1. Chilling out before my Mineola-White Oak game tomorrow. Like, really, I should have brought a jacket. http://t.co/RhCMoWedNt

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  6. I love TV, but I don't understand why people go out in public to ostensibly do nothing but watch shows (and movies). #savethebandwidth

  7. Attorney: #AuburnHills Home Depot shooter could face tough legal defense if charged. http://t.co/diEjQ3TxDd http://t.co/mcB38CQS2f

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  11. Remember "swine flu"? MT @publichealthOC: #TBT to 2009 when we opened multiple clinics to help w/the H1N1 pandemic. http://t.co/abBYrq0hyi

  12. Also just learned @oaklandroads vehicles are "Omaha Orange." Also, dept. building in Beverly Hills cost $500k in 1975.

  13. Intriguing agenda item about a possible MDOT project along Baldwin Road between Gregory and Waldon roads in Orion Twp.

  14. Starting @oaklandroads commission meeting in Beverly Hills, adjacent to ongoing Lahser Road project, about which a resident voiced concern.

  15. Waterford Twp. will not follow Southfield's lead, not purchasing vacant #SummitPlaceMall. http://t.co/iGaXwDPz4L http://t.co/5xswowHFpq

  16. Summit Place Mall manager to meet with Waterford Twp., prospective buyer. http://t.co/hoxAX31SPn

  17. The item about a potential bond issue to build the animal control facility was deferred to the BoC's finance committee, which meets next wk.

  18. After a slow start, the meeting took on a brisk pace and was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

  19. That would be a $15 million, 30,500-square-foot building to be located in Pontiac within the #OaklandCounty complex. http://t.co/t3SbfmYZ7Q

  20. Prevu: Commissioners to honor Farmington Hills employee, discuss new animal control facility. http://t.co/oyz7n2aiTF http://t.co/Yl8Tg5K5Xb

  21. Covering my first #OaklandCounty Board of Commissioners meeting. Biggest agenda item tonight is discussion about new Animal Control facility

  22. VIDEO: Surveillance footage of #AuburnHills Home Depot shoplifting suspect. http://t.co/oUhgbgX2K9

  23. VIDEO: @MDOT_MetroDet closed a portion of I-75 Monday for emergency light pole replacement. http://t.co/bXRxUoiRWf http://t.co/rJhT4IXmRc

  24. VIDEO: @MDOT_MetroDet closed a portion of I-75 Monday for emergency light pole replacement. http://t.co/bXRxUoiRWf http://t.co/rMgHdSJaul

  25. VIDEO: @MDOT_MetroDet closes I-75 for emergency light pole replacement. http://t.co/bXRxUoiRWf http://t.co/rMgHdSJaul

  26. Rush hour traffic alert in the Clarkston area: http://t.co/qV94sy9ghO

  27. VIDEO: MDOT crews replace deteriorated utility pole over I-75. (c/o MDOT) http://t.co/8icWJ4cZYh

  28. #Clarkston woman could be charged in shooting outside #AuburnHills Home Depot. http://t.co/LGx5CKY2cj @AHPOLICE http://t.co/B38uBYlDv2

  29. Not complaining, just trying to understand why FOX2 would simulcast the #RedWings’ opener Friday? Am I missing something? @Bill_Shea19

  30. Gun owner shoots at shoplifters' SUV at Home Depot in @AuburnHillsMI, @AHPOLICE investigate. http://t.co/aUVE2a4WBg http://t.co/Tloz8WcTyt