1. Jonathan Laurent Breakaway Dunk vs. Wake Forest

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  6. Warning: Don't throw the ball in these guys' direction. https://t.co/DwbzgZNGDL

  7. Wells said his daughter showed it to him Sunday and he believes the BYU player was just trying to knock the ball out.

  8. Wells: "I didn't see anything he was doing that raised an alarm or raised an eyebrow. I think he was just ... trying to get the ball out."

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  11. VIDEO: BALL DON'T LIE! Rasheed Wallace can still hoop. https://t.co/x48FFspgxa https://t.co/JM7xumQ1Gb

  12. Anderson says MU needs to "stir things up" defensively more. MU trapped more ball screens in KC.

  13. With the rain, Baylor WR Corey Coleman said the football "felt like a bowling ball" against TCU.

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  16. Rasheed Wallace still got it! BALL DON'T LIE.  (via Brandon Jennings/Twitter)

  17. They do a great job of running the ball but they're still going to stretch you out. - on Baylor offense

  18. Fuente said his offensive philosophy is to push the tempo, run the ball. Play-action comes from that. #Hokies

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  22. Fuente said offensive philosophy isn't about getting most yards. Said it's in concert with defensive side of ball. #Hokies

  23. #Hokies new coach Justin Fuente said running the ball is important as is controlling the tempo.

  24. Kiss Jeff Fisher’s a**, Kliff awards game ball + scholly and more in News, Notes & Quotes: https://t.co/tw6q97bwPB https://t.co/yXcDIJtedL

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  26. Alabama time out with 12.6 seconds remaining. Still with the ball.

  27. Alabama has the ball https://t.co/zchYGf18Re

  28. Alabama down 1 with 24 seconds to go. Crimson Tide ball. Shot clock off.

  29. UGA fullback Quayvon Hicks brought up QB recruit Jacob Eason: "If you want to make a difference, come here and win some ball games."

  30. game ball to ciara #gohawks

  31. VIDEO: Carson Palmer just spiked the ball so hard, he took a spill. https://t.co/sj2yG6bEjt https://t.co/CjujTaWmak

  32. Ed Feng's Week 5 CFB Playoff Predictions

  33. Eric Jacobsen blocks Eric Childress in lane. Tie game. ASU ball. 10.9 seconds left.

  34. Turn on #ESPN2 right now to watch former #BallState superstar Jamill Smith (@Millz2BeMade) play in the @CFL #GreyCup https://t.co/AO1QN0yK8Y

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  37. When Sean Miller goes small ball, he really goes small ball.

  38. Saban: "Henry has always been a good ball carrier, but he has improved as a blocker and a receiver."

  39. Allen Tosses 3 TDs as No. 16 Texas A&M Tops Ball State

  40. Arizona up 35-26 at halftime, has taken only three 3-pointers. Keep driving, get the ball in the paint.

  41. Fedora says the offense has to take care of the ball and the defense has to create takeaways vs Clemson. STs also has to be solid.

  42. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

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  44. Freeze Frame: Video doesn't do justice. How did OBJ get to this ball & hold onto it? https://t.co/OZp7txEvhD

  45. Bob Cousy dribbled the ball less than Nigel Hayes has today. #Badgers

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  48. Who do you think deserves a game ball following #Alabama's #IronBowl victory? https://t.co/p6C8OonKyG #ALCFB https://t.co/4b0FtwskoN

  49. TFW Adrian Peterson throws you a touchdown ball https://t.co/cOwriGes6X

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  52. Catching up on UNC on the DVR after all these weeks. Quick observation: These guys are good. On both sides of the ball.

  53. Ha, Kirk Ferentz said early-season film of MSU in 2013 "almost looked like the receivers were allergic to the ball." That changed at Iowa.

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  56. Rams have some nice parts on both sides of the ball. Need a QB, and a new coach, and they could contend immediately.

  57. Bortles playing Army ball. Full 2 yards beyond LOS on that pass.

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  59. OSU Unanimous No. 1 in Preseason Poll

  60. When you slam dunk prove your point against an anonymous account and he says YOU'RE trolling and takes his ball and goes home. #winning

  61. There's 12:53 left in the first half. The Bucs have had the ball once.

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  63. FWAA Unveils 75th Anniversary All-America Team

  64. #Panthers Josh Norman leads the league with a passer rating allowed of 38.1, teams still better off throwing the ball away than testing him

  65. #GREYCUP GIVEAWAY: Guess the FINAL SCORE of the @redblackscfl vs. @officialedmesks for a chance to WIN a FREE @cfl_official GAME BALL!  ARV $50. Contest ends at 6pm EDT on 11/29/15. Follow the link in our bio for rules and details #WhistleSportsSweepstakes

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  68. Iowa up 40-21 at halftime on Wichita State. Smothering D on Ron Baker, showing good ball movement against injury-depleted Shockers.

  69. VIDEO: This sideline cop is really on the ball!  https://t.co/SkMICUEpPG https://t.co/tZOLoh0Ytn