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  5. DB Michael Davis Charged with Rioting, Assault

  6. Here are details from the police report on BYU CB Michael Davis' run-in with the law in July: http://t.co/0R6tA9ONxN

  7. I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with @LyaWodraska covering preps for 12 yrs; Now she's off to be a physical therapist for U2. So happy for her

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  11. Bittersweet day at @sltrib today as we say farewell after 19 years to @LyaWodraska, one of my best friends at the newspaper.

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  21. Carter one of only three BYU players with scrimmage runs longer than 30 yards last season. BYU did not have any scrimmage runs of 40+ yards.

  22. BYU had seven players with 40+ carries in 2014; of the seven, the leader in yards/rush was Nate Carter, at 6.3.

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  26. Jaren Hall (@J_tom24) excited for opportunity to add his name to the list of great BYU QBs | http://t.co/6UuRvj2xga http://t.co/Ab0K3q8gKb

  27. Of the 9 BYU players with 10+ receptions in 2014, Pearson led all of them in yds/catch, at 16.9. Among his 3 scores were 37-yd, 81-yd TDs.

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  30. This week's edition of "The Big Red Today Show" with @swmckewonOWH and @JonNyatawa is a heavy dose of BYU preview: http://t.co/u3fGCSv9cc

  31. Intern Blake aka @BlakeDorton wraps up last night's #BroncoShow, featuring the coach and BYU QB @T_Hill4: http://t.co/Cee0zjuMeu

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  38. BYU football: The Nebraska Cornhuskers in 6 numbers. By @sambbenson: http://t.co/8XftoWVgnB http://t.co/ubwX5U2TUP

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  41. Bowl projection from @USATODAYsports: BYU v. Cincy in Hawaii Bowl (would be a rematch from just two months earlier): http://t.co/byFe4w1Yp2

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  44. BYU's Jherremya Leuta-Douyere just said the starting ILBs on Saturday will be himself and Manoa Pikula.

  45. BYU LBs coach Paul Tidwell said JLD will start at ILB on Sat., then move to OLB in the second half. Probably means an ILB suspended 1st half

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