1. 24 hours until @UCF_Football takes on @USFFootball https://t.co/eDYkILv2GU https://t.co/iOXCmTgjaq

  2. Temple's Matakevich Named AAC Defensive Player of the Week

  3. Ranking Every CFB Conference Heading into 2015 Season

  4. Report: UCF's O'Leary Intends to Step Down as HC After '15

  5. Diaco Sets Wild Expectations for UConn

  6. The senior leaders look to lead @Temple_FB Saturday night https://t.co/4gcdLSFi8o https://t.co/y8l5cRtKWR

  7. How about some defensive plays! https://t.co/K7grUpprid https://t.co/GfYOtuIhMm

  8. Cincinnati Chosen as 2015 AAC Favorite

  9. Report: Temple Extends HC Rhule Through 2021

  10.  of the day Tyler Matakevich is only the seventh FBS player to register 100 tackles in four seasons @Temple_FB https://t.co/ABoyXK0gQt

  11. We love Defensive POWER Plays! https://t.co/K7grUp7QqF https://t.co/PVzpFQAtt7

  12. Daily reminder of how the East will be decided https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/eYbr6msiqe

  13. It's simple really, play in The American Championship for @UHCougarFB and @NavyAthletics https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/5hw2klLXJD

  14. Connecticut Huskies - They're coming off of a 20-17 upset win over previously undefeated Houston. - Current record: 6-5 (4-3) - Next game: 11/28 @ Temple - Most impressive player: Jamar Summers, DB - Final regular season game prediction: 29-13 Tenple - #uconn #uconnfootball #connecticut #cfb #collegefootball #aac #nikefootball #football

  15. Week 13 starts tomorrow! Get ready for a wild last weekend of the regular season https://t.co/T0ieo9YgvJ https://t.co/gAWd75AT9B

  16. I think Temple over Houston (who obv. beats Navy this week) in the AAC title game might open the door. https://t.co/vms0Vg0weQ

  17. Championship hopes are still alive for @USFFootball https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/xXt447FTDv

  18. After a lifetime of independence in football, maybe #Navy should have joined a league sooner .. so far, so good in AAC

  19. Chad Morris got his first @American_Conf win https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/jmjsXWiKQ5

  20. Senior leadership leads at @Temple_FB https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/FTgnMIlOh6

  21. Championship implications are on the line this weekend. We break it down https://t.co/T0ieo9YgvJ https://t.co/a6UTnpboZv

  22. Championship are on the line this weekend. We break it down: https://t.co/T0ieo9GF79 https://t.co/tIDeNBxUP3

  23. Sit back and enjoy. The last weekend is about to be fun! https://t.co/58XDh53haw https://t.co/gCfaEp8eZw

  24. East Carolina✔️ -- Current record: 5-6 (3-4) -- Next game: 11/28 Cincinnati -- #ecu #pirates #ecupirates #ecufootball #eastcarolina #cfb #football #collegefootball #nikefootball

  25. Short week but let's take a look back with #Touchdown Tuesday before football on Thurs https://t.co/gIEVtxk9cf https://t.co/BvSJPQsKa3

  26. Bulls Unite™ - Pictured: Marlon Mack Part of the "Two Headed Monster" with Quinton Flowers - USF (7-4) faces UCF (0-11) in a couple of days on Thanksgiving - #usf #bullsunite #usffootbal #usfbulls #aacfootball #football #cfb #collegefootball

  27. These plays made a big difference in week 12 https://t.co/tIFQWQFn3g https://t.co/8ZhG6AXvxt

  28. Deatrick Nichols will be looking for another big game for @USFFootball Thursday https://t.co/MaqoVPrYzU https://t.co/m5LVWcBK1O

  29. It was a good day for Noel Thomas in a @UConnFootball win over Houston https://t.co/MaqoVPrYzU https://t.co/43Qlqawsg0

  30. These plays led to season-defining wins IMPACT PLAYS: https://t.co/tIFQWQnMbI https://t.co/tWHKfFl68X

  31. SMU's Chad Morris: Lack of turnovers is "alarming"; AAC is one of nation's best https://t.co/jfwhFS76d4

  32. Why Keenan? courtesy @NavyAthletics https://t.co/S99XbfkVfK

  33. We agree @TTuberville https://t.co/5e0yozzMgu

  34. Herman: 'Nowhere on our goals did it say we wanted to be 12-0. It says compete for/win AAC championship and we have opportunity to do that.'

  35. Florida football on Thanksgiving as @UCF_Football hosts USF on Turkey night https://t.co/pEHJwvNF3w

  36. New at STLtoday: Need a football coach? Go to the AAC. Plus, Tom Herman on Mizzou AD and more https://t.co/mnRM2GKKcX

  37. Listen to today's Coaches' teleconferences https://t.co/PTzNJe1S1h https://t.co/JlcqtibAnZ

  38. Navy defensive end Will Anthony made the American Athletic Conference Weekly Honor Roll, and deservedly so.

  39. High praise from @GreenWaveFB @TUCoachCJ https://t.co/R6tiGdFg7R

  40. Both the East and West Division Champions will be decided this weekend https://t.co/NI5QkPIWjU

  41. Before Memphis/Miss, there was one ranked AAC team (No. 24 UH). The week after, there were three (No. 18 Memphis, No. 21 UH, No. 22 Temple).

  42. AAC POTW: UConn WR Noel Thomas (offense); USF CB Deatrick Nichols (defense); East Carolina K Davis Plowman (special teams)