1. Nick Rolovich signs four-year deal as Hawaii head coach https://t.co/Vbb21MSkq4 https://t.co/gRNF1ahKh4

  2. Utah St. Thumps No. 21 Boise State 52-26

  3. Ranking Every CFB Conference Heading into 2015 Season

  4. MWC Moves to 8-man Officiating Crews in 2015

  5. Boise, SDSU Picked to Win 2015 Mountain West Divisions

  6. Ducks women top San Jose State https://t.co/nzWhUEU2Dn via @salem_statesman

  7. Hawaii introduces Nick Rolovich as head coach, is he wearing a name badge? https://t.co/R0Qu0PitQz https://t.co/Yym9q9QQzw

  8. New Mexico has offered Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey two-way lineman Nahje Flowers https://t.co/xIEmtvziR2

  9. Higgins Takes Headlines in MW Preseason Conference Team

  10. Mira Costa DE Cameron Alexander tells me he has given a verbal commitment to San Jose State #SpartanUp @InsideSpartans @BrandonHuffman

  11. Ducks beat Fresno State in men's hoops. See how here. https://t.co/6NdO6rME5I via @salem_statesman

  12. Fresno State trailing No. 15 Oregon 57-42 with 12 minutes remaining.

  13. No. 15 Oregon Ducks look to stay perfect, host Fresno State: Live updates https://t.co/dWunfy5nd8

  14. Get excited with this Mountain West title game hype video https://t.co/5awol0SfRf https://t.co/IvobSrmqsr

  15. 25-15 in three years at Utah State. Offensive background. 42 years old. https://t.co/rKhTWouIW9

  16. On 5-7 bowl teams: APR is a pecking order. Can't take Illinois if San Jose State is left out. In case of APR tie, bowl gets to choose.

  17. Guys @WilliamHillUS confirm this $100 parlay, bet in Nevada, that won $72,000 this weekend is legit https://t.co/zvVMAX2CmT

  18. Boise State center Marcus Henry has accepted an invite to the East-West Shrine Game

  19. Boise State safety Darian Thompson has accepted an invite from the Senior Bowl.

  20. If tie among 5-7 teams Minnesota & San Jose State or Illinois & Rice for 1 bowl slot, bowl chooses which team it wants, source told @ESPN

  21. San Jose State says it's "supportive of the opportunity" to play in a bowl game if invited. Spartans on the 5-7/APR bubble

  22. San Jose State and Nebraska have said they will accept a bowl invitation if invited.

  23. Could see Boise State playing Toledo, Northern Illinois or Bowling Green in Poinsettia. Question: Will any of them still have a coach?

  24. There could be eight Mountain West teams going bowling this year. https://t.co/B4a9zr5GB5 https://t.co/Z2JLQh6j1b

  25. If Missouri would hire Mike Bobo, we'd have one helluva battle royale in the SEC East

  26. Teams that play Hawaii can get a waiver to play 13 games. So maybe not. Colorado did it this year https://t.co/5upTPTZY32

  27. 5-7 teams Nebraska, Kansas State, Minnesota, San Jose State & Rice would all accept a bowl bid. Illinois is undecided

  28. With Missouri declining bowl invite, here are your top 5-7 teams based on APR: Nebraska, K-State, Minnesota, San Jose State, Illinois, Rice

  29. Cure, Miami Beach, Boca Raton Hawai'i (outside shot) St. Petersburg, Independence Birmingham -possible bowl destinations for #UConnFootball

  30. With Mizzou out Nebraska K-State Minnesota (975) San Jose State (975) Illinois (973) Rice. (973) Eligible for bowls

  31. With Mizzou out, the top five 5-win teams by APR are Nebraska (985), K-State (976), Minnesota (975), San Jose St. (975) & Illinois (973).

  32. Also: has the NCAA figured out an APR tiebreaker for the 5-7 teams? What if it comes down to Minnesota OR San Jose State? Both have 975 APR.

  33. San Diego State played there last year https://t.co/3UPIzDeuvW

  34. And if things fall just right (or wrong, depending on your perspective), 5-7 San Jose State could be going to a bowl, too

  35. What's not to like about a week in Hawaii? https://t.co/Z8OxHkhoJP

  36. Best guess now: Boise to Poinsettia, SDSU to Hawaii, AF to Armed Forces, NM to NM, USU to Potato, CSU to Arizona, Nevada to non-MW bowl

  37. Mountain West likely giving up Las Vegas Bowl spot to BYU https://t.co/JHbw48gVEA https://t.co/lYcGoUoEqR

  38. Fresno State should go after Montana's Bob Stitt to be their new OC. Who is with me?

  39. Would love to see the rating for Monday Night Football in Boise next week ...

  40. Let him start https://t.co/Nw7ZyDdbSb

  41. Last night, ESPN's Schlabach and McMurphy had BYU in the Hawaii Bowl (Wazzu v. SDSU in Vegas): https://t.co/o8uaFrNwmC

  42. Fresno State parts ways with offensive coordinator Dave Schramm https://t.co/zO0ibj5kjT https://t.co/tFsXV4cojr

  43. No, but a game like Boise State-Toledo becomes very attractive https://t.co/dh0SylpEsg

  44. If BYU goes to Vegas, Poinsettia gets No. 1 pick of Mountain West teams and has said it wants Boise State