1. Barclays Center Classic Champions . #WestPoint #USMA #GoArmy #USArmy

  2. Hits and Misses from the Week 14 Polls

  3. AP Top 25 Poll for Week 14

  4. B/R's Top 25 for Week 14

  5. Power Ranking Top Freshmen from November

  6. Going  #WestPoint #USMA #GoArmy #USArmy

  7. Walking over to the Tommy Bowl from the football facility. #Vols hoops and Army tipping off right about now. Updates coming ASAP.

  8. Ed Feng's Playoff Standings Predictions

  9. Predicting the AP Top 25 After Week 13

  10. Just wrapping up post-practice football interviews. Tennessee tipping off against Army in a couple of minutes.

  11. That catch  No. 5 on @sportscenter #GoArmy #SCTop10 #CFB #USMA #WestPoint

  12. At another angle. Poe's catch No. 5 on @SportsCenter Top-10 #GoArmy https://t.co/94JweS8lTj

  13. Clemson No. 1, OSU Falls to No. 8 in Latest AP Poll

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  15. Army Football: Edgar Poe's TD Catch vs. Rutgers

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  17. Recap: Football vs. Rutgers

  18. Army Takes Field with USA & French Flags

  19. Army takes the field with American & French flag pic.twitter.com/N94dZOK7TW

  20. Inside #RUTvsARMY https://t.co/SEti35Is2o

  21. Final Score: Rutgers 31, Army 21 #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy https://t.co/9YONyuz5p8

  22. Chris Carter's pass is picked off in the endzone. Rutgers will take over at the 20-yard line with 5:22 to play. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  23. ND Enters Top 4, Clemson No. 1 in CFP Poll

  24. Clemson No. 1, OK State Crashes Top 5 in AP Poll

  25. Army continuing to move the chains, crossing midfield for a first down at the Rutgers 45. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  26. Edgar Allen Poe. Poetry in motion. #SCTop10 #GoArmy https://t.co/CryGA7EJaF

  27. Bleacher Report's Week 11 Top 25

  28. Did you see Poe's TD catch and run? What did you think? #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  29. End of the 3rd Quarter: Rutgers 31, Army 21 #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy https://t.co/abWOIrd4l6

  30. B/R's CFB Top 25 for Week 10

  31. Daniel Grochowski's XP kick is good. Score now stands Rutgers 31, Army 21. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  32. Edgar Poe makes a phenomenal grab and runs in for the 65-yard TD! #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy https://t.co/umu1sfJTKd

  33. Army will take control of the ball at its 32-yard line with 1:53 remaining in the 3rd quarter and Rutgers leading 31-14. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  34. Army fakes the FG attempt but Rutgers reads the play. The Scarlet Knights take over at the Army 28-yard line. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  35. Balanced Penn State Defeats Army 20-14

  36. Joe Walker takes the pitch for another Army first down. Ball at the Rutgers 23 with 8:03 remaining in the 3rd. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  37. Carter connects with Nicholas Black for a 22-yard play. First down Army at the Rutgers 34. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  38. Ed Feng's Week 5 CFB Playoff Predictions

  39. Chris Carter keeps the ball to move the chains. The gain puts Carter over the 100-yard plateau in his first career start. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  40. Paul James jumps over the pile for the 1-yard TD run. Rutgers goes up 31-14 with 11:21 to play in the 3rd. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  41. B/R's College Football Top 25

  42. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  43. Second half underway as Army kicks off to Rutgers to get things started. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  44. Halftime score: Rutgers 24, Army 14 #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy https://t.co/D1cRkTpFK1

  45. B1G Approves BYU, Army, ND for Non-Conf. Quota

  46. Rutgers to attempt a 41-yard field goal with 0:02 remaining in the first half. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  47. What do you think? Who was Army's first half MVP? #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  48. Watch: Wake Forest Beats Army on FG as Time Expires

  49. Wake Forest Defeats Army 17-14

  50. Chris Carter dives in for an Army touchdown! Grochowski's kick is good. Rutgers up 21-14 with 1:09 to go in the 1st. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  51. Official timeout with 1:53 remaining in the half. Army facing a 4th-and-short from the 1-yard line. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  52. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  53. Senior T Drew Hennessy (ankle) will miss second straight game. #ArmyFootball.

  54. Army into the red zone with a first down at the 10-yard line. 1st-and-goal for the Black Knights. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  55. Christian Drake dives across the Rutgers 21-yard line to keep the chains moving for the Black Knights. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  56. Sophomore Ahmad Bradshaw beats out senior A.J. Schurr as Army's starting QB

  57. B/R CFB 250: Top 31 WRs

  58. QB Chris Carter keeps the ball and runs 45 yards down the sideline. Army with a fresh set of downs at the Rutgers 35. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  59. Robert Martin runs into the endzone. XP is good and the Scarlet Knights take a 21-7 lead with 7:17 left in the 1st. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  60. B/R's Ultimate CFB Tailgate Guide for 2015

  61. Predicting Top CFB Week 1 Performers

  62. Rutgers calls a timeout as they have the ball on the Army 5-yard line. 7:26 remaining in the 1st half, 1st-and-goal. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  63. Daniel Grochowski sends the ball through the uprights for the XP. Rutgers leading 14-7 with 11:11 remaining in the half. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy

  64. B/R's CFB Preseason All-American Team

  65. B/R CFB 250: Top 16 Defensive Tackles

  66. Aaron Kemper scampers past the Scarlet Knight defenders for an ARMY TOUCHDOWN! #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy https://t.co/MVAaEyfGXp

  67. QB Chris Carter connects with Edgar Poe for a gain of 30 yards. Army at the Rutgers 44. #RUTvsARMY #GoArmy