1. My man, Brent, is going to LOVE these new @ESPN "Cover Alerts"

  2. My man, Brent, is going to LOVE these new ESPN "Cover Alerts" #can'twaitforseason

  3. #LSU HOF Mike Chambers: late LSU athletic trainer from 1930s was man they named Mike the Tiger for. His daughter accepting on his behalf.

  4. Bears catch a break, as SMU called for illegal touching on the would-be first down catch. But, man, Matt Davis has played well.

  5. Man, that BU TD drive took an eternity. Three minutes, 16 seconds for 75-yard drive.

  6. I would pummel you at Mrs. Pac Man. https://t.co/8pe6Vv8IC3

  7. Leave nothing, take everything. Perceptions are deceptions. We've got a date with destiny; let's go pick her up. The man knew he was on TV.

  8. Canadian big man to visit Florida - http://t.co/EKqQhEiMlQ (via #sociablesite) http://t.co/EKqQhEiMlQ

  9. Man, Hard Knocks this week was great. Had a little bit of everything.

  10. Man Behind the Mask: Spencer Stanley(@spence52). Find out why you never mess with Rice's center. (hint: black belts) http://t.co/uki3Lx7AB1

  11. And of course, five-star big man Marques Bolden began his official visit to Kentucky earlier this week.

  12. How Roger Goodell became the most powerful man in American sports http://t.co/4vajdwzz3w Another fantastic story by @kentbabb.

  13. From @Purdue big man Caleb Swanigan's "Meet the Boilermakers" bio: "One word to describe my game: Sauce." He should be your favorite player.

  14. Anddddd the Tulane return man just fielded the kick with his knee down on the 1-yard line. Yep, he's down there. Just 99 yards to go

  15. Even with The Oak Man out, I still have Baylor beating SMU.

  16. Preach my man. https://t.co/wZrVOfz5n2

  17. George O'Leary may be Florida Man.

  18. GREAT young man. GREAT family. https://t.co/401cQKHOJR

  19. So awesome that Stan Wawrinka is wearing a 'Stan the Man' shirt. http://t.co/azgu12GGAW

  20. Awesome to see Warriors PR man Raymond Ridder spend nearly five straight minutes clapping https://t.co/eJ2JfqkfPV

  21. I've always thought @BullandFox put together a very entertaining show and my man @KenCarman is solid gold. Don't ever change, buddy.

  22. IU Player Profile: Juwan Morgan — The Next Man Up http://t.co/sp7YaQovJF #iubb

  23. RD is the man and Lee is an original. "Orients" finest. Long Islander to the core. https://t.co/UXE1A9zAAz