1. John DePalma's hard work has paid off for #WVU football. http://t.co/jcYcK3U8pl http://t.co/aKcVO7g4ME

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  6. Early forecast for Saturday's home opener - 90 degrees & sunny. http://t.co/ancfxyePSw

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  10. It's officially game week #HailWV #WVU #LetsGo

  11. Well, @WVUMensSoccer has dominated play against San Francisco and leads 5-0 in second half. Fixed. Follow along here: http://t.co/9BqGOhsMdz

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  15. Short conversation with Marlon LeBlanc yesterday. He wasn't tickled about multiple issues in Friday's 1-0 loss to Navy. "It will be fixed."

  16. It's game week #HailWV #WVU #LetsGo https://t.co/rN9WTuzMTr

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  20. First time I met Stitt and Holgorsen, they were hanging out together in NYC. Fun group. https://t.co/c8xHxviYpW

  21. Come on. Can't kill that play call by Stitt. If the pitch hits, Griz scores. Fumble late in the half near midfield does no harm.

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  25. West Virginia has one critical October game that could make or break that month in the 2015 football season https://t.co/4UGubXvUU0

  26. West Virginia has one critical October game that could make or break that month in the 2012 football season https://t.co/4UGubXvUU0

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  29. #WVU Must Win For West Virginia Football - While a number of important Big 12 games loom, West Virginia has... http://t.co/Cu8C5z6tKS

  30. This time next Saturday #HailWV

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  33. Liverpool: Four matches, seven points, two goals. One was brilliant (https://t.co/mAXyb6QYJX), league said second shouldn't have counted.

  34. "You're gonna get sacked in the morning. You're gonna get sacked in the morning."

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  37. Red card! Gimme an OG! (Two questionable yellows on Coutinho. First was for dissent. Lighten up on the second.)

  38. Ridiculous. Whole lot of Generals thinking they're Globetrotters.

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  41. So tired of this. Hit post again, 2 in back 4 have comedic, goal-ceding errors, West Ham is gonna win at Anfield for first time since '63.

  42. If this ends with no goals, Rodgers in in trouble. Side completely different than Monday at Emirates. Narrow, no attack, jumbled back line.

  43. Blessed to announce that I will be joining the WVU football family. Excited about the future in Motown!! #HailWV pic.twitter.com/gQ1J7U8Nvo

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  45. Watch @MTNGameday at 10 a.m. on WV Media affiliates or at 11 a.m. on @ROOTSPORTSPIT today! #HailWV

  46. Next Saturday #HailWV http://t.co/qWZT8pTPqK

  47. 4-Star WR/CB Smothers Commits to WVU

  48. 4-Star WR/CB Smothers Commits to WVU

  49. Karl Joseph selected by Kirk Herbstreit as 'Unsung Warrior' in the 2015 Herbie Awards

  50. Karl Joseph earns a 2015 Herbie Award 'Unsung Warrior' from ESPN's @KirkHerbstreit http://t.co/Ak7utxci8D