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  21. Football analyst and Louisville fan @Keith_Wynne is 30 followers away from 1,000. Louisville fans, make it happen.

  22. I'm also covering UofL football recruiting, and @jeffgreer_cj is covering UofL bball and bball recruiting.

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  26. Hadn't announced this officially, but if it wasn't obvious, I'm covering UofL football fulltime this year. Very excited for my first season

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  38. Hey #CardNation, we are now on SNAPCHAT! Follow us at @ulcardsfootball! #GoCards

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  43. Tomorrow on the @HowieShow - We'll kick the show off with @JayGTate from @AuburnRivals & Jack Coffee in the 11 hour. 10-Noon @939TheVille

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  46. Hey @MattWillinger - CardsAuthentic just tagged me in this - the Heisman Bird is backā€¦ https://t.co/LKKpQn2l8r

  47. We are excited to have 30,000+ fans in Atlanta this weekend.There is no color designiation for our fans. Wear what you want - Just be loud!

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