1. We also have a special surprise for @UICFlamesMBB vs. DePaul tomorrow: Red Panda will perform at halftime! https://t.co/xom2SBCfTE

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Less than 24 hours until @UICFlamesMBB tips off against DePaul! See you at the @uicPAVILION! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/3irugLYeJr

  6. Find the @UIC_Pyros on campus today to get a jersey early! Follow 'uicflames' on snapchat to see where at 12PM! https://t.co/W0fy0asn9m

  7. The @uic_pyros want YOU at the uicflamesmbb game tomorrow night! And who doesn't like a freeā€¦ https://t.co/l34qNdy29M

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  11. We have a big one this week for @UICFlamesMBB at the @UICpavilion! Don't miss out! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/TdcyUAqt58

  12. FLAMES WIN!!! https://t.co/9olMNGlnrF

  13. Perfect warm-up for the game tonight! https://t.co/H3hv5iGWbH

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  16. It's GAME DAY! Any students that missed out on a @UIC_Pyros shirt at the home opener can get one tonight! https://t.co/TAE3Hb45MB

  17. Take a break from the holidays this week to join us at the @uicPAVILION ! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/xzUaqi1J4U

  18. Almost game time! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/V3pir8me2B

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  21. Bryant McIntosh hits 2 free throws to tie his career high with 22 points. Also hit 22 vs. UIC last season. #B1GCats

  22. ICYMI: The #HLMBB championship is moving to Detroit! Join the Flames for #MotorCityMadness! https://t.co/d4o5eNDDZx https://t.co/ZJ24ahsEnr

  23. Looks like 106 day until Christmas! https://t.co/xVpXDF2kZs

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  27. Strong work by former Indiana ast. Steve McClain, signing K.J. Santos, who had high-major offers, at UIC. https://t.co/VNratPRHD9

  28. Three-star forward KJ Santos committed & signed with UIC. Chin Coleman using his Illinois ties to steal one.

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  30. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  31. Three-star forward KJ Santos committed & signed with UIC today, per a source. Chin Coleman using his Illinois ties to steal one.

  32. Congrats Steph!!! https://t.co/26BxCnx1zt

  33. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

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  35. GAMETIME!!! https://t.co/OPjlWRi44j

  36. Who is wearing RED for the @UIC_WBasketball & @UICFlamesMBB home openers & the #FlamesFridayTailgate today? https://t.co/IzhtYZOv19

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  39. Thanks for the great year men! https://t.co/emaHMgh4ig

  40. HERE WE GO!!! https://t.co/FdibVwa2sU

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  43. Let's GO FLAMES! https://t.co/jlREPObH83

  44. Let's goooooooo FLAMES! https://t.co/eMYUyBaB2Y

  45. 2016 Sunrise Christian (KS) wing KJ Santos has committed to UIC. Impressive pickup.

  46. Have you heard? The @uicpavilion is offering a great lunch deal for the @UIC_WBasketball home opener! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/NKihd5KEED

  47. We would have to agree! https://t.co/PHwKPGiniD

  48. ICYMI: Check out the recap from women's basketball's exhibition finale before the home opener this Friday at noon! https://t.co/5lHFKKov90

  49. Looks like it's time to expand the trophy case! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/YTKhUBxBzC

  50. Can't believe it has been a year already for SPARK. Go Flames! Watch more: https://t.co/OK334VdXWJ #FireUpFlames

  51. Steve McClain getting things going at UIC. https://t.co/SFK3s119EE

  52. FLAMES WIN! https://t.co/zGsECTJAXX

  53. Here we go! https://t.co/6r55xDquPs

  54. Almost game time! First look at this year's @UICFlamesMBB in 10 minutes! #FireUpFlames

  55. Is it 3PM yet?!? #FireUpFlames https://t.co/JT0hnUSefE

  56. Stay tuned....it's going to be BIG. #FireUpFlames https://t.co/Coevv4iOQF

  57. Great night! Can't wait for the season to start! #FireUpFlames https://t.co/EGQ9QwyGgj

  58. SHOWTIME! https://t.co/H7cUVTWhac

  59. So....who do you all got??? https://t.co/mEc3fzT1Dq

  60. Looking forward to the @UICFlamesMBB Student Preview?? Winning tuition is easy as 1,2,3! Five students will shoot! https://t.co/uRGvvnNnOP