1. 5 things to know about the #LSU vs. McNeese State game @tigerdroppings, @lsufball, @mcneesesports http://t.co/G9Fw80iXrS via @nolanews

  2. VIDEO: #LSU coach Les Miles talks about #McNeese State game @tigerdroppings, @lsufball, @mcneesesports http://t.co/dgX0pSJ2SU

  3. We enjoyed a special visit to the official bank of McNeese Athletics @IBERIABANK this week! #GeauxPokes http://t.co/djcK8ya4LS

  4. Cross Country opens season on Friday with the 6k Relay http://t.co/uHHmw9lsjp

  5. Make sure to VOTE FOR ROWDY #GeauxPokes #WhatWeLiveFor #McNvsLSU https://t.co/E9BCiZctPN

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  10. No. 14 #LSU has some challenges to meet against McNeese State: Podcast http://t.co/smZbTwLcza via @nolanews

  11. Desharick Guidry signs pro contract with Dutch team @McNeeseMBB http://t.co/5yI898660z

  12. How could #LSU struggle against a tough McNeese State crew?: Poll http://t.co/Q6RcDlV83p via @nolanews

  13. #LSU vs. McNeese State: 4 downs http://t.co/yERYKhBllo

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  15. Photo: LSU, McNeese State To Remember Hurricane Katrina, Rita With Helmet Stickers http://t.co/coNzAGZswi

  16. #LSU, McNeese State to remember Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita with helmet stickers Saturday http://t.co/gM5KlDqwpv via @nolanews

  17. New homes for McNeese Football radio broadcasts http://t.co/gWp5jKxhr3

  18. PETROCHEM announces Big Daddy's Turf & Surf Cook-Off http://t.co/f7uxW3abSe

  19. We are 10 days away from the football home opener! It's not too late to purchase season tickets to see all the action. #GeauxPokes

  20. Today's the LAST day to purchase tickets for the #McNvsLSU tailgate. You can buy them at the alumni center or at: http://t.co/NnjYM76Ksv