1. The Jazz, tho

  2. Hits and Misses from the Week 14 Polls

  3. AP Top 25 Poll for Week 14

  4. B/R's Week 14 Playoff Projections

  5. Power Ranking Top Freshmen from November

  6. Orchard. Clay. Kruger. Only thing that would make this night better is Steve Smith Sr. We're digging #MNF.

  7. We see you Kaelin!!! @CALiboy4

  8. A) Most remember nothing other than The Drop. Not I. B) No one has a better sense of humor about it than Kaelin. https://t.co/AsI9eOYaBX

  9. Ed Feng's Playoff Standings Predictions

  10. Post-Week 13 Bowl Game Projections

  11. Here's a better version of the Kaelin Clay return. Note that he keeps ahold of the ball. https://t.co/aa6pga7ktR

  12. Also in Pac-12 alum news: Buck Allen running the ball for the Ravens.

  13. Yeah, we saw a lot of that last year. https://t.co/PHwVQdPDIt

  14. 2015 CFB Awards Finalists Unveiled

  15. CFB's Most Important Offers of the Week

  16. Larry K talking about hosting the Trail Blazers, Magic coming over to practice at Utah's facility.

  17. #CurryFights2015 https://t.co/VfiRuDSdv4

  18. Make that tie game between Kentucky and Illinois State. Redbirds have faced San Diego State, Maryland and now the Wildcats already.

  19. Clemson No. 1, OSU Falls to No. 8 in Latest AP Poll

  20. Long-Shot Teams in Hunt for CFB Playoff

  21. Kentucky 31, Illinois State 29 almost at the half.

  22. Mitchell started at quarterback against Utah. Hollingsworth is from Utah. https://t.co/cqHhsJX4Lq

  23. Cruel to deliver this news to 5-7 team beat writers without a listing of 5-7 teams by APR. https://t.co/sbNI9UqeHo

  24. Utes Can't Advantage of Oregon's Gift

  25. Utes' RB Booker Ruled Out for Bowl Game

  26. Whittingham says Booker is out for the year, including the bowl game.

  27. Great column. It's not just in the SEC, either. A lot of programs show their hubris thinking they can get a Saban. https://t.co/yun7DW0c4X

  28. I guess it ain't sold out. https://t.co/nYwMTSBh1P

  29. UCLA Upsets No. 13 Utah 17-9 in Pac-12 Battle

  30. Despite Longshot, Pac-12 Elite Coming on Strong

  31. Poeltl is also third in rebounds per game (10.0 rpg) behind Tony Parker and Josh Hawkinson and second in FG percentage (66.7%).

  32. This week's Pac-12 honoree, Washington's Andrew Andrews, leads conference with 21.7 ppg. Next up? Jakob Poeltl with 20.5 ppg.

  33. Booker's Injury a 'Huge Blow' for Utes

  34. Utah's Booker Downplays Injury, Wants to Play vs. UCLA

  35. Gabe Bealer, the third-leading scorer against Idaho State, was nominated by Utah for Pac-12 MBPOTW.

  36. USC is a phenomenal job. Maybe Helton appears under-qualified for it. But who were USC fans expecting if Chip and Jack said no?

  37. Utes Looking for Help to Salvage Pac-12 Title Dreams

  38. CFB's Most Important Offers of the Week

  39. Two thoughts: Unsure # of PIs Utah drew (felt like a lot), so IDK. Also: @pac12 and Apple need to talk autocorrect. https://t.co/Hy258jSH8k

  40. RE: Oregon ranked over Utah. (I'm not an AP voter, though.) https://t.co/xPQhZBk5zM

  41. Betting Predictions for UCLA-Utah

  42. Barring a Miracle, Pac-12 Can Kiss Playoff Goodbye

  43. Clay Helton says he felt like the Coliseum was "electric" this season starting with the game against Utah.

  44. Besides Wilson, Utah had only three 20-plus-yard attempts, @PFF_College found. Two incompletions from backup QBs and Booker's HB pass.

  45. No. 10 Utah Falls to Arizona

  46. Clay Helton: Thinking about the past "this place was founded on blue-collar toughness." Uh, maybe ...

  47. Travis Wilson ranks No. 11 in the Pac-12 and No. 100 nationally on accuracy past 20 yards. (Accuracy % = completions+drops, /attempts)

  48. Race for Pac-12 Title Still Not Clear Cut

  49. Bowl Projections for Every Pac-12 Team

  50. Clay Helton: I don't want to be flashy. I never have been. I never will be.

  51. I asked @PFF_College for some information on Utah's success passing downfield (20-plus yards). Here's what I got. https://t.co/E7a8tTNGm1

  52. Games That Could Spoil the Playoff Race

  53. ND Enters Top 4, Clemson No. 1 in CFP Poll

  54. The Pac-12 Network Mountain airing a replay of Utah-Idaho State. The network should be able to cut to this press conference RIGHT NOW.

  55. Not winning the game, not being carried off the field, not still being in contention for the playoff ... https://t.co/VvL049KbZT

  56. Committee Clears Path for Stanford (or Utah?) to CFP

  57. Utes Move Up to No. 10 in CFP Top 25

  58. Here's the updated poll from the AP, which has Utah second in "Also receiving votes." Sorry for the false alarm: https://t.co/mi99TiwtML

  59. Ok well again ... I can see I'm just a dumb guy. Thanks everybody!

  60. Picking Top 25 Games Against the Spread

  61. Yeah, this is bizarre. I know Van Vleet is out, but all you can do is vote on what a team has done. https://t.co/DzJUWDF5ZP

  62. Clemson No. 1, OK State Crashes Top 5 in AP Poll

  63. Bleacher Report's Week 11 Top 25

  64. You want to talk about bad hires of interim coaches? You could do much worse than USC. https://t.co/BfH4Pnjctd

  65. Just ICYMI - Helton is a popular pick within the program: https://t.co/czhYXfioi2

  66. No. 13 Utah Leans on Defense for 34-23 Win Over Washington

  67. I suppose Kyle Whittingham will get fewer questions about the USC job. https://t.co/WYjeoVnT3v

  68. Stanford playoff hopes alive after wild win over Notre Dame — more in our Pac-12 round-up: https://t.co/qIyVXk9UDp https://t.co/OaCHjfQSV9

  69. Teams on Upset Alert in November

  70. B/R Recruiting Notebook: 4-Star Plans Official Visits, Talks Timeline

  71. ICYMI from @matthew_piper — Utes waiting on bowl destination with unknowns aplenty: https://t.co/Eqn86BqLJm https://t.co/NPDmpzI4oT

  72. Conversations about Kobe's playing time are going to look a lot different for the rest of the year.