Fall of the Aztecs?: 5 Questions About the San Diego State Basketball Team

Garrett JamesContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

Fall of the Aztecs?: 5 Questions About the San Diego State Basketball Team

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    SDSU has been a big surprise to many this year. The Aztecs are currently ranked No. 6 in the country but have their hardest stretch coming up with games vs. BYU, New Mexico and UNLV.

    It raises some concerns because SDSU has struggled against teams such as Cal Poly and Cal (in the first half). When you're playing teams such as BYU, you can struggle and never recover.

No. 5: Can They Overcome Injuries to Key Players?

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    Against Cal Poly, SDSU was without Kawhi Leonard and Chase Tapley and barely won by six. SDSU has some good bench players, but when you're playing Cal Poly, you expect a good win from the No. 7 team in the country (at the time).

    Before the next game, they got their starters back, but this game showed big struggles. Can they overcome injuries and stay one of the top teams in the country?

No. 4: Can SDSU Survive Conference Play?

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    We saw SDSU beat TCU in its first conference game, but it has BYU, UNLV and New Mexico all on the schedule. Two out of those three were ranked in the AP Top 25, and New Mexico has always been a strong team. Can the Aztecs prove they deserve their rank?

No. 3: Can They Start Quicker?

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    SDSU has been a slow-starting team, just like other teams in San Diego sports (Chargers, Padres), but SDSU starts slow and suddenly starts scoring.

    SDSU needs to start fast and end it the way it started—with a big margin between you and the other team. SDSU needs to play both halves, or its perfect streak will be in jeopardy.

No. 2: Will They Sweep Their Conference?

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    SDSU has been a very good team this year, but like I said, their conference has contenders. SDSU needs to prove once again it can play with the big guys. If the Aztecs can prove even a little glimpse, they should be a dangerous team heading into the tournament.

No. 1: Can They Make a Final Four or NCAA Final?

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    SDSU has proven it has the potential to go deep in the tournament. But can they take down teams like Louisville and Xavier and also a couple of others? If they win out, they should be a dangerous team and may also get a top five rank if one of the top five loses.