College Basketball: Power Ranking the 15 Most Arrogant Fanbases in the Country

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IISeptember 14, 2011

College Basketball: Power Ranking the 15 Most Arrogant Fanbases in the Country

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    The definition of arrogant is having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.

    When tackling a topic of what it means for a college basketball school's fan base to be arrogant, one must take various factors into consideration.

    For instance, where is the school located? Is it in a hotbed for basketball talent, and does that region thrive on the school's success in basketball?

    Another is championship pedigree—do these fans have a certain feeling of self-righteousness because they've tasted the liquors of victory before. 

    One final one that I particularly look at, is what kind of personalities does the school's program promote?Is the coach obnoxious and egocentric? Do the players play like thugs and boast and taunt lesser opponents? Both factors can go into how the fans feed off their team, therefore, making them worthy criteria for consideration.

    I understand that cracking this list may anger more than a few people out there, so read on, and if you did crack the top 15, feel free to leave a comment.

Honorable Mention

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    These five teams have passionate and loyal fanbases, but they just don't strike me as arrogant.

    They exude a confidence, but not necessarily cockiness.

    Either way, if this was a top 20 they'd make it, but for now, they're just on the cusp of making this list.


    Texas Longhorns

    Tennessee Volunteers

    Michigan Wolverines

    Michigan State Spartans

    St. John's Red Storm

No. 15: Georgetown Hoyas

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    The first team to slide into the top 15 is the Georgetown Hoyas, and for good reason.

    They're five-time Final Four participants, including one national championship. Year in and year out, the Hoyas are legitimate contenders in the Big East, which is much to the liking of their loyal fanbase.

    Their coach, John Thompson III, comes from a very prestigious lineage that rings throughout Georgetown's campus. He brings a swagger that instills confidence in his players and fans. 

    As I mentioned, they're a Big East team, and in college basketball today, the Big East reigns supreme. Not to mention, have you ever seen the Hoyas play at home on national TV, especially in a rivalry game?  Those fans can get nasty and loud.

No. 14: Washington Huskies

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    If the Washington Huskies, and Pac-12 basketball in general, received a little bit more attention from national audiences, then the Huskies faithful might have a higher spot on this list.

    However, 14 is still a very accurate placement considering the recent success the Huskies have had in tournaments. Also, with the recent slump in the quality of the Pac-12, the Huskies feel they can win it every year, almost as if they've become the class of the conference.

    Is it warranted? Maybe.

    I know one thing, they're placement on here is certainly warranted for 'Dawg Nation'.

No. 13: Louisville Cardinals

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    Louisville fans are crazy. Every time I tune in and see them on ESPN, the place is rocking no matter who they're playing.

    Crazy can mean arrogant, though.

    Those fans always think they're capable of winning the conference or the tournament, and then when they don't, the excuses start rolling in. I know this because I have a good friend who's an avid Cardinal hoops fan.

    Personally, I think a lot of it is due to having a coach with an ego the size of the state itself, or it could just be because they play in the Big East.

    I remember during the courtship of Sebastian Telfair, I never heard the end of it when he committed to Louisville. It was ANNOYING!

No 12: Indiana Hoosiers

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    I can think of one distinct reason for why Indiana fans love to brag and boast about their basketball team.

    Eric Gordon.

    When Eric Gordon was being recruited, he was one of the top five most coveted recruits in the country. Originally, he was slated to go to Illinois, Indiana's border rival. Gordon eventually decommitted from Illinois for Indiana, and Indiana fans have been rubbing it in ever since.

    Aside from not being able to let go of Gordon's recruitment, Indiana has a reputation for success, and it's basically the only successful sport at the school.

    Fans are passionate, and nasty, and they're a perfect fit for some of the most arrogant fans in the country.

No. 11: Arizona Wildcats

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    The Arizona Wildcats are known for a nice track record of success, making every NCAA tournament but one since 1984.

    Arizona fans know how good their team is and they aren't afraid to let you know either. And even if the Wildcats aren't that good, the fans still let you know.

    There's a certain swagger in Tucson, and sometimes it can get a little annoying. I think it's safe to say that the Wildcat fans exude a confidence laced with a touch of arrogance.

No. 10: UCLA Bruins

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    This one was easy.

