1. 1 day/tweet til UW-Bama:Have won '1' of 3 neutral site openers (BowlingG/Cleveland,'06) Have won 1 of 6 reg season vs SEC. Beat Bama in 1928

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  11. Player Profile update - Greg Poeschel 6'0" G 2016 Mondovi -- http://t.co/yStiKTnSqz

  12. I get the Vanilla Ice comparison, but my first thought on Van Vliet's pic was Jay Baruchel: http://t.co/63TSY6FvoJ http://t.co/8CASC5diWG

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  16. From Belgium ✈️➡️ Madison. For the record, Andy Van Vliet says he does not have a nickname yet. http://t.co/hYyFa1m0Y5

  17. New faces. Say hey to Khalil.  http://t.co/pgLaRs4Hb3

  18. Liked last yr's reg. season unis better, but this yr's shoes look niiice. #badgers https://t.co/bZohXl62IZ https://t.co/nlF2UpLdID

  19. #Badgers Alabama Brings Unknown Troubles for Wisconsin - While the Wisconsin offense knows what it will be ... http://t.co/18JY93XmI4

  20. Showy showing off this season's new jerseys for the #Badgers.  http://t.co/ZsuqYT3b7s

  21. So there's the new unis... what do you think? "@BadgerMBB: Gotta love Nigel...  Photo day for the #Badgers. https://t.co/qYzm9vHiV0"

  22. Looking good, Jordan.  #selfie #Badgers #OnWisconsin

  23. Alabama brings unknown troubles for defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and his #Badgers defense http://t.co/GFqbf0KU6Y

  24. Gotta love Nigel...  Photo day for the #Badgers. Add us on Snapchat for more fun.  officialbadgers https://t.co/qn6vXyMnta

  25. Chryst on No.1 OL: "The biggest thing we've been trying to do is make sure they are preparing for the game plan." #Badgers

  26. Chryst: "We're as healthy as we've been ... Everyone is looking forward to and certainly excited to play this game." #Badgers

  27. So pretty #back2back

  28. So pretty. #Back2Back http://t.co/no9eUPRQhh

  29. #Badgers The Freshman Fifteen – Alec Ingold - One of the handful of in-state players who received a late sc... http://t.co/PLblwYfuWk

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