1. Anderson: "That's what some of these guys need to do, they need to start producing. Honestly, if they don't, next man up."

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

  3. College Basketball's All-Week 3 First Team

  4. Good read from @ScottLMorris on the man who rescued a South Arkansas weekly paper. "Got to have a paper." - https://t.co/GGGYHJeUAQ

  5. According to Self, Carlton Bragg was KU's best big man against Vanderbilt. #kubball

  6. Interesting. USC hiring Clay Helton as full-time head coach, cutting out the middle man: https://t.co/mfoqPwDedy via @sbnation's @Pete_Volk

  7. Manhattan will only be dressing five scholarship players tonight versus George Mason due to injuries, source told @CBSSports.

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  9. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  10. Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys announced the hiring of Dan O'Brien to fill an open coaching position on defense. Good man.

  11. …And the longest current Challenge win streak in *either* league (6) belongs to… Purdue Challenge Painter: steely-eyed missile man.

  12. Brock Osweiler, True Montana Man, represent!

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  15. Michigan State is tough, man.

  16. Next man up mentality got #Chiefs offensive line through victory, via @BlairKerkhoff: https://t.co/ycDzpxBHAs

  17. Now ND will show zone and go man to man. Let's see

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  21. VIDEO: Old man Vince Carter has still got hops! https://t.co/cn9eYZqG6U https://t.co/3d6tKrDZwD

  22. Good inside out movement and looking for the open man. It not only got UCLA the lead but kept it there. No complacency today.

  23. Is Notre Dame's OC next man up at #UVa? https://t.co/qz0rsdIWSt https://t.co/UVcTmH3v7c

  24. Jermaine Lawrence Withdraws from Manhattan

  25. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  26. I got good advice from a wise man. Don't respond to the vampires https://t.co/hIUCXizT9Q

  27. Good to see Tomlin's dumb decision paid off like Quinn's dumb decision a few weeks ago. These coaches, man.

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  30. #Pistons minions quickly putting together plans to find a rocking chair for Old Man Kobe.

  31. On D.J. Johnson, Bruce Weber said he didn't play the big man as a precaution. He feared he had seen too much action in recent games.

  32. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

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  34. Pat Hobbs is a good man with a huge job ahead of him Rutgers fires Flood, Hermann; Seton Hall's Hobbs new AD https://t.co/H6sKhHm8C1

  35. I listed the Hoyas my man https://t.co/dO6EEMyfDe

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  37. Photo: Under Armour Unveils New 'ArmourVent' Uniforms

  38. Good man, great choice ! https://t.co/WJ9vEjNaP4

  39. Dayton has two fouls now; Kevin Pollard the latest. Man, the people behind me are ticked about that.

  40. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  42. The Duke defense allowed a single double figure scorer. Duke played a lot of man to man today. K said they would keep working at it.

  43. The next man up at LT is Donald Stephenson. #Chiefs also have no more backup offensive linemen.

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  46. Paul is the man! #Illini https://t.co/lA7m5b2ZPI

  47. That's a 14-0 run as Marshall backs his man down and finishes.

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  50. It was a good run for a good man. https://t.co/gQvg56c4dk

  51. Utah State's strength is its guard play. If Duke can't stick with the Aggies in man, we'll see the zone again. https://t.co/lyaBNAg85W

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  54. "We really love each other, man. We play so hard for each other. Everything's starting to click finally." ~ @_POOH_BEAR5

  55. Whoever these mystery folks are that want this man fired are wrong. Players love him and play for him. #thatisall https://t.co/9XJsxDmYzV

  56. Oh man.

  57. Man. Very gracious spot there. Big first down.

  58. The 12th man with a boneheaded move there running into White. 15 yards on the punt penalty puts ball at #LSU 25. Another great job by the D

  59. Apparently Brian Kelly thought the scoring was going to stop? How does a man that smart have NO CLUE when to go for 2

  60. That's going to count as a drop. But seriously, my man is throwing it like Craig Kimbrel out there. Take something off, big guy.

  61. VIDEO: Sideline cop made a great catch at the Florida game. Get that man a scholarship! https://t.co/SkMICUEpPG https://t.co/hgpDybDo11

  62. VIDEO: Sideline cop made a great catch at the Florida game. Get that man a scholarship! https://t.co/SkMICUEpPG https://t.co/hbiQVdT7mo

  63. VIDEO: Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic is certainly no Magic Johnson . https://t.co/essaKfVubR https://t.co/FJdEgZay2G

  64. Haas at it again, but this time from the FT line. The sophomore big man is now 5-7 from the charity stripe. #BoilerUp

  65. Thompson tripped while closing in on return man. Bumped him, caused the muff. Interference. #Gators