    Who wouldn't be cocky if you had UCLA's credentials.

    I mean, 11 national championships (seven of which were consecutive), four undefeated seasons, the greatest coach to ever grace the game and the laundry list of NBA talent that's played there is enough make people stop and recognize.

    If that wasn't enough, they play in LA, where basketball is the thing.

    Pauley Pavilion is one the most electric gyms in the country and the credit goes to the passionate fans of UCLA.

No. 9: Syracuse Orange

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    Syracuse fans absolutely love their basketball. Partially because it's the only sport they can really rally around at that school.

    I believe that much of Syracuse's arrogance is related to their coach, Jim Boeheim. Now don't get me wrong, Boeheim himself isn't an arrogant personality, but he's one of those guys who you can rally behind and say "my coach is better than yours."

    Syracuse is and always has been a very successful program, fueled by their fans, making them a fine selection for this list.

No. 8: Connecticut Huskies

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    Is there really a question here?

    There is no fanbase that's riding a bigger high than Connecticut right now.

No. 7: Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Ohio State fans annoy me in all sports, but especially in basketball. Every year is "the year" in Columbus.

    If you've ever watched the Buckeyes play, the fans are as much a part of the game as the players. They're loud, they're nasty, and they have obnoxious chants.

    It's worse because they're good.

    Although, I would have loved to hear the array of excuses from Bucks fans after their early exit from the 2011 tournament.

No. 6: Villanova Wildcats

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    Villanova fans are obnoxious. And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the home to some of the nastiest fans in the entire country.

    Couple those two together, and you have one of the most arrogant fanbases in the country.

    Even if the 'Cats are underachieving, or if they aren't even good that year, their fans love nothing more than the smell of their own scent.

    It's even worse when they're successful. It's like they're the only team in the Big East.

No. 5: Florida Gators

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    The top 5 is a group of no-brainers, and the first team to crack it, is the Florida Gators.

    It's easy to be arrogant when you win back-to-back national championships like the Gators did back in 2006 and 2007.

    Florida is a school that loves its sports, and, in regard to their basketball team, they're a fanbase that loves to let you know just how good they are.

No. 4: North Carolina Tar Heels

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    Of the four, major historical programs, North Carolina probably has the most humble fans. In comparison to other schools, these fans probably tick a lot of people off.

    As a Carolina fan myself, I can explain this from my perspective.

    When the Tar Heels are good, I like to talk. When the Tar Heels play Duke, I like to shout. When the Tar Heels beat Duke, I don't shut up.

    I almost think it's natural for fans of big-name, big-success schools to be arrogant. I mean, they are that good.

No. 3: Kansas Jayhawks

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    As a student at the University of Missouri, I absolutely, wholeheartedly despise anything having to do with Kansas. Especially their basketball team and their fans.

    The fans are just annoying. I mean, I get it, the program is just flowing with tradition and excellence, but I don't need to hear it every single time the team suits up.

    This may be a tad cynical, but nothing makes me happier than seeing Jayhawks fans faces after a devastating lost. Never mind, that's not mean at all.

No. 2: Duke Blue Devils

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    Like I mentioned, I am a North Carolina basketball fan. So naturally, I cannot stand the Cameron Crazies.

    It's the same as with the Tar Heels. When they're good (which they usually are), they're loud.

    Personally, though, I feel like Duke fans are just cocky. Like the obnoxious kind of cocky, rather than the North Carolina fan kind of cocky (OK, that's just a joke).

    I will say one thing, I'm pretty sure it's not just Carolina fans who have issues with Duke fans. Anyone who's ever played in Cameron Indoor doesn't like those fans.

No. 1: Kentucky Wildcats

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    I mean just read that sign. Calipari is the Pope? And he answers to an 18-year-old freshman?

    This is what I was referring to when I said that coaches and players success, or how big the name is, can effect how fans react to games and situations.

    You simply can't win arguments with fans when all they do is throw the usual "I have this guy on my team, so I'm obviously better than you" line.

    Don't get me wrong, that's not the only reason that Kentucky fans are arrogant. They're a great program that has experienced success over a long history. It's clearly justified. It's just annoying, too.

    This was an easy choice for the top spot in my opinion.