1. Updated story w/charges to be posted soon. Background on #AuburnHills Home Depot shooter here http://t.co/oa25X9fdzK http://t.co/4QR2y3GKzp

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  6. "and shoot at the tires of a passing car. The bullet could have easily ricocheted or fragmented and injured or killed someone else. ..."

  7. Cooper end: "It would have been much more helpful for her to take out her cellphone and shoot pictures of the shoplifter’s license plate.”

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  11. #AuburnHills Police Chief Doreen Olko: “We are grateful that nothing more serious happened as a result of (her) decision ..."

  12. "We do not encourage bystanders to insert themselves into incidents because of the potential for deadly consequences.”

  13. Woman charged w/reckless use, handling or discharge of a firearm in #AuburnHills Home Depot shooting. Background: http://t.co/oa25X9fdzK

  14. Prosecutor Jessica Cooper: “If this is proven, I find it very disturbing that someone would take out their gun in a busy parking lot ..."

  15. Pontiac teen found with toy gun arrested in connection to Waterford Township armed robbery. http://t.co/krC1gzf2aT http://t.co/y7dWRijrmT

  16. Oakland County officials to celebrate $3 billion investment in high-tech fields. http://t.co/Zc1kBfEV4r http://t.co/3m8LkeEaCr

  17. #RochesterHills men arrested for alleged scrap metal theft. http://t.co/tIS9WyKNcU http://t.co/45oh1rvNTB

  18. For my western #OaklandCounty followers: Motorists urged to avoid Milford Road this week. http://t.co/UGV4kXEa7p http://t.co/nSVi9RGMIg

  19. Who am I kidding? Those games are still going to get great ratings. #Lions

  20. Zero #NFL blackouts a year ago means you can watch every last #Lions home loss this season. http://t.co/8oRcHPckSc

  21. Sure, there was an economic recession the last time #Lions games were blacked out, but this team is coming apart at the seams.

  22. How many #Lions games are going to be blacked out this season? Thanksgiving even? How about that Thursday night game?

  23. Skal draining mid-range Js on the move. His outside game vs. Oak Hill last season was unreal.

  24. Always felt bad Dan Orlovsky became the face of the 0-16 #Lions after that safety.

  25. Fox literally has a captive #Lions audience in Detroit, as the local CBS affiliate has apparently decided not to carry either AFC matchup.

  26. At what point will Fox redirect viewers from the #Lions debacle?

  27. Good thing the #NFL gave #Lions fans an extra three hours of sanity.

  28. Actually, I've probably gotten more emails about this saga than anything else. http://t.co/WxMgImBZsL

  29. Aforementioned flu story here: http://t.co/blzJHXQ5gp

  30. I write about a lot of topics, but apparently nothing as controversial as flu vaccines.