Texas A&M Coach Gary Blair Busts out Awful Moonwalk After Half-Court Shot

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We have to hand it to Texas A&M women's head coach Gary Blair who managed to hit a great shot from half court, only to make things uncomfortable with some flippity-floppity dance thingy. 

That may not be the technical term for this dance, but it has to be close. 

A tip of the hat to Bob's Blitz who happened across this video that is equal parts great basketball shot and horrible dance move. 

In the end, it doesn't matter, because the entire team seems to be amazed at every last second of this moment in Aggie history. 

Judging by the scant information from the YouTube description and a KBTX report, this all went down at the end of practice on Wednesday. 

As for what Blair was doing after he sank the shot, we may never know. 

I certainly welcome all of your suggestions for what this little dance might be called. He begins with a moonwalk which seems to be going well. 

It's going so well, in fact, that Blair decides to sort of freestyle for a moment. And that's when there is a 15-car pileup in dance form. 

He then goes into the chicken dance and some form of movement reserved for the short-armed athletics of Shawn Marion. 

Either way, we are going to treasure this precious moment for eternity, or until the end of the week. 

Hit me up on Twitter for more sweet moves. 

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