1. #Clemson starters vs. Minnesota. It's the #B1GACCchallenge in Williams Arena! #GoTigers https://t.co/Mph4JgkxW9

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Starting 5 looks a lot smaller without Buggs in the lineup. Could be tough vs. Clemson's size.

  6. So the starting lineup is Mason, McBrayer, Morris, King, Konate. For Clemson: Holmes, Roper, Grantham, Blossomgame, Nnoko.

  7. Staring lineup for the #Gophers tonight: Mason, Morris, McBrayer, King and Donate.

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  10. McBrayer is 6-foot-4 and 175 pounds. Morris is 6-5 and 185. He's on the wing. Averages 5.5 rpg but he can't guard bigger forwards.

  11. Pitino kept saying before the season he didn't want to go small. But this starting lineup is with Mason, Morris, McBrayer, King and Konate.

  12. Dupree McBrayer getting the start tonight over Charles Buggs. Buggs is out there warming up tho.

  13. #Gophers starters are in for the #B1GACC Challenge against Clemson. https://t.co/uLIX6lALzk

  14. Tonight's quick facts as the Tigers & Golden Gophers face off for the first time since 2006-07: https://t.co/pQi2uchL4i

  15. I would've started Jordan Murphy myself to give the starting group more size. Clemson is big as I talked about in pregame blog.

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  19. I like this, too. https://t.co/lLU0yI8rLo

  20. Looks like freshman Dupree McBrayer is starting tonight in place of Charles Buggs. Interesting. #Gophers #accb1gchallenge

  21. Willett, Whistle Pig, Sazerac. https://t.co/9pNZUAdtUx

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  25. Cool with it as long as it stops at the end of January. That's gonna happy, right? https://t.co/r9IW6wnorZ

  26. #Gophers basketball: Pitino needs frontcourt to come up big vs. Clemson - https://t.co/H1Tx9gq3VR via @PioneerPress

  27. Scotch and bourbon are whiskey. But I prefer American rye, actually. https://t.co/eGp3jfG4Kd

  28. I think anyone who has tried bone marrow doesn't understand this zing. It's meat butter, man. Delicious. https://t.co/fqaq3htZLO

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  31. Next game, we're switching this segment to #AskAmelia (questions) or #AxAmelia (zings).

  32. Better chances. https://t.co/pYzfpGWVoI

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  35. No. I have been to Mackey Arena in West Lafayette. https://t.co/fdmZReOhMi

  36. Yeah, this place. https://t.co/49ibXFvTe0 https://t.co/UfQbOxnD5b

  37. Minnesota Associate AD Resigns Amid Investigation

  38. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  39. God I hope so. My faith is dwindling. https://t.co/SnGObvS0Du

  40. Very, very low. https://t.co/OrgqaCPT80

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  43. I'm fine, thanks. How are you? https://t.co/0QYkyZXetD

  44. Zing? https://t.co/LFVarsThit

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  47. Really stiff ones. Like quick-in, single-pat, get-off-me kind of thing. https://t.co/9ARG6Flxr1

  48. Hold up, I'll run it over there to ya real quick tonight. https://t.co/82bqOAoHjC

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  51. Love it. Some quality restaurants there. https://t.co/8UGpVgFoyv

  52. Probably. Not very inspiring though, is it? https://t.co/knfMNImRx8

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  55. Who gives a f*** https://t.co/uUO0sZ9LFz

  56. Don't care bout West Lafayette. I stay in Indy. Indy's underrated. https://t.co/m1zXkKehpS

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  59. Let's switch. I've got an 8 p.m-er over here. https://t.co/AF4Mjj73KI

  60. Gophers pregame: Trying to contain Clemson's Blossomgame https://t.co/RITthFHcMD

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  63. My pregame consists of sitting in one place and writing and reading a lot. https://t.co/lZb6y8XTO6

  64. Yep. Not this year, obviously. https://t.co/mlmiU10ALM

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  66. Gophers Land Homegrown 4-Star SG Amir Coffey

  67. Some taxes are kinda high there, but I would move there for the cheap real estate / weather. https://t.co/7EjavikW7y

  68. Oyster & chorizo stuffing plus bird and gravy. https://t.co/ereUYuZoR5

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  71. It's a person. https://t.co/f66u8XzZlK

  72. Mmmmm... Glenlivit 12 https://t.co/WKqHMgHcCQ