1. He is less than tall https://t.co/Z6q8KmRi0T

  2. Hoiberg on Ames Tribune story: "I wouldn't be in this position without Jamie Pollard. I had absolutely 0 issues with how he ran our program"

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  6. By my math, 8.9 yards per first-down play for Iowa State. Big plays of 33, 41 and 62 go a long ways there but still very good 5.1 w/o those

  7. Look at you, AP https://t.co/VVD3mlNs7d

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  11. This is stat-stuffing time for Iowa State.

  12. Montgomery doing work.

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  16. And goes Gordon Bombay on the PAT.

  17. Kansas on the board.

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  21. Demond Tucker just devoured two offensive linemen before sticking Cozart. Nasty.

  22. Mike Warren now at 15.4 YPC.

  23. Report: ISU Lands Sacramento Star Solomon Young

  24. Report: ISU Snags JUCO Standout Donovan Jackson

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  26. No jousting celebration from Thomas. Sigh.

  27. Really? I wouldn’t think Taco Bell would be an appropriate halftime meal. https://t.co/rP1iCl4QRi

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  30. Anybody got a second-half line for this game?

  31. Iowa State averaging 6.9 yards on first down. Still a solid 5.1 if you remove the 33-yard Richardson-Montgomery completion.

  32. Nick Noskowiak Not Returning to Iowa State

  33. Report: ISU's Noskowiak Facing Multiple Charges

  34. Imagine the sequence of events that would have to unfold for this Kansas team to overcome a 17-point deficit.

  35. Bold choice for Kansas to leave Allen Lazard open on third and long.

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  37. Report: Cyclones Nab 3-Star PF Simeon Carter

  38. (It backfired)

  39. Richardson could have Moon Walked into the end zone. Or any other type of forward motion, really.

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  41. Stomach Bug Forces ISU to Cancel Final Game in Spain

  42. There was the punt that kid needed from the 35.

  43. Iowa State has had a ton of success on first down today. That one-yard Ryen run hurts them here,

  44. Report: Pels Sign Dejean-Jones to Multi-Year Deal

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  46. Little known fact that unlike Madden Training Camp mode, you don’t get points for that in real life. https://t.co/4TtCymT2Dx

  47. And touchback. Gross.

  48. Kansas now punting from its opponents’ 36 yard line.

  49. That was a pretty good blitz from Kansas. Looked like the second guy snuck through untouched.