Blue Nation Clown Is Scariest and Most Awkward Kentucky Wildcat Super Fan Ever

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2012

I regret to inform you that the SEC has lost any and all privileges associated with being perfectly sane football fans. 

Please turn your keys in at the desk in front. 

I also look forward to checking my closet and under my bed every night for the next two weeks for our Blue Nation Clown here.

Like the first time I saw Exorcist or that one episode of Sex and the City I was forced to see, I am thoroughly terrified. 

The video was posted over at Kentucky Sports Radio, with many commenting on how this may be the creepiest thing in the history of the Internet. 

It reminds us of the Arkansas fan who lost her mind and released two videos of her singing while wearing a pig's head

Seriously, SEC. Your football-watching privileges have been revoked. 

Of course, our clown friend here is trying to go the Heath Ledger route in conjuring up some hype for his Wildcats while making him standout from the rest of the vlog pack. 


The entire video feels exactly like that creepy hostage scene in Batman: The Dark Knight. Was I the only one who genuinely thought we might catch a glimpse of some Florida Gators fan all tied up in the background?

I am also surprised the whole thing wasn't interrupted by a strict mother who demanded Billy here clean up his mess before fiddling with his camera any longer. 

Let's practice safe fanaticism, America. If you plan on delivering some hard-hitting analysis, go easy on the makeup. 

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