Big Blue Madness Time-Lapse Video Features Kentucky Wildcats' Craziness

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2012

Apparently, standing in lines and queuing up is quite popular in America these day. The latest is a Kentucky Wildcats' time-lapse video that also features some Easter egg entertainment. 

Deadspin spotted this fine video of Kentucky fans pitching tents and waiting the hours and hours until they are allowed to buy tickets for the Big Blue Madness. 

Sort of like the folks lining up to buy an iPhone 5, but only if that allowed you to buy a practice version of the popular device. 

Please note the hapless tent pitcher in the lower middle of the screen. That yellow tent fails to go up as those around are erected in time-lapse seconds. 

We really expected him to experience a beautiful mental breakdown and tear the tent to pieces right over the "No Camping" words on the lawn. 

Instead, the man must have stumbled upon the right way to get this assembled, because this picture shows the tent fully erected, as reported by Deadspin. #victory. 

This isn't the only madness coming from Camp Kentucky this week. 

As we reported earlier, there is this video of Blue Nation Clown going to great lengths to creep out the general American population. 

What the hell is going on over there, Kentucky? You have weird clowns doing videos and super fans who think it's perfectly sane to camp for three days just to get tickets to a practice event. 

Only in the SEC. 

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