College Basketball Recruiting: B/R's Ranking of the Top 2013 Recruits

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 19, 2012

College Basketball Recruiting: B/R's Ranking of the Top 2013 Recruits

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    The college basketball recruiting Class of 2013 is one of the best we've seen in years, and it will be a game-changer for college basketball coaches.

    The Top 100 recruits in the class will have a huge impact during the 2013-14 season and beyond. These kids are about to enter their senior year in high school, but coaches are already trying to snag a few players to build their programs' futures.

    This class is absolutely stacked, and these are the top 100 players in the Class of 2013.

No. 100-81

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    81. PF Jarquez Smith, Undecided

    82. PG Stevie Clark, Undecided

    83. SF Josh Hart, Undecided

    84. SG Markel Crawford, Undecided

    85. SF V.J. Beachem, Notre Dame

    86. SG E.C. Matthews, Undecided

    87. PG Terrence Samuel, Undecided

    88. PF Akoy Agau, Undecided

    89. SF Reggie Cameron, Undecided

    90. PG Jaylen Brantley, Undecided

    91. SF Brian Bridgewater, Undecided

    92. SF Davon Reed, Undecided

    93. SF Devin Davis, Indiana

    94. SF Greg McClinton, Wake Forest

    95. SG Jordan Matthews, Undecided

    96. SG Donte Clark, Undecided

    97. SF Derek Willis, Kentucky

    98. C Brandon Watkins, West Virginia

    99. SG Tim Quarterman, Undecided

    100. PF Mark Donnal, Michigan

No. 80-61

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    61. C Derrick Griffin, Texas A&M

    62. SF Malik Price-Martin, Undecided

    63. SF Kris Jenkins, Undecided

    64. SG Jaron Hopkins, Undecided

    65. PG Bronson Koenig, Wisconsin

    66. C Zena Edosomwan, Harvard

    67. SF Zakarie Irvin, Michigan

    68. SG Detrick Mostella, Undecided

    69. SF Roschon Prince, Undecided

    70. SG Kendrick Nunn, Undecided

    71. SF Austin Colbert, Undecided

    72. SG Tyree Robinson, Undecided

    73. PG Nick Emery, BYU

    74. PF Devin Williams, Undecided

    75. SF Jordan Bell, Undecided

    76. C Moses Kingsley, Undecided

    77. PG Monte Morris, Iowa State

    78. PG Kameron Williams, Undecided

    79. SG Kendal Harris, Undecided

    80. PF Shannon Hale, Alabama

No. 60-41

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    41. PG Conner Frankamp, Kansas

    42. PF Christian Wood, UNLV

    43. PG Anthony Barber, Undecided

    44. PG Zach LaVine, UCLA

    45. SF Troy Williams, Undecided

    46. SF Marc Loving, Ohio State

    47. C Jimmie Taylor, Alabama

    48. SG JaJuan Johnson, Undecided

    49. PG Nigel Williams-Goss, Washington

    50. PG Aquille Carr, Seton Hall

    51. SF Jordan Mickey, Undecided

    52. PG Duane Wilson, Marquette

    53. PF Tyler Roberson, Undecided

    54. SG Malcolm Hill, Illinois

    55. SF Deonte Burton, Marquette

    56. SG Kendall Stephens, Purdue

    57. PG Derrick Walton, Michigan

    58. SG Devon Hall, Virginia

    59. PG Bryson Scott, Purdue

    60. SG Stanford Robinson, Indiana

No. 40-26

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    26. PG Nate Britt, North Carolina

    27. PF Jermaine Lawrence, Undecided

    28. SG Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Undecided

    29. SG Sindarius Thornwell, Undecided

    30. PF Marcus Lee, Undecided

    31. SF Kuran Iverson, Undecided

    32. C Dominic Woodson, Undecided

    33. C Karviar Shepard, Undecided

    34. PF Austin Nichols, Undecided

    35. PG Demetrius Jackson, Undecided

    36. SF Semi Ojeleye, Undecided

    37. SG Brannen Greene, Kansas

    38. SG Anton Gill, Louisville

    39. SG Allerik Freeman, Undecided

25. Rondae Jefferson, Undecided

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    Rondae Jefferson has the makings of a star. He is a versatile wing who can either score himself or create for others, and he is very smooth.

    On offense, this kid uses his length and athleticism to penetrate. Once inside, he can use a variety of moves to either score around or over defenders, or kick it out to a teammate. He is an unselfish player who just wants to win.

    While he lacks a good perimeter shot, he is working hard to improve, and if he can add that to his game, he will be tough to beat.

24. Tyler Ennis, Undecided

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    Another elite guard from New Jersey, Tyler Ennis hails from St. Benedict's Prep. This point guard is among the best in the country, and has a bright future ahead of him.

    At just 6'2", Ennis is not a big guy who can rely on his size, but he is quick enough to beat just about anyone who is foolish enough to get in his way.

