1. Tekele Cotton starts and scores five points in first game for MHP Riesen. http://t.co/GP95AxVMmR

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  6. Wichita State's Abby Stevens wins second MVC No. 1 singles title. http://t.co/qR99A7X4VN

  7. Wichita State's Brady Johnson sets Shockers record in 8k. http://t.co/qcgslDbLcq

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  11. Bears win match 3-1 after 25-22 win in set 4. Fayad career-high 20 kills for WSU. Johnson 20 kills, 21 digs for Bears

  12. MSU wins set 3 27-25. Lead 2-1. Shockers led 24-23 and 25-24.

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  16. Indiana State beats UNI 3-2. Our winner here will be the MVC's unbeaten team.

  17. Missouri State 25-22 in set 2. Tied 1-all Lily Johnson 5 kills, 5 digs for the Bears.

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  21. Shockers' TV schedule completed with Cox22 broadcasts revealed. Check out which games http://t.co/USeEl97Oxv http://t.co/Chi3cwxYAm

  22. Pls RT - You can donate to the 1970 Football Memorial Scholarship Fund with @WSUFoundation at https://t.co/R4t7qMOOC6 http://t.co/4xkE0PdlgZ

  23. Report: Wichita St. Self-Reports Minor Violation

  24. VanVleet Dunks and There Are Witnesses

  25. ESPN Holiday Tournament Brackets Show Loaded Fields

  26. What the Shockers did this summer. http://t.co/h20ZjlipEY http://t.co/gdO81tlXKy

  27. You can donate to the 1970 Football Memorial Scholarship Fund with @WSUFoundation at https://t.co/R4t7qMOOC6 http://t.co/cKi8oxcKPt

  28. ETSU Bags Wichita State Transfer F Glass

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  30. A day of remembrance for those lost in 1970. http://t.co/ZrEnQs6nI4

  31. You remember Wichita State's Zach Brown for this play. More on the way.Practice starts today. http://t.co/NkQMAjBYn6 http://t.co/eWmrt12QNd

  32. Service errors - what's the cost for Wichita State? Shockers play Missouri State tonight at Koch Arena. http://t.co/c1XNS7w1ip

  33. Wichita St. will appear on national TV at least 16 times in 2015-16. Click to see exact games http://t.co/3CNPCbgvP7 http://t.co/W4j7dPsXvD

  34. Scott is drawing interest from UALR, A-State, Wichita State,Mississippi State & Ole Miss

  35. Rivals No. 129 prospect Jeriah Horne (6-6 forward) commits to Nebraska over finalists K-State, Wichita State, DePaul and Pepperdine

  36. K-State basketball target Jeriah Horne, from the KC area, committed to Nebraska. He also considered Wichita State, DePaul and Pepperdine.

  37. If you missed it earlier, check out Gregg Marshall's interview with ESPN's Katz & Greenberg https://t.co/ozwk1Hu4fP https://t.co/5JDM7iKk2W

  38. Three Headed Monster! Bangers in the paint. https://t.co/vplaTewFAY

  39. Winners. #AnotherOne #DJKhaledVoice https://t.co/JFtG5qqZC2

  40. Shout out to the big guy @JcoyShox25. Just noticed he was following.

  41. Wichita State basketball schedules updated with CBS Sports games, ESPN3. http://t.co/nI34IKNdBp http://t.co/4xKVfd8tcP