1. DOBBS: Every defense is different, so you have to call different plays for different defenses.

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  6. DOBBS: Our confidence level is high. I know the type of team we have and the type of character we have.

  7. . @josh_dobbs1: When plays are there, we've just got to make plays

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  9. Jones Not Second-Guessing Extra Point

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  11. DOBBS: We are trying to spread the ball around and not key on one person.

  12. . @josh_dobbs1: My goal is to get this team to finish drives, finish games. My goal is to get this team to finish

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  16. DOBBS: There is always something we can improve on as a team.

  17. . @josh_dobbs1: I think we had a productive day. We just have to finish the drill. #Vols

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  21. . @josh_dobbs1: It was a 4pt game @ the end, & we talked about scoring TDs & we didn't do that.

  22. DOBBS: We talk about scoring touchdowns in the red zone. We only did that one time.

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  26. DOBBS: I think we had a productive day, but we just have to finish.

  27. . @josh_dobbs1: We had a vertical concept. Fourth-long, trying to give guy a chance to make play in space.

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  30. . @josh_dobbs1: I mean, we were still in a rhythm but we weren't capitalizing on opps like we have to. #Vols

  31. DOBBS: We have to do a better job of not kicking field goals but scoring touchdowns.

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  34. Curt Maggitt reacts as the clock winds down in Tennessee's 24-20 loss to Arkansas Read more: http://t.co/tlSHSIk8Ki http://t.co/lZhEZcghtI

  35. EVAN BERRY: In the fourth quarter, our mindset is to close the game out and get the win.

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  37. EVAN BERRY: We just have to keep focused and keep playing hard.

  38. EVAN BERRY: The special teams unit is very confident, just like the other two-thirds of the game.

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  42. EVAN BERRY: The blockers did their job and it paid off.

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  45. #Vols' Brian Randolph: This is frustrating. I know it's frustrating for the fans, too. We've just got to keep working and finish.

  46. Alvin Kamara: Vols couldn't get a rhythm going on offense in second half with Arkansas milking block, but we were prepared for that.

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  49. KAMARA: I feel like I could address the team. We have some great leaders on the team.

  50. #Vols' Alvin Kamara: Arkansas really knows how to milk the clock. They make it hard for you to get in rhythm. They're good at what they do.