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  6. 8 Days to kickoff! #StartJumping http://t.co/z5bugJw79p

  7. Today's @RTDSports front: Backup QBs impress; Woody on RG3 (http://t.co/4WamrHniX9); UVa & VT football; Kickers fall http://t.co/NKDYacc7cs

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  11. I linked to the entire section earlier. Here's my cover story on the #Hokies standout d-line http://t.co/ZcZB1rw0gf http://t.co/WYY5COZze6

  12. ICYMI - Pair of #Hokies both enjoyed HOT nights in Buffalo! Thanks @MikeVick & @TyrodTaylor for reppin' us so well! http://t.co/z5jzNd5zWG

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  16. #HokieHeadines Check out the @roanokeTimes football preview Links http://t.co/RhktTcot5t #Dblock ⚡️ #LPD  http://t.co/SHMx7ECBU8

  17. ICYMI - More #HokiesInNFL highlights from last night. Way to rep #DBlock @Ky3fOUR #LunchPailD https://t.co/5oTqzZZIvf

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  21. Sunday links: Our college football preview section is finally out http://t.co/fpUZS2zW6d #Hokies http://t.co/kHyNbLvBCz

  22. Hit the #HokieLottery VT student ticket lottery open for 9/7 & 9/12 games! http://t.co/sRrKx7SR7Y #StartJumping http://t.co/92NVXwLYhG

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  30. We've got @DeAngeloHall23 & @Ky3fOUR in action at 7:30! #HokiesInNFL https://t.co/nLRlKvn5FA

  31. In other words, another typical @Beamer_Ball QB! #TyrodsTime  https://t.co/AmU8JjCCXO

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  34. Hey @SI_CampusRush ... Thanks for the love, but we're the #HOKIES #AppreciateIt https://t.co/DOSuY9qBhr

  35. And here's some  video of @TyrodTaylor #HokiesInNFL  #StartJumping ⚡️ https://t.co/NidNvgc8Ma

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  38. And we'll give equal time to @TyrodTaylor  #HokieBowl https://t.co/8MEHqnM1GU

  39. Yep, that's @MikeVick #HokiesInNFL  https://t.co/BJ4deh3cnG

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  42. ICYMI - Check out Corey Fuller's TD last night. Good luck to our #HokiesInNFL competing tonight! #StartJumping https://t.co/TKZQ42Tdmz

  43. But what does the logo look like? #Hokies http://t.co/WGEklOdnHv

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  46. We see ya, @TyrodTaylor #HokiesInNFL Thanks @NFL https://t.co/lsEBYbDf90

  47. All kinds of awesome! Thanks for reppin' #HokieNation at The Ralph! Let's go, Buffalo! #HereWeGo @steelers https://t.co/aKBBHx84Ia

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