1. We're under the lights at Yulman Stadium for tonight's practice. #Tulane #RollWave http://t.co/6mHYtSupaM

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  11. 10 years ago, athletics was asked to "carry the torch" for Tulane in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Watch: http://t.co/UCgX6bAKjf

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  25. Watching our man @jackabraham30 on ESPNU right now! #2 for #Oxford in the white. We knew from the start that we wanted him.

  26. Let's Roll @jackabraham30 Looking good Jack  Come on #Oxford https://t.co/MZf0Wl0Tyc

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  29. Meeting of the minds at the start of the open #Saints practice at Yulman. #RollWave #WhoDat http://t.co/QNyJdeNf34

  30. Yulman Stadium is ready to welcome the @Saints for practice tonight #RollWave #WhoDat http://t.co/geOTAE0chp

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  33. My HS BFF was supposed to attend Tulane. 10 yrs ago she packed up her stuff, our group had a tearful goodbye at PDX … and then she came back

  34. Add @JoanNiesen on Katrina/ Tulane to your reading list, too. It’s a city near & dear to her heart, and you can tell https://t.co/33Sz3ygpCv

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  37. SIX days until kickoff! We're taking on #Duke under the lights, hope to see you there! http://t.co/9Qaruns4Cb http://t.co/U9CYKPt76x

  38. Know your opponent. The high powered #DukeBlueDevils will be here this week. https://t.co/nkPAlQyK2d

  39. #TulaneTunes You Can Do It!!!!! @TulaneTsunami @TUstudentsect @raward @bkmacneill Welcome to the #Tsunami #Jump  https://t.co/Ngt4MkV1PW

  40. It's #TsunamiTime Who is with me? @TUstudentsect @FearTheWaveBlog @DeanNoelMullen @GreenWaveFB @StateofTulane https://t.co/2bkj7RrOIs

  41. Just incase #Tulane This is how you #Tsunami Spread the word... It's #TsunamiTime #TulaneTunes @raward @bkmacneill https://t.co/5Zv0WMVJTG

  42. #BroncoUp? #RollWave #6 #BeatDuke #CountdownToKickoff

  43. Georgia Tech was picked by a lot of people to win the ACC. https://t.co/c82Lw2VZsd

  44. Jr center Nathan Shienle counts down the days to #Tulane's kickoff vs. Duke #RollWave https://t.co/mTR9qBF7qt