1. S/O from @MeanGreenFB to one of the best golfers in the last few decades from NT, @carlosortizGolf . #special https://t.co/wLifjQgfBK

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  6. A large contingent takes the stripes off today. @DaMarcusSmith7 , @E_wood68 , @jordanmurray71 , @kevindillman10 . http://t.co/Fb8rteFiR2

  7. READ: Safeties @_KMac10 and James Gray ready to make big impact on the secondary. http://t.co/V8V4ILO6P9

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  11. LIVE on #Periscope: Saturday morning circle drill to wake up with https://t.co/LS11SIMyxt

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  16. S/O to the birthday boy. @_teegoree is still a pup, but the redshirt is off. #playmaker. http://t.co/l76VXu4jIO

  17. Last day before the last scrimmage tomorrow. 15 days away from riding down to Dallas to #BeatSMU http://t.co/xPjSHrGDSN

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  21. LIVE on #Periscope: Defense rolling though the drills today https://t.co/tull42vLYZ

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  26. #TBT: Hard to find 2 better linebackers, even harder to find 2 better people than @C__Robertson and @ZO35 . #MGGreats http://t.co/h6BcaUREj3

  27. One of the best to put on a uniform. Thank you Seneca for speaking to the MGF on Champions Day! #CFGreat http://t.co/TIly7lwswk

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  30. One of the best to ever put on a uniform. Thanks you Seneca for coming to speak to the MGF on Champions Day! #CFGreat http://t.co/TkqcqJE14u

  31. One of the best to put on a college uniform. Thanks Seneca for coming to speak to the MGF on Champions Day! #CFGreat http://t.co/bKiTWLDxii

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  34. Champions Day speaker is one of @NTCoachMac favorites. QB Seneca Wallace is talking with @MeanGreenFB . #CFGreat http://t.co/nQqdGV14Gq

  35. Anticipation is high for the Champions Day guest speaker. Who will it be? #GMG http://t.co/NkjCYhPCW5

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  38. WATCH: "My guys are loving it." @coachcanales loves the new uptempo offense he's created for @MeanGreenFB . https://t.co/wrPTPef8q3

  39. 1 of many traditions of #FallCamp. Champions day means no practice. Tomorrow a special guest talks to @MeanGreenFB . http://t.co/jDq0L2TvPL

  40. A couple of young pups get the stripes off today. @NateGrimm2 and Jalen Montgomery get to celebrate. #GMG http://t.co/0nb0YCRTw7

  41. A little hotter today, but the physicality of a @NTCoachMac camp continues. 17 days till #beatingsmu . http://t.co/J4yljbM2JO

  42. Working on the tip drill. #southpaws http://t.co/17tv1ZQtXf

  43. Good stuff here about @Damon217 trying trying to earn his way onto the field in 2015. #GMG https://t.co/9aWDn6Yksv

  44. LIVE on #Periscope: A bevy of defensive drills to take you thru today https://t.co/1CJsYxHBCd

  45. LIVE on #Periscope: O-Line has the whole field to pound the sled https://t.co/yUZotbutEq