1. Life is good for Air Force QB Nate Romine right now. And he knows it. http://t.co/fQO2qq3wge http://t.co/tl9lCavWAJ

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  6. #NavyFootball has won 22 of the last 25 meetings against Air Force and Army.

  7. In front of a record-crowd of 3,683, Air Force men's soccer with 1-0 double overtime win over Army West Point. http://t.co/7ZD9u7C55y

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  11. Former Air Force starting QB Jaleel Awini cracks starting lineup as linebacker at Colorado. http://t.co/FTmMi0uEcn http://t.co/LyMelWbLhS

  12. 10 years after Katrina, Air Force WR coach & New Orleans native Derek Lewis recalls experience & its lasting impact. http://t.co/M6jgOQdq1H

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  16. Kieron Williams tells the story of being so worried he wouldn't fold the bed corners right at Air Force Prep, he slept on the floor a month.

  17. Worth reminding of Kieron Wililams' story. Came from Air Force Academy Prep. Knows a thing or two about discipline. http://t.co/jWDJArXcqm

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  21. Join us on Friday as we continue our Falcon Friday celebration at Famous Daves! http://t.co/TyJyJZwuGy

  22. Join us on Friday as we continue our Falcon Friday celebration at Jersey Mikes! http://t.co/bZtJsScydm

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  26. Join us on Friday as we continue our Falcon Friday celebration at Jersey Mikes! http://t.co/rddx6P1Voa

  27. Capt. Castle is training for the 2016 Olympics through the World Class Athlete Program. More: http://t.co/k2aBOYWa7C http://t.co/7fh7BlJBFU

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  30. Air Force men's soccer with 1-0 exhibition win over Colorado Mines. Ryan Ward with the goal in the 68th. http://t.co/zkineY8b3L

  31. Air Force and Colorado Mines are tied 0-0 at halftime in men's soccer exhibition action.

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  34. Air Force vs. Colorado School of Mines men's soccer exhibition kicking off at 4 pm today. Live stats will not be available.

  35. Join us today as we continue our Falcon Friday celebration at Jersey Mikes! http://t.co/NogYVo8NBi

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  38. Take a quick hit look at Coach Vanderlinden the Air Force Football Inside Linebackers coach! http://t.co/vJges5FUSi

  39. Falcon men's soccer announces freshmen class. http://t.co/eAmCvKGg2g

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  42. Can't wait until Sept 5th for Air Force Football? Come out to Fan Day this Saturday! More: http://t.co/TDlxYXI7TC http://t.co/jNHHJ4hDHp

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  45. Troy Calhoun channels Humphrey Bogart in new Air Force ad. But it's not his first acting gig. http://t.co/4LIfvSSrT3 http://t.co/SD6guQ9kpy

  46. Men's Soccer with 1-0 loss to Denver in exhibition match at the Cadet Soccer Stadium. Next up is CSM on Saturday. http://t.co/qVYbQYRo8F

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  49. Has @CoachTCalhoun always looked this much like Bill Paxton? Have I just somehow missed it this whole time? https://t.co/qlq5f4zDxi

  50. Oh my. No other words. Just... oh my. https://t.co/3g8Fzp0GdV