1. Dana Holgorsen Media Conference: Kansas State

  2. Bailey Improving, Still in Intensive Care from Gunshots

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  5. AP Top 25 Poll for Week 14

  6. #WVU Holgorsen Previews WVU's Finale' With K-State - MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - With West Virginia looking for an eigh......

  7. Coach @Holgorsendana spoke to the media this afternoon. VIDEO [https://t.co/CuF64LxVMm] https://t.co/j8h3Zxz5IJ

  8. Power Ranking Top Freshmen from November

  9. Post-Week 13 Bowl Game Projections

  10. "We wanted to leave West Virginia better than what we found it" -Cody Clay on #WVU's senior class trying to reach an eighth win and a bowl.

  11. "Nothing in the Big 12 is easy. Nothing is a walk in the park," said senior tight end Cody Clay. #WVU

  12. Holgorsen says a new training room is the next step for improving #WVU facilities. Says the new football practice fields are looking great.

  13. Big 12 Releases Full 2016 Football Schedule

  14. CFB's Most Important Offers of the Week

  15. Clemson No. 1, OSU Falls to No. 8 in Latest AP Poll

  16. Holgorsen said reason Howard not getting zip on ball. Crest not 100 percent healthy.

  17. Holgorsen: Chugs is getting a lot of reps.

  18. Holgorsen says Skyler Howard has been touch-and-go. Says Chuggs has been getting a lot of reps lately #WVU

  19. Long-Shot Teams in Hunt for CFB Playoff

  20. CFB's Most Important Offers of the Week

  21. "Contrary to some peoples beliefs, we're a very tight team," said Holgorsen. "Getting to 8 wins is important."

  22. "Offensively, I wish we would've been able to execute the forward pass a little better," said Holgorsen.

  23. Holgorsen says he has tremendous respect for Coach Bill Snyder. Says he's creative on offense, sticks to his guns on the defensive side.

  24. WVU Coach Hoisted by Players After Win

  25. West Virginia Topples Texas 38-20

  26. Holgorsen: Always admired Bill Snyder

  27. Dana Holgorsen is now at the podium to preview #WVU's final regular season game of the 2015-16 season. https://t.co/36NOrz0mYL

  28. WVU Makes Texas Pay for Turnovers

  29. ND Enters Top 4, Clemson No. 1 in CFP Poll

  30. Holgorsen: K-State still looks like competitive football team

  31. In rainy Morgantown for last regular season WVU football presser.

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  33. Bowl Projections for Every Big 12 Team

  34. No tweet for that. It didn't happen.

  35. Full Preview for Texas-WVU

  36. WVU's Lazard Delivers on Promise vs TTU

  37. Iowa St. defensive players of the game Shaq Petteway and Kyle Rose #WVU https://t.co/Wj5JowUuGs

  38. Iowa St. defensive players of the game Shaq Pettiway and Kyle Rose #WVU https://t.co/Wj5JowUuGs

  39. Most Important Recruiting Offers of the Week

  40. Clemson No. 1, OK State Crashes Top 5 in AP Poll

  41. No, this is a solid ante. https://t.co/VJYRGUB2lk https://t.co/HwLNlTih63

  42. Bowl payouts concerning WVU: Russell $2.2M, Texas 3M, Liberty 1.4M, Cactus 3.3M. WVU would pay most to go to Cactus, bank most with Russell.

  43. Bleacher Report's Week 11 Top 25

  44. Can't see Arizona being Cactus opponent. Washington St. isn't out of the question. Have to think TV would be happy w/ either, which matters.

  45. So 7-4 WVU v. 5-6 K-State may have no repercussions, Mountaineers might bowl in PHX because Wildcats are good in classroom. Bowls are great.

  46. WVU Ends 4-Game Losing Streak, Beats TTU 31-26

  47. A Little Spit Cures a Case of the Fumbles?

  48. Catch there is Texas A&M opened season in same stadium in Houston, but bowl likely doesn't care if it gets two Texas ex-rivals on the field.

  49. Scenario presumes Sugar/Alamo/Russell Athletic claim Baylor/Oklahoma State/TCU in some order, Texas Bowl takes Texas Tech (v. Texas A&M).

  50. Most Important Recruiting Offers of the Week

  51. Bowls CAN pick 5-7 team before traditionally eligible team. May Impact WVU b/c Liberty can take 5-7 K-State, avoid consecutive years w/ WVU.

  52. Here's NCAA's say. At least two teams will be needed. K-State was tied for second with Mizzou and behind Nebraska. https://t.co/7gdtBO3hrF

  53. B/R's CFB Top 25 for Week 10

  54. Full Grades for TCU vs. WVU

  55. Still trying to see if Big 12 bowl could take K-State before WVU. Not clear if traditionally eligible teams must be picked before 5-7 teams.

  56. Mizzou (5-7) declines bowl bid. By way of APR, K-State (5-6) will bowl regardless of Saturday's outcome, provided Wildcats do not decline.

  57. Boykin Gets Props from WVU HC After Run

  58. No. 3 TCU Takes Down WVU 40-10

  59. Mizzou (5-7) declines bowl bid. By way of APR, K-State (5-7) will bowl regardless of Saturday's outcome, provided Wildcats do not decline.

  60. Sounds as though the NCAA will announce something today that makes sense of its bowl eligibility protocol for 5-7 teams.

  61. WVU Faces Tough Test in Improved TCU QB Boykin

  62. Betting Odds, Pick for WVU-TCU

  63. #WVU Holgorsen Talks K-State, WVU Injuries - MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Bill Snyder has done more with less than any o......

  64. Three thoughts from #WVU's win vs Iowa St, focusing on the team's attitude, its resurgent defense and Shelton Gibson https://t.co/LW20KjY430

  65. B/R Recruiting Notebook: 4-Star Talks Visits, Sleeper QB Throws 9 TDs

  66. Mountaineers QB Sills Impressed with His Skills at WR

  67. Who said that? Because I'm mad I didn't get to it first. https://t.co/JN8ShCEUBd

  68. And that's a polite way of saying 5-7 teams shouldn't be bowl eligible and that maybe 80 bowls is overdoing it just a bit.

  69. Mountaineers' Game Grades in Loss to Bears

  70. I've looked all over and am absolutely unclear on how WVU's bowl prospects would/wouldn't be affected if Texas and/or K-State finished 5-7.

  71. Dana Holgorsen on Bill Snyder: He looks to me like he's going as strong as he ever has.