    You can bet that he'll be on SportsCenter one day for literally breaking someone's ankles.

    A good leader and an even better point guard, Ennis has the potential to be a star in college.

23. Kennedy Meeks, Undecided

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    Kennedy Meeks is a big dude. While some big men are only called such because they play power forward, Meeks is huge.

    As a junior in high school, he was only 6'9", but he was a ridiculous 275 pounds. He uses his body and strength to carve out space on the low post, where he is tough to stop once he gets the ball.

    While being so big can be a drawback sometimes, Meeks will watch his weight and conditioning and make sure that he can stay elite.

22. Ishmail Wainright, Undecided

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    Ishmail Wainright is a true wing player. He is the exact cross between a shooting guard and a power forward, and his athleticism allows him to excel at the position.

    Wainright has great court vision, and the ability to play in the paint. He's quick like a guard, and can rebound well. He is the perfect hybrid wing, and he has all the attributes of one.

    While he could use some work on his jumper so that he can become a threat behind the arc, right now he looks like he has a lot of potential.

21. Wayne Selden, Undecided

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    Wayne Selden is listed as a shooting guard, but he has the body of a wing. He loves to slash through the lane, and he is tough to stop from getting to the basket.

    Selden comes from the Tilton School, which is where No. 1 overall recruit in the Class of 2012, Nerlens Noel, comes from. Perhaps all those practices against Noel have helped him, because he isn't afraid to take on any shot-blockers.

    Selden is a man among boys at this point, and he just needs to fine-tune his game before he goes to college.

20. Matt Jones, Duke

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    Matt Jones is a shooting guard who will be a Duke Blue Devil during the 2013-14 season.

    Jones has a great catch-and-shoot game which is similar to that of J.J. Redick's. While I'm not saying that he'll become one of the best three point shooters in college basketball history (he won't), he will bring that element to the team.

    While he will need to improve his defense at Duke, he still has time to work on his play on that end of the floor.

19. Rysheed Jordan, Undecided

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    Anytime a basketball player's last name is Jordan they already have certain comparisons that are naturally drawn.

    While Rysheed Jordan is no MJ, he's an incredibly gifted point guard. He can get out in the open court where he simply cannot be stopped, and his high-energy game can be very helpful in the right system.

    However, Jordan still needs to prove that he can play in the half-court set. If he matures to the point where he can slow down and be as good as he is in transition, then he could be a star in a few years.

18. Johnathan Williams III, Undecided

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    A 6'8" combo forward from Tennessee, Johnathan Williams III is a hot recruit right now, and his stock is constantly rising.

    JW3 can play well with his back to the basket, but he can also face up. The reason why he is a combo forward instead of a big wing is because he lacks a good jumper, but he is working to improve it.

    While he is best when isolated in one-on-one coverage, he has worked to improve his all-around game, and the results continue to impress coaches.

17. Nick King, Undecided

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    Nick King is another wing, and he lives on his inside-outside combo.

    He can get to the rim or he can stroke it from behind the arc. While he might not have an elite mid-range game, he doesn't need it because of his combo of attacks.

    While his strength and toughness at the position used to be a question, he's answered them by proving that he can be a star in college and beyond.

16. BeeJay Anya, Undecided

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    BeeJay Anya is a lot like Kennedy Meeks. Both guys are 6'9" and 275 pounds, but the difference is that Anya is slightly more effective.

    Unlike Meeks, Anya is rarely caught out of the paint. He knows that he can play much better inside than he can on the outside, and he plays to his strengths.

    He's learned how to move well despite his size, and now that his conditioning isn't much of a concern, he looks like he could be a big-time player in college.

15. Jarrell Martin, Undecided

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    Jarrell Martin is a lengthy player who was a power forward in high school, but will be playing small forward in college.

    He stands at a good 6'7", and has a good enough jump shot to play on the perimeter. While he is solid on both ends of the floor, there are some clear areas where he needs to solidify his game.

    He didn't play his first two years in high school which makes him a tough prospect to judge, but after an impressive junior season, it looks like he has major upside if he continues to develop.

14. Bobby Portis, Arkansas

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    Bobby Portis is an elite power forward who will be able to take his game to the next level, thanks to his 6'9" stature.

    He can play well inside because of his frame, and has a good game with his back to the basket. However, he also has a good jumper with decent range.

    However, his good jumper can be a fault at times. He relies on it and settles from the 18-foot shot at times instead of driving through the lane. That's just about the only fault in his game, and it is easily correctable.

13. Jabari Bird, Undecided

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    At 6'6", Jabari Bird has great height and length for a shooting guard. He has good range out to about 25 feet, and also has the length to drive through the lane and finish around defenders.

    With his length and athleticism, Bird could play wing, but his excellent ball-handling skills and range, he classifies as a shooting guard.

