1. Exchanged a few text messages with five-star PF @bolmanutebol (Bol Bol) and he plans to visit #kubball for Late Night in the Phog. Shay

  2. Kansas Loses 2 QBs to Injury

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  4. Who Is the Real Fave to Win the Big 12 Title?

  5. #KU OC Rob Likens on Ryan Willis, breaking down the Baylor defense https://t.co/CEjYe9wVF3 #kufball

  6. #KU DC Clint Bowen on facing the Baylor offense https://t.co/RSUIitXRlQ #kufball

  7. Montell Cozart has a shoulder sprain and won't return, a KU official says.

  8. B/R's Week 6 Projected Playoff Predictions

  9. Join @beaty_david for Hawk Talk tonight! Hawk Talk is live from the Salty Iguana from 7-8 p.m. http://t.co/GOcLmBoqJ9

  10. UNCUT: Beaty on Willis starting, facing Baylor, young players getting experience https://t.co/qUkSphRKBh #kufball http://t.co/lkWnDJKpjx

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  14. Return of RB Taylor Cox also a feel-good deal. Joke w/ #KUfball is OC Rob Likens says he played against Cox in high school. Good stuff.

  15. Amazing to see the energy, enthusiasm & positivity from the #KUfball crew even though they're down to their 4th string QB, a true freshman

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  18. Always have enjoyed interviewing #KUfball QB T.J. Millweard, but the guy had a whole different bounce to him today... Cool to see.

  19. #KUfball alum and yet another Jayhawk DB doing big things in the NFL... https://t.co/KJcwkX8rYJ

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  22. Weis History, but Skid Lives on in Kansas

  23. "We have a lot of young guys and a lot of them are playing important minutes." -@beaty_david on the future of continued growth of the team

  24. #TakeTheCrown

  25. Wow! Shoutout to my guy @dorseyart for the amazing painting go check out his work!  #RockChalk #RaiderNation

  26. Big 12 May Pass Rule Vetting Frosh for Misconduct Before Enrollment

  27. "We will continue to cultivate competition." -@beaty_david on continuing to foster leadership and improvements

  28. "He has no shortage of confidence." -@beaty_david on Ryan Willis' continued preparation for his role as quarterback

  29. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  30. Charlie Weis, Mack Brown Pass the Buck on Football Downfalls

  31. "He's excited about this opportunity" -@beaty_david on QB Ryan Willis' first start this weekend

  32. KU is expected to get Taylor Cox back at RB this week #kufball

  33. The Worst Team Ever? Kansas Is Making Its Case

  34. Kansas' Recruiting Game on Point with 'NCAA 2015'

  35. As #kufball prepares for Baylor, listen to @beaty_david at his Weekly Press Conference at 1 p.m. LISTEN LIVE: http://t.co/IyRLKxodYj

  36. They will. Still have 4 QBs who can play & Cozart very well may return. After that, 1 or 2 others who could do it https://t.co/KGFI985A8H

  37. Like His Cleats, Kinner a Perfect Fit for Kansas

  38. Big 12 Reprimands K-State Band; KSU Self-Imposes Penalties

  39. SCOOP: Peytton Pickett says he will take an official visit to #KU this weekend https://t.co/Az0PT8saa7 #kufball http://t.co/H2zUHcWIJE

  40. Jayhawks in the Pros Week 4: http://t.co/EXDXZ9QHk4 http://t.co/qaTxOJblWH

  41. Big 12 Issues Public Reprimand of K-State's Band

  42. K-State Suspends Band Director, Will Pay $5K Fine

  43. Ha! Don't worry, she's not a closet KU fan. Knew her during her days at The Longhorn Network. https://t.co/lhVBb1EC1e

  44. Arm strength & physical skill set/athletic ability a big part of it. Very capable of running system mentally though https://t.co/bZumaPo7EQ

  45. Kinner Ready to Carry Load After Impressive Debut

  46. David Beaty on the late-game spike gaffe for KU: "Without Montell Cozart, we wouldn't have even been in that game."

  47. Winless Jayhawks lose top two QBs to injuries http://t.co/NzARNE6k2T #CFB