, 2-0 MW) plays at San Jose State on Saturday night (7:30 p.m. PT). #Win20

  12. What a call. SJSU runs a screen pass on 4th and 10 with the game on the line and Tyler Ervin houses it. SJSU leads 27-24 with 1:08 over UNLV

  13. UNLV takes a 24-20 lead over SJSU with 3:41 left in Vegas. Spartans appear to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

  14. Mountain West lines: • BoiSt -15 at CSU • UNM +4.5 at Nev • SJSU -3 at UNLV • Wyo +21 at AFA • UtSt -11.5 at FresSt • SDSU +2.5 at Haw #mwfb

  15. San Jose State has a barber at running back, too. Auburn's Barber was a cut above Saturday: http://t.co/MtUhCj3m8q https://t.co/2quoHzvatY

  16. Antelope HS quarterback who was a top target for San Jose State, had offers from Nevada and UNLV. https://t.co/7EzdQeWQag

  17. #AztecFB at SJSU is set for 7:30pm PT on ESPNU (10/17). Show your support, Bay Area Aztecs! http://t.co/Wk4SDSG6f4 http://t.co/qkaiFXOeHM

  18. DeRuyter said that Kilton Anderson was "banged up" at San Jose State and didn't want to risk reaggravating injury at SDSU.

  19. Grading Auburn's 35-21 victory against San Jose State http://t.co/aeF0UzJjpE http://t.co/hXgQBwB1ql

  20. Mishandled/bad snap on the missed field goal attempt. Auburn leads San Jose State 28-14. http://t.co/AYCtJ0L4EG http://t.co/F4pwW1XVpC

  21. Ruling stands. San Jose State now within a score of Auburn. http://t.co/AYCtJ0L4EG

  22. San Jose State outgains Auburn in the first half but trails 21-7 at halftime.

  23. Auburn leads San Jose State 21-7 at halftime. http://t.co/AYCtJ0L4EG

  24. San Jose State calls a timeout before Daniel Carlson's 55-yard field goal hits the left upright. http://t.co/eGJOKYA3fv

  25. Joe Gray hits Tyler Winston on a beautiful ball in the endzone. San Jose State and Auburn are tied 7-7 with 4:55 in the first quarter.

  26. San Jose State goes for it on fourth-and-4, gets a big gain. Shades of South Carolina '14.

  27. Auburn and San Jose State kick off in 21 minutes. http://t.co/eGJOKYRE73 http://t.co/628xaO04bY

  28. (1/2) Updated Mountain West FB lines: AFA +4 at Navy Wyo +25.5 at AppSt SJSU +21.5 at Aub Haw +25.5 at BoiSt #mwfb

  29. Sounds like a CA thanksgiving for @BroncoSports fans: 11/26 @BroncoSportsMBB @TheWoodenLegacy while @BroncoSportsFB is at SJSU 111/27

  30. (1/2) Mountain West FB lines Week 5: AFA +5 at Navy Wyo +25 at AppSt SJSU +20 at Aub Haw +24.5 at BoiSt #mwfb