1. Huge day for college football news. Huge podcast. Spurrier, Sark, UF, Bielema, one liners, expense reports, flops. https://t.co/kkMOm79Ypw

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  5. ‘Spurrier retired, Sark fired, Florida PED mystery, Bielema flop. Wetzel To Forde (10 - 13 - 15)’ on #SoundCloud #np https://t.co/mmbwGRKzPh

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  10. This day reminds me of the day that Malzahn and Bielema got hired at Auburn and Arkansas, respectively, within 10 minutes of each other.

  11. Bret Bielema gonna be sending out a lot of thank you cards tomorrow morning.

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  15. For a while it looked like the Bielema Clown Flop would be the big story in college football today.

  16. Looks like Robinson does make contact with Bielema https://t.co/QjJZrrB5qz

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  20. If you haven't seen this video of Bret Bielema flopping to draw a foul on Cam Robinson, well, you need to watch it: http://t.co/g1lnd9OIrb

  21. We updated our Bielema dancing post with the new angle video posted by @SportsTalkwBo http://t.co/dX46mTwIkb

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  25. Did Arkansas coach Bret Bielema flop for a call? Who knows, but he sure was pumped about it: http://t.co/F0brQclWP0

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  28. Bielema catches heat but the joke was on SEC officials. Again. https://t.co/TdpYplsQ5i

  29. Sark fired, Grier suspended, still nothing on the Bret Bielema video though. The day is still young.

  30. Arkansas Tops Tennessee 24-20 to End Three-Game Skid

  31. Williams Out with Broken Leg

  32. What was up with Bret Bielema and Cam Robinson Saturday? Our @JTalty and @mzenitz discuss. http://t.co/0INtQxzV4n #ALCFB

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  36. Mike Amderson styling in a jacket courtesy of Ex-Hog John Daly http://t.co/LCIGGbEcXm

  37. Have you seen this video of Bret Bielema during the #Alabama game yet? Crazy. What are your thoughts? http://t.co/5dnqX46XDT #ALCFB

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  40. Nearly five years to the day after enraging Tim Brewster by going for 2, Bret Bielema found controversy again: http://t.co/HcwY2tWlSN

  41. Kenyan Drake said he didn't remember anything from the play that looked to end with a bump from Bret Bielema.

  42. Bielema Defends QB Allen Against Criticism

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  44. MORE BERT! Did Bielema give Kenyan Drake a little chicken wing on the sideline here?? http://t.co/hcJmCpfHR4

  45. Watch: Did Bret Bielema flop to draw a penalty on Alabama OL Cam Robinson? http://t.co/w0Hty2kvBZ

  46. Bielema Irked by Officiating

  47. VIDEO: Bret Bielema flops, draws flag, celebrates like a giddy child. http://t.co/z8e4sfcg2K

  48. Chances Bret Bielema apologizes for his buffoonery? Negative three hundred thousand trillion.