1. ICYMI: After getting a 6th win and extending his career, Frank Beamer did 'The Dab' so hard he knocked his hat off. https://t.co/mLw1ZroBNu

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  8. One. More. Game. | Frank Beamer - Tech held off rival Virginia 23-20 to become bowl eligible ✔One last goodbye for Beamer Beamer was Dabbin' after the win, he's happy - #FrankBeamer #BeamerBall #ThankYouBeamer #VT #VTHokies #VTFootball #Hokies #HokiesFootball #VirginiaTech #CollegeGameday #CollegeFootball #ACC #ACCFootball #OneMoreGame

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  44. VIDEO: Frank Beamer gets carried off field, dabs the night away following win over Virginia. https://t.co/rAigri9dsj https://t.co/J2MkK8CfOy

  45. VIDEO: Frank Beamer gets carried off field, dabs the night away following win over Virginia. https://t.co/rAigri9dsj https://t.co/tLlBIOnCrM

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