1. 100 days/tweets til UW-Bama LATER: Game Day! Have had 34 '100'yd rushers last 2 years (allowed just 6). Now it's Corey Clement's turn & time

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  21. Conversion from NFL turf 2 college FB turf takes about 9 hours at AT&T Staduim. UW-Bama will play on turf last used in OhioSt win over Ducks

  22. Just walked into AT&T Staduim. Got knot in my stomach. Wonder what that is about? Looked all over. Not a Harrison to be found. All good

  23. Madison East Fieldhouse is the site for loaded WI Starz Fall League, which starts tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

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  26. Illini fan tweeting a recruit picked a goofy wkd to make fun of the weather in Wisconsin, lol

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  28. Paul Chryst is only the 2nd HC in #Badgers history (30 coaches) to start tenure vs a ranked team. John Jardine lost 21-7 at No.18 OK in '70

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