Gonzaga Fan Shoots Epic Fail from Half Court

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 3, 2012

One Gonzaga fan managed to steal the show Saturday when he launched a half-court shot all of a few feet, all for our amusement. 

Granted, I hardly think this failure of a long ball was for our benefit, but I am at a loss as to what would cause a grown man with grown-man arms to throw a ball like this. 

The video is apparently taken from the halftime show of the recent Pacific vs. Gonzaga game at McCarthey Athletic Center in Spokane. 

It looks like the man about to launch a half-court shot is wearing a Gonzaga shirt and it also looks like he just chucked up the worst shot we have ever seen. 

The YouTube description helps us with the otherwise scant details of this marvelous moment. 

Heavy non-athletic dude shoots a halfcourt shot less than halfway and the ball travels no higher than his head. Love the guy's reaction. He's disappointed as if he had a chance!

As you can see, nothing we didn't already know. 

Gonzaga would go on to beat Pacific for their eighth win of the season and are now No. 10 in the nation. Not that any of that matters. 

How can a grown man fail so miserably?

This had to be a joke, prank or wager the man had with buddies. How much to throw the ball all of five feet?

Seeing as how he would have missed the shot anyway, raking in a 10 spot for a horrible throw may have seemed like a good idea. 

Whether he was fooling around or actually this bad at physical activity, this shot goes down as the worst we have ever seen. 



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