1. Hell of a good football coach. Great move for UCF. I just wonder if Dino couldn’t have waited for better job. https://t.co/BTvJZZw7Tu

  2. Temple's Matakevich Named AAC Defensive Player of the Week

  3. Ranking Every CFB Conference Heading into 2015 Season

  4. Report: UCF's O'Leary Intends to Step Down as HC After '15

  5. Diaco Sets Wild Expectations for UConn

  6. Watch the best plays from week 13 https://t.co/ZbX8JM3aRX https://t.co/50leB2nEya

  7. The best plays from the last weekend of the regular season! https://t.co/ZbX8JLLA0p https://t.co/gQuVrIf5r1

  8. Cincinnati Chosen as 2015 AAC Favorite

  9. Report: Temple Extends HC Rhule Through 2021

  10.  My Top 25  - 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Iowa 5. Michigan State 6. Ohio State 7. North Carolina 8. Stanford 9. Florida State 10. Notre Dame 11. TCU 12. Baylor 13. Northwestern 14. Oklahoma State 15. Houston 16. Ole Miss 17. Oregon 18. Michigan 19. Temple 20. Florida 21. LSU 22. Navy 23. Wisconsin 24. Utah 25. Georgia - #cfb #collegefootball #football #top25 #poll #cfbrankings #cfbplayoff #collegefootballplayoff #in

  11. For the 2nd straight year @GoBearcatsFB beats ECU with an Andrew Gantz #FieldGoal https://t.co/sYNTUkLCZG https://t.co/uTWqbUvkxs

  12. It was a record setting day for Paxton Lynch with 7 passing TDs for @memphisfb https://t.co/FPMu3yinJB

  13. Conference champ guaranteed NY6 spot. AAC champ will be highest ranked G5 https://t.co/P1gd5WQEFd

  14. Early primer | This week: @UHCougarFB vs. Temple in AAC championship game https://t.co/kTfRcks3Xg

  15. Football Highlights Week 13 Temple 27, UConn 3

  16. Highlights: @temple_fb takes down UConn to win the East, 27-3 https://t.co/cc1CUaR8Q8

  17. Update: The @American_Conf Championship between @UHCougarFB and @Temple_FB will air on ABC https://t.co/Ddo7yyyvY9

  18. @temple_fb beats UConn, 27-3 and advances to next Saturday's American Football Championship

  19. Temple takes out UConn, will take on Houston for AAC title #collegefootball https://t.co/oGHO5Cdfk8

  20. Temple! The Owls beat UConn 27-3 and are headed to the AAC title game against Houston.

  21. Jahad Thomas takes it to the house! 60-yard #Touchdown for @temple_fb https://t.co/PanuuAX4S0

  22. Temple's lead over UConn is now 27-0 with 8:40 to go. It looks we'll have a Temple vs. Houston AAC title game next Saturday.

  23. Here it is! Walker to Deloatch for the @temple_fb #Touchdown https://t.co/pMk9xElud2

  24. Temple up 20-0 late 3rd on UConn. Temple will play at Houston for AAC title w/winner getting New Year’s 6 Group of 5 bowl bid

  25. Halftime: Temple 10, UConn 0 Temple will clinch the AAC East with a win.

  26. End of 1Q: Temple leads UConn 7-0. Owls win sends them to AAC title game vs. @UHCougarFB

  27. UConn goes for it on 4th down but it is fumbled and recovered by @temple_fb #UCONNvsTEM https://t.co/SynxNkNyTL

  28. Jahad Thomas takes it into the endzone and @temple_fb strikes first! https://t.co/7ENqhIDueR

  29. How will the East be won? We find out tonight! Preview: https://t.co/2gK6fz9c8B https://t.co/JBCLmA37QJ

  30. Will @Temple_FB win the East tonight? https://t.co/CHSryDjX0b

  31. Football Week 13 Memphis 63, SMU 0

  32. Cincinnati moves to 7-5 on the season with today's 19-16 win over East Carolina Highlights! https://t.co/zsoTWIqOLn

  33. Will it be @Temple_FB or @USFFootball? We find out tonight https://t.co/MfRJr8LKbN

  34. It was a record setting day for @memphisfb Highlights from the 63-0 win over SMU https://t.co/NnzWznSYFN

  35. Gantz hits the 42-yard #FieldGoal and @GoBearcatsFB gets out of Greenville with the W https://t.co/9cDdzWvNPN

  36. Under 3 mins to play and we have a tied game. @ECUPiratesFB @GoBearcatsfb Watch the conclusion on @CBSSportsNet https://t.co/SqyxFCrwUS

  37. 4th down TD for @ecupiratesfb but a missed extra point gives us a tied game. Watch the exciting finish @cbssportsnet https://t.co/QSGbPAGzHm

  38. The East Division title will be decided tonight! 7pm ET ESPNU https://t.co/372EDYtrhU

  39. Gantz nails a 50-yard #FieldGoal and @GoBearcatsFB is up 16-10 https://t.co/o5fCH90RKI

  40. Mike Boone to the endzone and @GoBearcatsFB takes the lead 13-10 https://t.co/vujCFj3KDw

  41. At the half @ECUPiratesFB leads @GoBearcatsFB The Pirates looking for the W for bowl eligibility https://t.co/NloagMiZE5