1. News - Football: Cox, Mountaineers Grind Out 28-7 Win Over Ragin' Cajuns https://t.co/8ImVZ7wBRS - https://t.co/JNJQtfR2Zq

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  6. Cox, Mountaineers Grind Out 28-7 Win Over Ragin' Cajuns https://t.co/0FwKvlDw0r

  7. Final from Boone … Cajuns to host Senior Day next Saturday (12/5) vs. Troy at 4 p.m. https://t.co/gjN46i8T79

  8. Final from Boone - Appalachian State 28, UL 7 Cajuns to host Troy next Saturday (12/5) at 4 p.m.

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  10. Predicting the AP Top 25 After Week 13

  11. Alvarez with the onside kick and App will take over at own 36.

  12. Jordan Davis with the QB draw; scores from 20 yards out with 57 seconds to play … Aaron Bird PAT is good and it’s 28-7

  13. Davis blitzed, but slides right and hits Nick Byrne for a Ragin’ Cajuns first down to App 42

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  16. Davis flushed from the pocket and hits Haynes for a Cajuns first down to UL 44

  17. Davis completes his first career pass to Elijah McGuire … Cajuns now have 3rd-and-10 at own 25

  18. Jordan Davis now in at QB for @RaginCajunsFB

  19. BREAKING: East St. High CB Dontrell Allen, identified by multiple recruits sites as a Mississippi State commit, committed to UL today.

  20. ND Enters Top 4, Clemson No. 1 in CFP Poll

  21. Taylor Lamb to Michael Moll for a 2-yard TD pass … second career catch; first career TD for Moll … App 28, UL 0 6:34 left.

  22. Attendance today at Kidd Brewer: 16,124

  23. Chop block called on App State; moved back half distance to the goal at App 7

  24. Clemson No. 1, OK State Crashes Top 5 in AP Poll

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  26. App State sends eight players in coverage; Haack sacked and Coutts on for 8th time today.

  27. Cajuns force App to punt; Haynes with the return and Mountaineers penalized for the horse collar … @RaginCajunsFB will start at own 42

  28. B/R's CFB Top 25 for Week 10

  29. Headed to the fourth quarter in Boone … App State 21, UL 0

  30. Coutts on again to punt and kick rolls into end zone; App State takes over at own 20 … 1:02 in 3rd; App State 21, UL 0

  31. NCAA Accuses Former Asst. Saunders of Recruiting Violations

  32. Ragin’ Cajuns Hold Off Sacred Heart in 60-58 OT Win https://t.co/EVF4TEAyej

  33. App State with perfectly timed blitz; fourth down for Cajuns and Haack hits Robinson to App 31

  34. Coutts on to punt for @RaginCajunsFB , but Nixon in and tosses pass to Fuselier for first down at UL 44

  35. Cajuns take over at own 25 after Matics’ kick goes through end zone

  36. Ed Feng's Week 5 CFB Playoff Predictions

  37. Jalin Moore with the 54-yard TD and App State takes 21-0 lead … 6:44 left in 3rd quarter

  38. Cajuns force Apps to punt; Haynes with 23-yard return to UL 45

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  41. Lamb fakes to McElfresh and tries screen pass to Cox; Dominique Tovell with good coverage and loss of 1

  42. 51-yard punt by Coutts fielded at 10 by Latrell Gibbs; App State to start at own 19 with 12:53 left in third quarter … App State 14, UL 0

  43. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  44. UL-Lafayette Unveils New Lids for Season Opener

  45. Second half underway in Boone; App State kicking off and @RaginCajunsFB will start drive at own 25

  46. Halftime in Boone - App State 14, UL 0

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  49. Haack to Pierce for first down to App 13 … 42 seconds left in half after Cajuns call 2nd timeout

  50. First down Cajuns at App 24 … just over 1:00 left in first half

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  53. Nixon in at QB and gives Cajuns first down at App 40

  54. App State brings the safety blitz; Haack steps up and hits Jamal Robinson … third-and-2

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  57. Cajuns force turnover after tipped pass; Haack to Fuselier for first down to midfield

  58. App State takes over at own 13 with 5:01 left in first half

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  60. OSU Unanimous No. 1 in Preseason Poll

  61. App State brings the heat and gets second sack of game; Coutts out to punt for Cajuns

  62. 3rd-and-6 for Cajuns and Haack doesn’t like what he sees; calls first timeout for @RaginCajunsFB with 5:48 left in half - App State 14, UL 0

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  64. FWAA Unveils 75th Anniversary All-America Team

  65. McGuire with the 6-yard run on third-down … gives Cajuns a first down at App 35

  66. App State RB goes one way, Lamb goes the other and pitches to no one; Travis Crawford picks up and runs it back to App 47

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  69. Courts back out to punt for @RaginCajunsFB … App State will take over at own 24 after 31-yard punt. 11:55 remaining in 2nd; App 14, UL 0

  70. Haack to Riles for 14 yards to UL 45 … third-and-5