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  17. Whittingham asked for a UM game key: "Two things, we have got to be playing w high motors...we've got to be great w in-game adjustments"

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  21. Whittingham asked from fan questions --- what his favorite cupcake is: "good one," he laughed

  22. Whittingham on his radio show tonight on UM:"special teams will be the X factor".praises Baxter "a lot of what we do on ST, we got from him"

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  26. Whittingham takes question from fans asking if he will wear khakis Thursday...he laughed: "hadn't even given it any thought"

  27. Utah LB Norris on Ruddock:"I feel like both of the quarterbacks are pretty much the same...he's a good player...we're preparing scheme-wise"

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  33. Booker asked about running onto the field Thursday: "I think I had a dream about it....about me scoring a touchdown, and then I woke up."

  34. Booker asked on Whittingham radio show if he's sick of the UM hype: "Nah, it doesn't bother us ....just adding fuel to the fire."

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  37. Utah RB Booker "It seems like Jim Harbaugh is playing the game instead of his team playing. We look at it as overhype"

  38. Utah coach Whittingham on his radio show re: UM qb - "We expect the Iowa guy (Rudock) -- that's what our money is on"

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