1. Ranking Every CFB Conference Heading into 2015 Season

  2. MWC Moves to 8-man Officiating Crews in 2015

  3. Boise, SDSU Picked to Win 2015 Mountain West Divisions

  4. Higgins Takes Headlines in MW Preseason Conference Team

  5. How many dead links can I tweet in one day? I’ve got to be setting a record … here’s the GOOD Hawaii Part 1 link http://t.co/w2D0wyMdAj

  6. So I went to Hawaii to see how life has changed since Marcus Mariota won the Heisman. Part 1 of my 3 part series — http://t.co/cR5LqFrTwo

  7. Here's the latest edition of the Mountain West Football Report - get ready for a key battle between UNLV and SJSU... http://t.co/kPyANUBPWK

  8. So I went to Hawaii to see how life has changed since Marcus Mariota won the Heisman. Part 1 of my 3 part series — http://t.co/BcQbQ0obYE

  9. How does an All-American WR end up at Wyoming? "I wasn't good." On TCU WR Josh Doctson, self-confidence and growth. http://t.co/YgR0jHBheZ

  10. Boise State boasts top-10 defense after three dominant games: http://t.co/tmkDMSZHK7

  11. Evidently there's been some problems with my Hawai'i series link. So let's try this again: http://t.co/w2D0wz3OrR

  12. Antelope HS quarterback who was a top target for San Jose State, had offers from Nevada and UNLV. https://t.co/7EzdQeWQag

  13. Football in the islands since Mariota's Heisman win: A look at the unique pull, and problems, with U. of Hawai'i FB http://t.co/w2D0wz3OrR

  14. BYU has won its last 3 games with a negative TO margin (UConn 2015, Cal 2014, UNLV 2014). Bronco-era BYU is 24-27 with a negative TO margin.

  15. Zettel on his late father: "Me not playing that (SDSU) game was not a question. I'm playing no matter what for him."

  16. Bitter SI never sent me to Hawaii, but this is a fascinating story by Lindsay. https://t.co/BQ2RhNRDz4

  17. Not a good deal from Hawaii http://t.co/3wMevji7A0 http://t.co/bUriCQxvKg

  18. Morning links: 'Big 12' cartoon features BYU, Utah, Utah State http://t.co/JobysNnYvD http://t.co/3kOGRJuSqg

  19. Part one of three on the Hawaii football program http://t.co/3wMevji7A0

  20. BYU recorded its highest play-success rate of the season v. UConn, at 45.3% (41.7% Nebraska, 32.4% Boise State, 40.9% UCLA, 22.0% Michigan).

  21. Former San Diego State RB Adam Muema is now a priest in Mexico via @LostLettermen http://t.co/14CBjFg7Cj http://t.co/rCkMJRqJJg

  22. Interesting stuff about Hawaii football. How to get back to 2007 level? "Go back to playing Idaho," Chow says. https://t.co/3vTPg5kEy2

  23. Football in Hawaii after Mariota’s Heisman win, Part 1: A look at the pull and unique problems with the UH program — http://t.co/w2D0wyMdAj

  24. Great job by @Lindsay_Schnell convincing SI to send her to Hawaii. http://t.co/yXYKszUISU Should win an award just for that.

  25. Per @MurrayRGJ: In 3 years under Brian Polian, Nevada is 10-17 against FBS teams. Per me: Chris Ault's work there was always underrated.

  26. Thanks for the kind words https://t.co/FC7R6zGzhp