    The only thing that Bird really needs to work on is allowing the game to come to him instead of trying to force the action. If he can learn to do that, then he can become a great player.

12. Isaac Hamilton, Undecided

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    There may not be a better pure scorer in the Class of 2013 than Isaac Hamilton. He has a good game inside and a streaky jumper.

    When Hamilton attacks his opponents, he breaks down exactly what to do to score. Whether that means taking over or trying to move without the ball.

    While he needs to get some more arc and solidify his jumper to make it more consistent, right now it is good enough to keep him as an elite scorer.

11. Robert Hubbs, Undecided

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    Robert Hubbs is a very athletic 6'5" shooting guard. While he isn't big right now at 185 pounds, he has the frame to add a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

    Right now he is more of an acrobatic dunker than a pure scorer, but he has a good jump shot and is an all-around player.

    If he can improve his strength and get used to being an elite scoring guard, he will become an incredible player.

10. Keith Frazier, Undecided

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    Keith Frazier is yet another 6'5" shooting guard. It seems like this class is almost exclusively made up of small players instead of big men, and Frazier continues that trend.

    With an incredible jump shot with a nice release, and the ability to drive through the lane and finish above the rim, this kid will be a star in college.

    With all the physical needs and intangibles to be a stud, this kid will go far.

9. Isaiah Hicks, North Carolina

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    Isaiah Hicks is exactly the type of big man that Roy Williams loves to coach at North Carolina.

    A long power forward at 6'8" and still growing, he could easily become the next John Henson with the Tar Heels.

    A strong dunker and good shot-blocker, he will soon be able to own the paint in Chapel Hill.

8. James Young, Undecided

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    Our second-to-last 6'5" shooting guard, James Young is one of the few great southpaws in this class.

    Young knows how to attack a defense. He is relentless in his approach to finding a weakness, and he usually succeeds.

    While he will need to become more consistent to be an elite player, he has a lot of potential right now.

7. Chris Walker, Undecided

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    Chris Walker is a 6'10" combo forward. He is tall enough to be a power forward, and lanky and athletic enough to be a wing.

    Walker gets up and down the court quickly, which allows him to score a good amount of points in transition.

    While he needs to add strength to improve his game inside, or add a nice jumper to become a Kevin Durant-type player, he has all the tools to become great.

6. Kasey Hill, Florida

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    Kasey Hill is an elite point guard. In just about any other recruiting class he would easily crack the top five, but the Class of 2013 is so stacked that he has to settle for No. 6.

    He is a true point guard who thrives in the paint. He loves to slash to the rim and either score if left open or kick it out to a teammate.

    This kid is like a slightly smaller, quicker version of Kendall Marshall, and he should be one of the top point guards in the country from Day 1.

5. Aaron Gordon, Undecided

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    An athletic 6'7" combo forward, Aaron Gordon is an elite prospect. He has the ability to carve up a defense because of his ability to play inside or out.

    On offense, he has the skills of a point-forward in the fact that he could play behind the arc or in the paint. He excels at getting inside, where he does most of his damage by putting forth great effort.

    On defense his motor keeps him running, and he has the natural skills to shut down just about any opponent.

4. Aaron Harrison, Undecided

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    Aaron Harrison is a 6'5" shooting guard who will be playing along with his twin, Andrew. The two will form an elite backcourt, and will immediately make their team a Top 25 team or a national contender.

    Aaron has a great body for a shooting guard, and the skill to be one as well. He can drive through the lane where he can finish or pass out to a teammate, but he can also stroke it from well behind the arc.

    He is one of the players who is guaranteed to be a star, and so is his brother.

3. Andrew Harrison, Undecided

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    Andrew Harrison is the twin brother of Aaron, and he is considered slightly better than his brother. The point guard, he too is 6'5".

    With great size for his position, he may see some time at shooting guard as well, since the two have such similar styles of play.

    Andrew can also drive and either kick or finish, not to mention launch shots from about 30 feet out.

    Because these two are both such great players, they could easily be the best package deal in the history of college basketball, but only time will tell.

2. Julius Randle, Undecided

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    Julius Randle is the best big man in the Class of 2013. As a power forward, he can play extremely well inside.

    Not only can Randle play with his back to the basket, but he loves to face up as well. He can attack from all angles and find weaknesses before exploiting them.

    With a great motor and a game that is filled with intensity, this kid could be a star.

1. Jabari Parker, Undecided

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    There's a reason why Jabari Parker was on the cover of SI a few month ago, despite being a junior in high school.

    Parker has incredible size for a wing at 6'8" and 220 pounds, and he is still growing. By the time he's done, he could easily reach the general height of LeBron James, not to mention near his weight by the time he enters the NBA.

    With a great all-around game, it's next to impossible to find flaws with this kid, and he is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the players in the class.

    Parker can do it all, and whether he is needed on the perimeter or inside, he will certainly be a huge boost to whichever school he chooses.